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May 2012

The Case for Education in Balochistan

By Bushra Zulfiqar

Education is not only the path towards economic development and social progress but it essentially is also the push factor towards human excellence and intellectual liberation. It is the art of knowledge creation and the pursuit of unraveling the ultimate truths of universe, which intensely captivates human intellect. Education, if looked at objectively is the only way to achieve the God gifted potential of human mind, the brain power. Through education, and importantly the right kind of education, a process of openness of heart, mind and soul takes root. Moral consciousness, human sensitivity, social justice, tolerance, pluralism and an equality of all beings are some of the seeds it sows, in the fertile and raw brains. Keeping that process directed and goal oriented is a lifelong course, and ironically very few remain focused on the self exploratory path and that too by default and not by design. The system fails to comprehend, excite and facilitate education as a lifelong process of discovery, starting from self and gradually encapsulating all, all under the sun. A right kind of education is the undisputable solution to all human, social and economic problems. It is the not just a solution but it is a means to achieving the highest levels of civilization comprising of intellectual and technological advancement.Read More »The Case for Education in Balochistan




‘The Meadow:Kashmir1995 – Where the terror began’ is a book recently released in March 2012. Adrian Levy & Catherine Scott-Clark are the authors of this book. The authors say they spent a long time on doing research and investigation and finally succeeded in finding out the reality that the Indian government itself is behind the long story of human rights violations inKashmir. Commenting upon the kidnapping of six western tourists in 1995 from Anantnag the authors say, “It appeared that there were some in the Indian establishment who did not want this never-ending bad news story of Pakistani cruelty and Kashmiri inhumanity to end, even when the perpetrators themselves were finished.” The writers claim kidnapping of six western tourists in 1995 including two Britons, two Americans, one German and one Norwegian tourist in Anantnag district was carried out by a group of Kashmiri militants who worked for Indian Army. The tourists were kidnapped by a terrorist organization Al-Faran, which initially demanded release of 21 persons including Harkat chief Maulana Masood Azhar and Omar Sheikh. Later Azad Nabi, a pro-govt militant, bought four from Al Faran for 4 lakhs and shot them on 24 Dec 1995. In all this story of abduction the most interesting thing is the demand of release of Harkat chief Maulana Masood Azhar, who in fact has nothing to do with Al-Faran. His name was included in the demand list just to dragPakistaninto the affair and to give the world a false impression thatPakistanwas behind this abduction.Indiaauthorities are still projecting the thought that Al-Faran, which claimed responsibility for the abductions, was part of the Harkat-ul-Ansar militant group but Harkat denies any ties with Al-Faran.


Pakistan’s struggling economy

Abdul Wajid Khan

Pakistan’s economy is facing the worst time of its history and witnessing some serious jolts. Pakistan is struggling to counter its current economic instability. The major problems of our economy are the result of increasing inflation, constant depreciation of the rupee against the dollar, mismanagement, corruption and bad governance. The increasing prices of petroleum products, low growth rate, energy crisis, menace of terrorism, worsening law and order situation add insult to injury.
Read More »Pakistan’s struggling economy




History is going to repeat itself very soon. The people of Pakistanmust be ready for another episode like that of the Abbotabad Hunting. Zawahiri is in Pakistan; assured the gracious lady Hilary Clinton talking to media in Kolkata, a few days back. She further said in the same interview, “You have to go over those who are trying to kill you. You have to be focused on that.” Hilary is no doubt very much true in her concept of pursuing those who are trying to kill you. Her approach in this regard must be sincerely followed by all those who are being consistently under the target of their oppressors, sometimes in the form of terrorists and sometimes in the shape of exploiters. It seems that the so-called Islamic extremists are also following the same philosophy of chase n hit as expressed by Hilary Clinton. They are always going over those who are trying to kill them. It is simply the game of Cat and Rat but the positions of Tom and Jerry keep on changing. Unfortunately this game is going to end nowhere; neither the Tom nor the Jerry seems willing to give up but what about millions of those who have nothing to do with either of the two opponents. Be it the 9/11 incident or the Mumbai Blasts or the every day showering drone attacks on blameless people of Pakistan; we find millions of guiltless lives at stake. Who is going to compensate for this wholesale massacre; world is looking towards Hilary for a satisfactory answer to this question.