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Overseas Pakistani Friends blog is dedicated to overseas Pakistani friends all over the world. All the friends are invited to participate in discussions and finding the ways to help Overseas Pakistani community. In case any friend is interested in publishing useful information, please contact us.

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  • hamiD

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  • Atique

    As I sent the petition of Dubai Sports City i would like to say we became like hostages and there is no way developer not refunding also on other side they aren’t completing their construction of buildings Dubai land Department (RERA) gives only solution go to court. Investors now gathered more than 5000
    we hope we will get more investors by time.

    Developers demanding for heavy charges of electricity utility charges + 2000 RERA pre-Registration like my studio unit is only 630sq/ft developer memon charging me 14000 this not to me only whole Dubai sports city developers demanding to all investors.
    Every developer is doing only completion since 2007 March and December.

    When we ask to developers reasons of delaying building construction they say RERA Dubai land department delivered to us very late the plot.
    They also blaming there is disputes between 3 directors of Dubai sports city master developer.
    We want peacefully exit from Dubai U.A.E. with our amount

    Why Dubai Sports City constructed half to send owners to Dubai court and spend more money in u.a.e. I can say it is corruption is somewhere
    We all demanding refund to all of us + interests. We want exit with our refund never investment in Dubai again
    This will damages the Dubai image and also bad impact of investment in the market of Dubai and u.a.e.

    If all investor go to court so there is not investment purpose it becomes that and this will encourage all developers from Dubai advertise the projects after reservation and signing contract taking amount from buyers/investors make cheap reasons of delaying when all investors ask or complaint to RERA and Dubai land department they will be say go to court. If investors need always to go court so it is not a investment i would say and you think all investors of Dubai sports city more than 5000 go to court and pay 30000AED fees to court

    We are waiting to hear from you declare the decree to developers and null the all contracts of buyer investors and refund back also interests
    i am now like begger i don’t have anymore money if sick ahmed shaikhani md of memon refund me with my interest i can restart my self ahmed shaikhani is in Dubai


    In 2005 I started payment to memon against reservation of commercial in champions tower I developer is memon it had pre planned I am sure to delay the construction building and handing over.

    Memon also took from me in the name of auditing purpose my original payment receipts
    Because it said after finishing auditing we will return it back to you.

    I will tell you how in end of 2007 memon sent me visa I came to Dubai and joint managing director of memon mr Rizwan shaikhani informed me the building is not completed and due to this reason you can take back your amount and Dubai municipality
    Isn’t allowing for commercial on ground floor for only residential purpose.

    I said ok give me with my premium + original amount which is given by me to you
    Against commercial on ground
    Rizwan shaikhani answered me that premium you will not receive.

    Next day memon offered me on 5th floor unit studio apartment putted reservation after filling I signed it I request to do your sign he said no need our signatures because reservation form is with our logo and it is understood. Next I asked bring the contract

    I will sign and I will go back to Pakistan memon said contracts copies has been finished
    You go Pakistan we will send you by courier one copy you will keep and second one you have to send us back

    I paid 4000 for electricity utility charges and RERA Pre-registration
    Memon again printed two receipts first they printed without my name I saw it asked where is my name so memon reprinted after I went in Dubai land for owner inquiry for 505 unit owner is abdalla amin lutfi I asked in memon office I got answer it is misunderstanding then I signed contract in February with unit 108 I don’t know why this
    In champions tower dubai sports city they changed my selected property unit second time
    Memon kept me in dark and protected self from expiring contract if memon signed contract from 2005 or 2007 and this is crime

    I want RERA Dubai Land Department can play a role if you just e-mail to miss santy
    That return back original payment receipts to atique memon will do it and it will effect I am sure after your order it will be enough
    Send e-mail to miss santy tell to her whenever atique visit your office (memon) return original payment receipts back

    you can see how ahmed shaikhani and shaikhani’s cheating please help me for take back my fund refund from this lier shaikhani but i will hit him once in Dubai don’t fear from law of Dubai now i will don’t care roles and contitutions of Dubai shaikhani is also doing same no body is asking this pakistani sick fraudia developer
    my contact is atiquear1980@hotmail.com

