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Pakistan Economic Survey 2013-14

Growth rate less than the targeted 4.4% but highest in six years at 4.14%

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said on Monday that the country could provisionally achieve 4.1 percent growth target for the outgoing year, and termed the 4.4 percent GDP growth rate target for fiscal year 2013-14 as over-stretched.

Launching the Economic Survey for the year 2013-14 at a press conference at the premises of the Finance Ministry, the federal minister said the GDP growth rate was less than the targeted 4.4%, but it was for the first time in six years that the country had entered the territory of four percent growth in the fiscal year 2013-14. And, the GDP growth rate would be increased by one percent during the next three years, rising to 7% in 2017. Similarly, the industrial growth has been recorded at 5.84% as against 1.37% last year, he added.Read More »Pakistan Economic Survey 2013-14

LAHORE: Porsche unveils latest Panamera models for Pakistani market

panameraPorsche announced the latest range of second generation Porsche Panameras for the Pakistan market the other day.

The Porsche Panamera SE-Hybrid, Porsche Panamera 4S, and Panamera Turbo will be available in Pakistan in both standard and executive classes. The cars are available for order as of now, with the first models expected to arrive from the end of July. Read More »LAHORE: Porsche unveils latest Panamera models for Pakistani market

Beware of E-waste as great health risk

By Tariq Farid/Daily Times

Hazardous E-waste has become one of the biggest health risks of this century in Pakistan, with rising trend of bulk imports of used and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment from the West, taking full advantage of “yet to be enacted E-waste laws” in the country.

The people, especially the youth, are buying ‘E-Waste of the West’ as branded computers due to lack of awareness about the grave risks it is posing to the environment, human life and animals.
Read More »Beware of E-waste as great health risk

The Pseudo Courts of Pakistan: Jirga جرگہ A Short Story in Urdu

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JIRGA جرگہ

حکمت اور دانش سے بھرپور تحریریں
پاکستانی معاشرہ کی ”نیم حکیم“ عدالتوں کے طبیبوں اورمریضوں کا ایک احوال ، اور ایک انوکھا پہلو
یوم آزادی پر آپ کے غوروفکر کے لیے ایک تحفہ
 از: محمّد بن قاسم، جستجو
Justuju 008-2011 Jirga Shephard.jpg
ایک سخت گرم دن کی صورت میں جھلسادینے والی تپش برساکر اب سورج مغربی پہاڑوں کے پیچھے چھپنے کی تیّاری کررہا تھا۔ اس کا سُرخ چہرہ اس امر کی غمّازی کررہا تھا کہ وہ اپنا کام نامکمّل چھوڑ کر جانے پر سخت غُصّہ میں ہے، اور وہ دوسرے دن ایک بار پھر تپادینے والا عذاب لے کر آدھمکے گا۔ فی الوقت پہاڑوں اور ان کے دامن میں واقع وادیوں میں بسنے والے انسان، جانور، چرند و پرند، اپنی اپنی پناہ گاہوں کی جانب رواں دواں تھے۔
سمندر خاں نے ایک پہاڑی چٹان کے چھجّے کے نیچے ایک عارضی سایہ گاہ سے اپنی رائفل اٹھا کر اپنے کندھے پر ڈالی، اور پانی کی چھاگل اُٹھا کر اپنے منہ سے لگا کر اس سے چند قطرے پانی پینے کی ایک ناکام کوشش کی! چھاگل خشک ہوچکی تھی، اس خالی چھاگل کو بھی اس نے اپنی کمر سے بندھی ایک بیلٹ سے لٹکالیا، اور ایک موٹے سے ڈنڈے کی مدد سے اپنی بھیڑبکریوں کے گلّے کو جمع کرنا شروع کردیا۔ جلد ہی وہ اس ریوڑ کے کے پیچھے چلتا ہوا اپنے گاؤں کی جانب چل پڑا۔ وہ تاریکی ہوجانے سے پہلے ہی، جلد از جلد، گھر پہنچ جانا چاہتا تھا۔ ایک اور گرم دن میں جانوروں کی دیکھ بھال کرنے کے بعد اس وقت پیاس سے Read More »The Pseudo Courts of Pakistan: Jirga جرگہ A Short Story in Urdu



IfAfghanistanis a problem there is no other solution to this problem but negotiations with Taliban. Without taking Taliban into confidence, the desire for peace and prosperity inAfghanistanwould always remain an unfulfilled dream. Since very after the American intrusion inAfghanistan,Pakistanhas always been advocating the same solution but unluckily none of theUSauthorities ever tried to pay heed to this logical pleading. Now as the dates of American retreat from the Afghan lands are coming closer, theUShi-ups are showing their inclination towards the solution presented byPakistanin the very beginning. It was somewhere in the mid of last June when Afghan President Hamid Karzai first time officially confirmed a direct contact between the Taliban and theUSauthorities. The Telegraph reports Mr.Karzai’s statement, “Foreign militaries, especially theUnited States of America, are going ahead with these negotiations to find a political settlement to the decade-long war. Peace talks have started with the Taliban and it is going well.” God knows better what would be the out come of these peace talks because the Taliban see Karzai’s government as ‘a powerless puppet regime, backed by an occupying army’. Most of the Taliban leaders rank Karzai as a worthless roll of tissue-paper and they are never willing to give any importance to what Karzai says and what he vows. In the opinion of these leaders things could take a positive change only if America keeps Indian-patronized and American-supported Karzai out of the peace process and the Taliban leaders are directly approached. “Only the White House can determine the presence of foreign forces or permanent American bases, as well as the fate of Taliban prisoners inGuantanamoBay”, says one of the Taliban leaders. Read More »PAKISTAN’S ROLE IN AFGHANISTAN