Pak rupee vs Euro

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 1 June 2019

Following are rupee exchange rates against major currencies on 31st May and 1st June 2019. Rupee has strengthened in interbank as well as open market. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 147.85 148.15 US$ (Open Market) 147.50 148.50 Saudi Riyal 38.70 39.50 UAE Dirham 39.60 40.50 EURO 162.50 167.00 […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 30 May 2019

Rupee value remained stable against all major currencies at close on 30th May 2019. Following are open market exchange rates. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 148.00 148.50 US$ (Open Market) 148.50 149.50 Saudi Riyal 39.00 39.70 UAE Dirham 40.00 40.60 EURO 162.50 166.50 UK Pound 185.00 189.00 Japanese […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 15 May 2019

Pakistan rupee has further depreciated against dollar in the open market today. Fears of devaluation as a result of the agreement with the IMF have depressed the currency market and the rupee may lose more against the dollar in the coming days. Following are closing exchange rates against major currencies. […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 20 March 2019

Following were Pakistan rupee exchange rates against major currencies on 20th March 2019. Pakistan rupee has slightly weakened against all major currencies compared to last week. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 139.48 139.58 US$ (Open Market) 139.30 139.80 Saudi Riyal 37.00 37.30 UAE Dirham 37.90 38.20 EURO 157.50 […]

Historical Chart of Pakistan rupee exchange rate vs euro

Following is historical chart of rupee exchange rates starting from June-1999. Open market rates slightly differ from inter-bank rates. Click here to view rupee vs euro exchange rates from June 1999 to May 2019 Date Buying Selling 30-May-2019 162.50 166.50 31-May-2019 162.50 167.00 3-June-2019 164.00 167.50 11-June-2019 169.50 172.00 13-June-2019 […]