  • Raheem Post author

    Dear Dr. Rizvi
    Actually this website belongs to overseas Pakistanis, everybody is invited to take active part and add useful content to the website. All you need to do is just register and you will be enabled to publish content

    • Javed

      Raheem I am always appreciative of your single handed efforts in maintaining this site. I know it is a cumbersome task. Your site though has come to a stagnat position nevertheless I feel it hundred times better than the OPF official site which has nothing to offer. Your remarks welcoming any one is great but be sure, as somewhere earlier I said to you, please take a strict line that no one use it directly or indirectly for promotion of his services, products with beautiful words, nice phrased sentences offers with hidden terms.

  • talha abbas

    Respected Sir/Madam.
    I am Dr Talha. Registrar Of neurosurgery department at Jinnah Hospital Lahore.
    The condition of our countary is well before you. We, in medical field
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    this may be a very unusual thing for you but it is a very bitter
    reality. a used maschine may cost from 1 lac to 3-4 lac. for a new one
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    Dr Talha Abbas.

  • krjalili

    Talking with the Overseas Pakistanis weekly “Baladi” magazine the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Dr. Farooq Sattar stated that he was aware of the deteriorating system for the education of Overseas Pakistanis children in Pakistani schools abroad. He blamed it all to the so-called division/rift between the Pakistani community in those countries. He disclosed that he wa considering to bring all such Pakistani schools abroad under the control of his Ministry and as a first step he was offering a big amount from Overseas Pakistanis money for the purchase of land for a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Abdul Sattar is a highly educated person from a really educated and the second best disciplined MQM but appears to be the most misinformed Minister from amongst the present cabinet. For example in his same interview he repeated that the bank charges on remittances will be reduced. The fact is Pakistani banks abroad since about 15 years are charging nothing on remittances. So if a charge already does not exist how the Minister is going to reduce that further is a point to educated citizens. This is purely the game of his bureaucracy. While the previous Ministers for Overseas Pakistanis at least tried to do something though very little, so far Dr. Farooq has practically done nothing except for showing his this good intent and that intent. In his interview he admitted that due to his heavy engagements with his party he was not able to pay due attention to his Ministry which may perhaps too be the reason for this. The running of the Pakistani schools abroad is a complex matter the main reason of which is involvement of Pakistani embassies in those countries. Late Irshad Ahmed Haqqani once wrote two columns detailing how the concept of Pakistani community schools abroad started when some Pakistanis and their wives started teaching their own children collectively in two rooms of their own residence. The other needy Pakistanis also rushed their children there which were with open heart welcomed and soon it turned into a home based school. The Europeans living in that Arab country also started sending their children to this home-cum-school. When later it got a formal shape, the Pakistan Embassy bureaucracy entered into its affairs and since then it is the most favorite “hobby” and the “most prioritized duty” of the Pakistani Embassies all over the world. Irashad Ahmad Haqqani shedding his tears gave particularly the example of pitiable condition of Pakistan School in Bahrain. In whatever country there is a Pakistani community school the name of the Pakistan repeatedly remains coming in local press there with reference to the School there and of course the Pakistan Embassy. May it be Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria or Bahrain the serious readers so often read stories both in Pakistan as well in the foreign press about these schools. Fortunately or unfortunately all such schools with exodus of manpower have become mega institutions with huge continuous monthly income and that is what makes the Pakistani bureaucracy uncomfortable and thus the rift “in the community” which actually is “manufactured”. As in case of our beloved country there are people always ready to become “taseers, wahabs and marvis” likewise there is no dirt of this special commodity amongst the Pakistani community abroad. These taseers, wahabs and marvis act as their peers wish and manufacture trouble amongst the community and act as “rent collectors” for the masters. In every country where there is a Pakistani community school, our embassies select their own taseers wahabs marvis who at one hand act as the cover for the embassies vested interests, on the other hand create rifts in the community. We have stitched many unique feathers in our national cap. One such was when in my presence there the national newspaper of the State of Bahrain published an article few years back titled “There is rift between Pakistan Embassy and the Pakistani community”. This was perhaps the first ever headline about any country’s embassy and its community. This newspaper was pro Pakistani and used to write up weekly a good newsletter about Pakistan. His concerned sub editor who was a Pakistani national was threatened by the Pakistan Ambassador for writing this article when the newspaper