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Muhammad Javed


Muhammad Javed

Talking with Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in his residence on 24 June 2014, Mubashar Luqman the popular Anchor mentioned the general surprise of the masses that while Qadri was very critical of the present rulers during the most critical moments of his confinement in the Emirates plane at Lahore Airport, Qadri accepted the “hand” of Mohammad Sarwar Chaudhary the Punjab Governor a diehard supporter of Nawaz Sharif.  Dr. Qadri while denying it and explaining his side of position added that he was surprised how “belittle” the official protocol, Nawaz Government had provided to Governor.



Muhammad Javed

According to a report published on 17/4/2014 PIA has been issued a final warning by Saudi Civil Aviation for clearance of unpaid dues or else all of its flights will be halted.


About three years back a PIA Haj Flight from Islamabad was heavily fined for ignoring the Saudi CCA last timing for landing, landed at Jeddah Airport about 15-18 hours late. The flight took off from Islamabad so many hours late because it had to wait for free VVIP loaders.  Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhry took a suo moto notice of it, perhaps with main haj corruption case. He ordered recovery of this amount from all those free loaders and deposit it in the national exchequer.  According to published reports the then Interior Minister Rehman Malik Read More »PAYMENT, NOW FROM WHERE


Muhammad Javed

Yesterday ruling party’s Mushahidullah stated that the Government policy is Tit for Tat (v/s Taliban!). Three days ago the vocal darling of the mini screen the veteran politician from Rawalpindi who being born among the masses, still living amongst the masses and thus still speaks language of the masses, answering to the host Anchor termed that our Foreign Division was ruled today by “Siyassi Mayrasees”. The Anchor had questioned the guest about his recent off loading from PIA flight despite having the Boarding Card. Read More »TIT FOR TAT

I don’t trust cards anymore

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Muhammad Javed

javed f3According to a news item of 21 February 2014 the government announced Taxpayer Privileges and Honour Card Scheme for 100 top taxpayers entitling them to use VIP Lounge at airports, fast-track clearance at immigration counters etc.

15 years or so back the then Finance Minister on the august floor of the national assembly presenting the new Budget announced a similar incentive scheme to the Overseas Pakistanis (OPs).  Under that one who remitted through legal channel was to be issued an OPF Remittance Card of the category according to his annual remittance.  The categories of cards are Silver, Gold and Platinum entitling different incentives.  Two such incentives irrespective of one’s category of the Card held were namely (i) separate quick handling counters at the airports and (ii) card holders to be invited at all official functions held by Pakistani Missions abroad.Read More »I don’t trust cards anymore