dollar vs rupee

Pakistan rupee touches all time low against dollar

انٹر بینک مارکیٹ میں ڈالر تاریخ کی بلند ترین سطح پر پہنچ گیا۔ The value of Pakistan rupee against US dollar touched another all-time low for the second consecutive day, reaching approximately Rs148 in the interbank market. The dollarwas valued at Rs141.5 yesterday, but climbed roughly Rs6.50 to hit a […]

Historical chart of Pakistan rupee exchange rate vs US dollar 76

Following is the chart of rupee exchange rates against US dollar. It is interesting to see that between 2001 and 2007, the exchange rate remained almost the same but with the start of rise in oil prices and lawyers movement in Pakistan, the rupee totally collapsed. In my personnel opinion, the […]