stopped this weekly pro Pakistani article. This rift was a manufactured one and the local newspapers for two years now are full of rising reports on school matters. While Irashad Haqqani wrote about worsening general affairs of these schools almost at the same time the well reputed honest notable late Pir Baniyaman Rizvi wrote two articles titled “The dear sons of our Foreign Affairs”. The veteran Pakistan movement worker stated that while earlier well influential used to struggle for getting a posting in the Customs, today the first priority to get a job is posting abroad but specifically in a country where existed a Pakistani community school. Late Rizvi further wrote that for “sons of MOFA” these schools are goldmine from for which “share” according to one’s worth properly reaches everyone upto Islamabad. He wrote that in order to prolong their stays these “MOFA Sons” send back to Islamabad stories of their unseen achievements on basis of which they get extensions in their stay. Most of these schools are under Pakistan Embassies though under so called Boards of Governors who mostly are taseers wahabs marvis. Where these community schools are under private managements the affairs are not that different. To quote there is an other Pakistani school in Bahrain which also is a community school founded 40 years ago for which each Pakistani shopkeeper, housewives, labourer donated one “Rupia”. This school today is a mega school a real gold mine. Though this school too has a Board comprising of taseers wahabs marvis but actually it is remote controlled by a single person who “business” empire day over day is increasing world over. This month’s story how a favouritee of Mr. Asif Zardari within only 5 months of his posting as Pakistan Ambassador in Syria replaced the old teachers with her wife appointed as the Principal and her daughters, grand children, cousin, children of sister in law, uncle etc on 2-3 time higher salary in the name of better education. A senior writer commenting on it questioned “was it not the first duty of a new ambassador to first see relations between the two countries” rather then prioritized the school. If one goes in study it will be found that the Ambassadors in such countries may come to embassy or not almost without fail daily visit schools. Though recently the media on the recent income declarations by the elected representatives commented that MQM parliamentarians were on top whose income rapidly increased, yet it is a well known fact that so far no finger has ever been raised against Dr. Farooq Sattar from MQM. It appears someone from the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation desires as to why tables should now not get turned towards them hence raised this beautiful idea through some usual bureaucratic Summary to get control of these schools. After all the taste of spending 35 millions on “not physically present development” and many other similar cases is not forgettable and is too delicious as a new recipe for someone in the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis. Otherwise the observation a few years by the National Assembly Accounts Committee is very self explaining sincerity of the proposed move. NA Committee in its report stated that the Government, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistan and the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation have no interest with the Overseas Pakistanis whereas the India has done so and so. It is generally said that if traffic on an intersection is keep going smoothly just bring a traffic constable and it would within minutes become chaotic. If one really an honestly intends to provide proper education for the children of Overseas Pakistanis, then all direct or indirect involvement of Pakistan Embassies be prohibited and these schools be allowed to be run by the community itself. No doubt due to vested interests and the ills present in the system due to long presence of Embassies in the system the path will not clear immediately but surely as it is wisely thought that whatever is the present democracy it should let go for better to come, likewise with the passage of time and with the complete freedom from any control the community will learn to better manage in times to come.

  • ghulam

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  • Haroon

    Though I am living in Uzbekistan since last 17 Years but I am always challenging other Pakistanis with my knowledge of Pakistani Villages, Towns, and Provinces, culture, Politics, and other non understandable traumas of Pakistani nation.
    As I live in uzbekistan and I am a frequent Traveler to Afghanistan so I would love to share my Knowledge.
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    If Mehmood Hassan Sahib would contact me I will be grateful. I am impressed with his knowledge and approach about uzbekistan

  • valerie pritchard

    Dear Sir,
    I have just discovered your web-site. I find the site extremely interesting and I hope you will accept me as an occasional visitor. I am from a country town in the state of New South Wales in Australia (330 kms from Sydney) – the last two years I have been involved (not in person) in a project in the North-West Frontier Province. I also am an “honorary” member of a Pakistani Friendship Association in Australia. I love to meet/hear from people from other lands, discuss different cultures learn more about the politics etc. I am especially interested in Pakistan. Would anyone care to make an Aussie friend?
    Thank you Sir for allowing me the opportunity to visit your site.
    May God bless and protect you all.

