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The Case for Education in Balochistan

By Bushra Zulfiqar Education is not only the path towards economic development and social progress but it essentially is also the push factor towards human excellence and intellectual liberation. It is the art of knowledge creation and the pursuit of unraveling the ultimate truths of universe, which intensely captivates human […]

Pakistan Saudi Arabia Bilateral Relations: A Research Study 1

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan In modern political arena and human civilization evolution, strong and trustworthy bilateral relations always brighten the chances of trade and commerce, foreign direct investments and strengthen cultural tries. It also accelerates joint ventures and spirits of collaboration in the diversified fields of mutual interest. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia […]

Islamabad: Dream scheme nearing reality 1

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will open tenders for the development of the dream-housing scheme, called Park Enclave on Monday next. To begin with, the Authority will start the construction of a boundary wall and an access road to the project. As many as 18 prominent construction companies have purchased […]


PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER   ‘The Meadow:Kashmir1995 – Where the terror began’ is a book recently released in March 2012. Adrian Levy & Catherine Scott-Clark are the authors of this book. The authors say they spent a long time on doing research and investigation and finally succeeded in finding out the […]

Cognitive Dissonance Theory: A Research Study and Associated Examples from Pakistan

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Muhammad Yuosf ABSTRACT We live in a complicated world and multilayered society where elements of love and hatred, virtue and vice and conspiracy and compassion work side by side to motivate the people to do wonders or excel beyond other expectations. The world is full of […]

UAE Armed Forces: 1

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan Right from ancient times to modern age, human civilization has been encircled by power politics. Strong defence has been one of the main instruments to keep enemies at bay in war theatres and peace situations/environments. It guarantees smooth sailing of governance, territorial sovereignty and national pride. It leads […]

Pakistan’s struggling economy

Abdul Wajid Khan Pakistan’s economy is facing the worst time of its history and witnessing some serious jolts. Pakistan is struggling to counter its current economic instability. The major problems of our economy are the result of increasing inflation, constant depreciation of the rupee against the dollar, mismanagement, corruption and […]


PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER   History is going to repeat itself very soon. The people of Pakistanmust be ready for another episode like that of the Abbotabad Hunting. Zawahiri is in Pakistan; assured the gracious lady Hilary Clinton talking to media in Kolkata, a few days back. She further said in […]