People warned of fake education/visa consultants in Pakistan

Myra Imran
Representatives of renowned educational institutions of Australia, United Kingdom and United States have warned aspiring candidate against fake consultants that actually make big majority of the total number of consultants working in the country.

They said that according to a rough estimate, there are more than 2,000 consultants in the country and among them only 20 are reliable and affiliated with the international institutions. They were talking to ‘The News’ at a two-day International Education Expo organised by HR Consultants on Sunday. “There is severe lack of good guidance in this regard and it is largely up to the student to judge the consultant’s reliability,” said Adeel Saeed Mir, Navitas Country Manager for Pakistan. He deals with admissions in colleges and universities in Australia and Canada.

Giving some hints about the identification of fake agencies, he said that they work on ‘done basis.’ “This term means that they ensure students about admission that is not possible. Many give false hopes to innocent students just to extract money and often tell them that the agency will manage admission even with low grades or false documents,” he added. He said that all these offers clearly indicate that the consultant is fraud. “A genuine consultant just guides and facilitates the client and clearly tells them that the last decision is in the hand of high commission or relevant authority,” he said.

Adeel said that students, who succeed in going abroad through such elements are never able to settle there and in majority of cases, they are caught and deported in the end. “Such youngsters are also vulnerable to abuse and often work in terrible conditions,” he added. He said that there are many fake colleges and universities in developed world and such consultants are usually attached with these institutions. “Even if a student gets a degree from such institution, it will be of no use,” he pointed out. He said that recently, the UK government has closed down around 300 such colleges and universities. “Now, the degrees issued by those institutions have become invalid worldwide.”

Rejecting the impression that the number of students applying for education abroad has decreased after change in the international politics, he said that the situation on the ground is just the opposite. “The number of students seeking this opportunity has actually increased.” He said that unstable political situation and increasing inflation is making more and more youngsters to apply for foreign degrees.

Amer Malik, Manager International Office Holmesglen, Australia, said that all information regarding the reliable consultants is usually available on the websites of relevant institutes. “Every university has got its own websites and students can double check whether the process they are following through consultants match the process mentioned on the website,” he said while giving another tip for checking the consultant.

Highlighting a changing trend, Malik said that more and more students are now applying for diploma courses that extend from one to two year. “There is increased realisation among youth that diploma courses make them more employable as market for such qualification is expanding,” he said appreciating the fact that Pakistani students are also keeping in mind the international market trends while applying for such courses.

The representatives said that that Australian government offers scholarships for students twice in a year that is in July and March.

“To apply for that, first a student needs to seek admission in Australia,” said Jennet from Melbourne Institute of Technology. As far as the conditions for admission is concerned, she said that along with India, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, Pakistan falls in the level 4. “Students of these countries have to do some extra work to show their financial position back home,” she said adding that it is actually for the benefit of students themselves. Jennet said that these restrictions are only for bachelors and masters degree student. “For research work, Pakistan falls in level 2,” she said.


  1. mr.student

    i have just been a victim of fraud ….it was a PADGROUP educational consultancy (pvt) here in islamabd pakistan , and their sub offices in lahore and faisalabad. these bastards took my money and ran away….i hope i see them in hell they have waisted my time and money…they have done an estimated 3.4 million $ fraud…according to our FIA pakistan …

  2. Anonymous

    I am fed up of people from Pakistan gaining entry to UK with fake degrees, all these people do is boast about how clever they are but in reality most of them are illiterate.

    1. Qamar Naveed

      Dear IEC Pakistan totally fraud and they are making money and playing with people. as I have applied. first they take admission fees which is about 30,000/- and then 80,000/- for statement (fake statement) and then demand for admission fees $3000. Visa 100% refused as they did not submit strong case then they deduct 1000$ from fees and give you 2000$ back after 03 month.

      However, as you wish.

    1. Osama

      How come you say Qasim they are Fraud
      plz share any experience
      acually I have applied there and want to know all about them
      Can you plz provide me with your no so that we could talk into it

  3. Qasim Butt

    Guys can anybody please guide me about IEC Lahore for Canadian Student Visa
    Does they offer and guranttee us work visa
    IEC consultants were saying they will provide us Jobs in Canada confirm

  4. ahmed

    hello guy! scamer / fraud theconsultant education consultant one lady name irum i want to inform every one husband and wife they are scamers they open an office and doing scam peoples related to garments or education business they trap peoples with thier happy attitude mobile numbers are
    if any one know about him please inform me numbers still on but they never attend knowns phone calls please

    1. abdulbaqi

      can anyone guide me about times consultant Karachi ? I am going to register with them. please if anyone can share their experience with them will be really helpful for me.

  5. Dev

    Will please someone tell me about ocean1 pvt ltd located at suite no 107 park avenue sharah e faisal.
    They have told us to give full scholarship with stipends abroad.
    Is that true

  6. aamir mehmood

    if any body is aggrieved by fraud of this kind of fake institution, contact us , our law firm would provide you free legal assistance and we would initiate all legal proceedings against this fraud including proceedings in NAB, FIA, and apex courts of pakistan. it is true that this institution not registered in any relevant department of goverment.
    any body who have knowledge about members of this fake institution please contact us
    my email address is
    feel no hesitation for contact


      Dear iec (international education college) their office is located in a llama Iqbal town near moon market Kali kothi stop they are totally fraud and they are doing fraud from a long time some strict action should be taken against them

    1. Asad Ali

      My dear friends IEC (international education college) having address huma block kali kothi stop previously located in samnabad is totally fraud. I m also their victim they are doing this fraud from many years they just trapped the innocent students and demand money in the form of registration fees and tuition fees roind about 300000. When you give them amount they don’t even contact with you. I gave them 268000 rs after five months I realised that they didn’t do any thing just lied n lied n lied. Then I contact to FIA to recover my amount. You should be avoid also contact with me 03234800891. But again don’t give them amount they are totally fraud

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