  • Abbie

    hey i am writing a report about Pakistan. Can you help me answer these questions?
    1.What types of forms did Pakistan people use for their arts?
    And if you could show me a link to pictures for that question.

  • Uzbekfriends

    Recently during the visit of one elite group from Pakistan to Uzbekistan the question was raised that all the greats who were born in the land of Uzbekistan were born in a period of 500 Years. and in Last 500 Years no great was born in the land of the greats. One very logical comment during the discussion was that environment and peace plays a very important role. We Pakistanis culturally try to settle score and win. What Iftikhar, Nawaz Sharif are doing is the same. Pakistani nation should take lessons from the peace prevailing in Uzbekistan.
    Come and Visit us and take back great memories. http://www.harleytourism.com

  • assiya

    Hi guys:

    This is Assiya. Is there anyone who can help me in guiding right way to reach cyber police lahore? I’m from Fsd my x-husband is bothering me . he not only has ruined my life now he is senging my pictures in all over the world while using my Hotmail and yahoo address. he is basically a frud man and also selling 2# medicines in lahore Slamat Pura while preparing in his home. He sits on net all the night also doing other crimes. he is searching working ladies and then he is robbing them w the help of his wife/ children. he has no home degree but he is rnnung homeo clinic also.

    I will losse my job if he will continious chasing me. I need help to get rid of this guy so that he can be arrested by police. I have written divorce signed by him but that frud man is not accepting it now I have appleaed in court case is almost finsihed and judge will issue degree in Spetmber. Pls help me and guide propelry in sending application to heath minister and Cyber Police.

    I have to help my self I have no brother who will help me.

    Looking forward to have positive reply



    • Javed

      Assia, a few things on which our government has to quite extent good record one of that is so far it has acted positively within its available resources on public complaint re the cyber crime mostly in cases like you. You address through registered post mail to the Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Islamabad who will then mark it to the Cyber Crime Cell in the Ministry.

  • Assiya Sharif

    HI gUYS

    I have visited this site today first time. I really cant get Cyber Police e-mail or contact # i’m in trouble due to my fraud X-husbnad who is sending my pictures all over the world, also missusing it and editing to convert into nudes. Is there anyone who can mail me right person’s contact details so that I can discuss my case w cyber police.






    Subject : Application for the Post of “DAE Electronic”

    Respected Sir

    With humblely and respectfully it is stated that i have know through News Paper that a Post of ” DAE Electronic” is laying under your kind controal. I Offer my service for the said post. Please find enclosed My BIO data r as under.
    Name : ALI RAZA
    F’name : Muhammad Ameer Alam
    Date of birth : 16.09.1990
    Domicile : vehari (punjab)
    Qualification : DAE in Electronics

    Sir give me a chance you will find me a honest and harder worker.

    Your’s Obedently
    Ali raza
    S/o Muhammad
    Ameer Alam

  • Aziz Khan

    Dear Nasir Mahmood,

    I am about to jump back after 23 years (I’ve been visiting though)with my family (School childern like yours) and relocate to Wah Cant. I have taught there (COMSATS Inst. of IT) there for an year and found Wah to be a perfect “suburb” (American for community near big city)for me.

    I find your experience very encourging and it puts my mind to ease.

