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People warned of fake education/visa consultants in Pakistan

Myra Imran
Representatives of renowned educational institutions of Australia, United Kingdom and United States have warned aspiring candidate against fake consultants that actually make big majority of the total number of consultants working in the country.

They said that according to a rough estimate, there are more than 2,000 consultants in the country and among them only 20 are reliable and affiliated with the international institutions. They were talking to ‘The News’ at a two-day International Education Expo organised by HR Consultants on Sunday. “There is severe lack of good guidance in this regard and it is largely up to the student to judge the consultant’s reliability,” said Adeel Saeed Mir, Navitas Country Manager for Pakistan. He deals with admissions in colleges and universities in Australia and Canada.

Giving some hints about the identification of fake agencies, he said that they work on ‘done basis.’ “This term means that they ensure students about admission that is not possible. Many give false hopes to innocent students just to extract money and often tell them that the agency will manage admission even with low grades or false documents,” he added. He said that all these offers clearly indicate that the consultant is fraud. “A genuine consultant just guides and facilitates the client and clearly tells them that the last decision is in the hand of high commission or relevant authority,” he said.

Adeel said that students, who succeed in going abroad through such elements are never able to settle there and in majority of cases, they are caught and deported in the end. “Such youngsters are also vulnerable to abuse and often work in terrible conditions,” he added. He said that there are many fake colleges and universities in developed world and such consultants are usually attached with these institutions. “Even if a student gets a degree from such institution, it will be of no use,” he pointed out. He said that recently, the UK government has closed down around 300 such colleges and universities. “Now, the degrees issued by those institutions have become invalid worldwide.”

Rejecting the impression that the number of students applying for education abroad has decreased after change in the international politics, he said that the situation on the ground is just the opposite. “The number of students seeking this opportunity has actually increased.” He said that unstable political situation and increasing inflation is making more and more youngsters to apply for foreign degrees.

Amer Malik, Manager International Office Holmesglen, Australia, said that all information regarding the reliable consultants is usually available on the websites of relevant institutes. “Every university has got its own websites and students can double check whether the process they are following through consultants match the process mentioned on the website,” he said while giving another tip for checking the consultant.

Highlighting a changing trend, Malik said that more and more students are now applying for diploma courses that extend from one to two year. “There is increased realisation among youth that diploma courses make them more employable as market for such qualification is expanding,” he said appreciating the fact that Pakistani students are also keeping in mind the international market trends while applying for such courses.

The representatives said that that Australian government offers scholarships for students twice in a year that is in July and March.

“To apply for that, first a student needs to seek admission in Australia,” said Jennet from Melbourne Institute of Technology. As far as the conditions for admission is concerned, she said that along with India, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, Pakistan falls in the level 4. “Students of these countries have to do some extra work to show their financial position back home,” she said adding that it is actually for the benefit of students themselves. Jennet said that these restrictions are only for bachelors and masters degree student. “For research work, Pakistan falls in level 2,” she said.

70 thoughts on “People warned of fake education/visa consultants in Pakistan”

  1. Mr. Tanveer Advocate

    Dear guys, i knew wsl consultants , i submitted my case for malaysia study visa and i got that, one of my cousin also submitted his case for study in canada without ielts, he paid $300 for admission and he got admission in a canadian college but due to bank statement problem he refused from embassy. So from my experience wsl consultants can be trusted that they dont charge extra like 5 lac, 8 lac etc they charge only reason admission fee and they dont provide any fake admission and they dont make any false commitment. So you may take chance, Good luck.

  2. Only HR, Auspak, AEO, SCS, and some others are original education consultants. There are a lot of fake consultants in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc. Some fake consultants have no any physical office here in Pakistan. One example is Awan Links Services that grabed a lot of money from people in Pakistan and then ran away (Said by some consultants). They said that they relocated their offices many time in every 6 months. And now they have no any office in Pakistan and also changed their business name. Their new name is Awan Links Education and Immigration Services and they are running a Youtube channel to grab money from innocent people. It also affect the businesses of original registered consultants.

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  4. 12 February 2019

    I am a senior citizen. I have50 years experience both in Pakistan and abroad. Abroad I worked for 35 years in “uniform”. One of my main job was arranging Visas for high top echelon both official visas as well holiday family visas or their children’s study visas for US/UK/Canada/Australia etc for these ruling and high class. Most of my time remained outside with Embassies for such jobs. I always felt home visiting Embassies there like US Embassy, Italian Embassy, French Embassy etc. I always felt discomfort with the thought of going to Pakistan Embassy for a visa for my top executive though this rarely was needed. Based on my experience I would give one advice to my “today’s young” and that is “Don’t go on big and alluring advertisements” of consultants and immigration advisers majority of whom are cheaters. Based on my long experience I can say without any hesitation that no one whosoever big-office holder consultant he/she may be, they have Zero influence inside the European embassies. Your work is done there on merit and as soon as your application reaches near maturity, these people started conveying you “their good work” similarly as one see every one barking from each political party in the evening talking show and every anchor claim “I gave first this news”. Do your work yourself. For example, if you feel, honestly you fit for immigration to Canada, fill up online Immigration Form, attach every required document, give true and factual position and wait for a year or so. Don’t let any consultant come in you. It will take time but if you are on merit you will be successful

  5. Hi I am going to apply for atlantic canada immigration job offer program through MBO pvt ltd tariq road NEHA Naqvi.
    They are demanding 5.5 lacs as initial and 5.5 after visa..for 5 family members.
    I am confused how they are frauding again and again and no body appealing in court or police. How they are sustained yet. If no body is successful through them.
    Please guide me . I am in lot of tension

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