    Thanks and look forward to meeting you this summer…

  • Overseas Post author

    Dear M S Waseem sahib
    I am sorry but due to some error in your email address, my emails were not delivered to you.
    Please read details about all the saving schemes here
    If you intend to deposit money for two years, you will not gain much from any certificates, I suggest you buy regular income certificates, you will get monthly income. I am also not an expert in these matters therefore please do your homework before you decide to invest your money
    Good luck

  • m s waseem

    sir /madam
    Hopfully u will be fine,I wrote a letter to u ,but u still didt answer me,plz can u kindly reply me,i belong to oxford it may help u to find my mail ,i wrote u about intrest rate,i wanted to invest 10 million rupees for 2 years.plz reply me as soon as poosible ,and how can i check u reply .thx very much for ur help,
    m s waseem

  • Overseas Post author

    Nauman Asghar sahib
    Thanks for the encouraging words. You are very much welcomed to post articles here for the benifite of overseas Pakistanis. Kindly register yourself so that I can enable you to post content.
    Best regards


    Dear Friends….it is an excellent blog……I am a columnist in National English Dailies…..I’ll try to share my articles with you people………Best Regards


    Almighty God bless America-The USA. Most powerful man has gone and two richest persons/groups have come in power. The poor will become poorer and rich will be richer day by day because of the unique business of politics in Pakistan where the rate of profit is 1000 to a million per cent. It can be calculated by the politicians growing wealth. President Musharraf handed over resignation to the chief of army staff in presence of other generals. Army act of Pakistan zindabad , Pakistan paindabad. For God sake, plan for creation of jobs and circulation of money to boost economy of the under developed country. And make sure the rule of law oner rule the law of ruler. Hard working people of Pakistan can make this great country a wonderful place if justice is provided to the common man. All the best with lot of prayers to the Almighty GOD. Khwaja Aftab Ali, a Pakistani living in Florida, USA

  • Overseas Post author

    Sohaib Arshad sahib
    Thanks for your comments
    I wish more and more people come forward to make this site more informative and useful for the visitors. Unfortunately, the most neglected area in Pakistan is education and that is the actual reason behind most of our social and economic problems. I very much welcome you and invite other friends also to come forward and intensify the efforts to spread knowledge and awareness among Pakistanis. Kindly register at this website also so that I can change your role to enable you to post content. I am sending you an email for further discussion.
    All the friends who register themselves here, their roles are immediately changed to enable them to post content at the website.

    God bless you all

  • Sohaib Arshad

    Dear Editor
    I have found your blog an extremely valuable platform for people from diversified backgrounds and profiles to raise their voice and concerns and share their experiences. I am myself a modest economist who has recently moved to Pakistan and I would like to contribute a humble piece of research. Can you please guide me accordingly? I already have registered with Apna Ghar.
    Kind Regards

  • Fahim

    I found your blog by accident.
    I just wanted to say that it was good to see articles on local governance and planning.
    About your love Islamabad. Yoginder Sikand, an Indian who writes often about matter religious in India, visited Islamabad and called it the nicest city in South Asia.
    I would also like to point out that the local system Pakistan got courtesy of the Musharraf Government reflects an apllication that is the silent revolution around the world, i.e.:integrated federated local systems. What Pakistan has is the most advanced form for South Asia, though not for Asia. The reason I say that is because it is Zila(i.e. county based). In South East Asia systems go beyond the county level.
    The reason such systems are rising is because of urbanization and also because it has been realized is that they can play an important economic role. The latter fact is highlighted by the developed in South East Asia where such systems operate.
    Such systems can be applied in rural and urban regions. However, in most countries they are established in urban regions. South Asia lags this development;perhaps because the original model implemented in India (the panchayat system) was rural in origin. Even though Soouth Asia got this type of system first, South East Asia has left South Asia behind when it comes to application and delivery.
    The biggest South East Asian applier is China, where it formed the foundation of its urban industrial economy.

  • Sharmeen Akbani Gangat

    First and foremost, happy independence day to all! I am very happy to learn about your experiences in Pakistan. I am based in New York, where we are organizing the first-ever business and networking event for non-resident Pakistanis, on August 22 and 23, 2008. There will also be a winter summit every year in Pakistan. The objective of this summit is that there are approximately 4 million Pakistanis living overseas, who are exceptionally successful in their respective fields. However, the government has had not been able to capitalize on this huge asset the country has.
    In order to facilitate the cause, I have started a blog (http://nrpglobal.blogspot.com/) that aims to highlight the achievements of Pakistani expatriates in different countries and cover different aspects of their lives there. I have lined up a few interviews with accomplished NRPs and would greatly appreciate if you or other members could direct me toward other NRPs who have yet not received their share of acknowledgment.

    Here is my blog’s URL:


    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Sharmeen Akbani Gangat

  • Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

    Dear Editor,

    I hope you are doing great in your personal and professional pursuits. Thanks for your prompt reply. Please keep that spirits high. I am anxiously waiting for your e-mail since yesterday. Please mention your e-mail for future communication and correspondence.

    With best regards


  • Overseas Post author

    Ayaz Ahmed Sahib
    Thank you for the encouraging words. Actually I am more interested in knowing what type of information and content overseas Pakistani friends want to see at their website.
    So far I have not been able to communicate with the visitors about finding the ways to improve the site. This website belongs to overseas Pakistani friends, I am just an initiator. All the visiting friends are requested to take active part in updating and making it more attractive and useful for the visitors.
    Best Regards

  • Islamabad Property Guru

    A quick note about the schools here. The CDA has recently taken a very strong position regarding schools that are setup in non-school buildings. Many schools rent out a house and use it as a school building. They have no sports facilities or grounds so the children suffer. The CDA has started issuing fines to owners who allow their properties to be used as schools and this has forced many schools to start to actually look for school plots and buildings otherwise they face either closure or very big fines. The school business is big here and recently the CDA has allocated many many more plots for schools in all the sectors and zones of islamabad. There are two new universities built in zone4 near the pristine farms scheme (www.pristinepakistan.com/mainsite/PristineFarms.html) and also headstart and beaconhouse are starting there. Zone 2 also has many school plots available in sectors such as D17.

  • Manzoor Chandio

    HUNGER has become one of the enduring features of the global landscape, sparking food riots in several Asian and African countries.
    The current high food prices have hit the poor people hardest, particularly urban net food buyers and rural non-food producers.
    Long lines of people outside utility stores show how the PPP government has failed to provide roti, even if we do not talk about its kapra and makan pledges.
    For further details please read my article on http://manzoorchandio.blogspot.com/2008/06/making-ends-meet.html . I look forward for your comments.

  • Overseas Post author

    Dear Mr. Nasir
    I suggest you visit http://sweethome.overseaspakistanis.net and introduce your self with appropriate details of your business and contact address. If you register here at Overseas Pakistani Friends blog, I shall change your role to enable you to post here also. I have to keep some control here to avoid spam but whoever registers here, I change his role immediately except some unknown personnel.

    • Nasir Mahmood

      Oh and a couple of things I forgot to mention.

      Most schools offer a discount for siblings so if you have more than one child it becomes cheaper and

      I really MUST emphasise that my kids have REALLY blossomed here compared to when they were in the UK in every aspect of their personalities, behaviour, knowledge and learning. I still have a lot of family back in the UK and Europe with nieces and nephews studying there and there is a big difference.

  • Overseas Post author

    Dear Mr. Nassir
    It is very encouraging to learn that you are extremely satisfied with your decision to move back to Pakistan; in fact it will help many other undecided overseas Pakistanis to reach to some conclusion. If you could spare some time to write more about educational institutions and facilities in Islamabad, it will be very much appreciated.
    Thank you and best Regards.

    • Nasir Mahmood

      Thanks Overseas,
      As for your request regarding educational institutions, I would be happy to help since I have 3 schoolgoing children and I like to spend time on their educational needs. Just now the summer break has started which lasts almost 3 months. During this time, most schools have a SUMMER CAMP where they conduct various vocational and fun activities for several weeks. I usually choose to send my children to a summer camp at a school different from the one that they are attending to give them a broader perspective and to enable them to make more friends and learn from different teachers.
      The curriculum is British based or American based in some schools aswell as the standard Pakistani curriculum in the government schools. O levels are still the main examination here which is great because Pakistani students regularly TOP THE WORLD CHARTS at results time since they are studying a much tougher course than their peers in the west.
      My children have made many friends and they have a great social life with many school events and functions where teachers parents and the kids share in fun and educational activities. They have learnt to read and write urdu and have learnt the basics of Islam as part of their studies. They interact with children of many nationalities and cultures since Islamabad has many foreigners living and working here.

      A goood regular school here such as OPF costs between 3-5 thousand rupees per child per month and they have many campuses and many facilites with a good level of discipline.
      Private schools such as Beaconhouse, City School, Froebels, Bloomfield Hall, Preparatory etc cost a little more…in the range of 7-12k per month per child but they follow a more western curriculum and are ideal for those wanting to make the transition and plan on their kids going abroad for Degree level education someday.

      There are more expensive schools here such as the American School which costs around 90,000 rupees per month per child and has excellent facilities spread over 23 acres, teachers are all qualified and experienced north americans or similar and small class sizes. They are however behind huge barricades and the security is ridiculous. In addition, the nature of the children and teachers here is transitory since they are mostly diplomats children on secondment from other parts of the world and they rarely stay more than a few years. I’d recomment it for children of white diplomats but after visiting and meeting with some of the teachers and students, I decided NOT to send my kids there except maybe for summer camp…once !

      The level of education that my kids receive is much better than I had hoped and is indeed much better than in the UK and I am particularly happy that they don’t suffer the inherent discrimination that they did in the west and can freely socialise and build up their confidence and make friendships that will last throughout their lives. The ONLY drawback I have noticed so far is that there is less of a focus on sports and physical activities but I try and make up for this by getting them involved in extracurricular stuff and am pushing the school to increase this aspect of their education to which they seem very amenable but are finding it difficult to find qualified sports teachers. Martial arts are taught tho since the Martial arts associations in Pakistan have a good relationship with the schools.
      I hope you found this helpful. Please comment.

  • Nasir Mahmood

    I am/used to be an overseaspakistani (UK and Europe) but moved back to Pakistan with my young family in 2002. It took me a little while for us to adjust to the nuances of life in Islamabad but we did and we are extremely happy that we made the right choice.

    Having studied, lived and worked in the UK and mainland Europe for most of my life I decided that it was time to discover my homeland and allow my children to learn something about their history and culture and to enable them to learn the language. I was a little concerned at first as I had NEVER in my life even thought about actually living in Pakistan. All I had ever heard were bad stories about the corruption and the lawlessness that existed here and I spent some time travelling back and forth and reconnecting with relatives and friends who went there regularly. I found one consistent thing from this research…that Islamabad was the place I should choose to live.

    Everyone that I met who had actually lived in Islamabad loved it and described it as one of the best places in the world in which to live. I moved here in 2002 and although I travel all over the world regularly, I find that I am drawn back to the wide tree lined streets of Islamabad, with its unique architecture and individuality I find it a good place to raise my young children and build a base for their future. Education is excellent here with many private schools and the majority of the population is very educated and well travelled. I did find that the pace of life here is much slower than in the west but in the 6 years that I have been here, there have been dramatic improvements in ALL spheres of life. Quality restaurants and international fast food outlets have sprung up, road and traffic improvements continue at a rapid pace, the traffic police are doing a great job, medical facilities are excellent and my family life here is 100% better than it ever was in the UK since I get to spend more time with them and we get to socialise a great deal. There are many cultural events and functions to go to not to mention the kids educational functions and plays.

    Hundreds of families have returned from the UK, Europe, Americas and other parts of the world in recent years and this has led to a great melting pot of diversity and culture and the city is beginning to thrive and take on it’s own personality.

    Even though the political situation here is extreme, I remind myself that these past few years have seen turmoil everywhere in every country and I count myself lucky to be here in Islamabad which remained largely peaceful regardless of what was happening in the rest of the world.

    Using my experience in Pakistan and skills gained as a professional consultant and manager in the west, I am now offering unique and interesting properties and projects in Islamabad so that others who would like to live in Islamabad, either now or in the future, can safely buy a property and/or make a sound investment.

    • Khurram Saeed

      Salam Nasir. I found your blog very informative. I have been living in Auustralia for over 22 years and am looking at moving back to Pakistan ISA. I am interested in finding out more about your company and how it can help me buy property in Pakistan, Islamabad
      What is your email address?
      Mine is khurram@netspace.net.au
      Look forward to hearing from you