Rupee Exchange Rates

Pak rupee appreciation continues on 31st July 2018

Banks on Monday were compelled to depreciate dollar 3.1% due to panic in the open market. Dollar has lost around 11% since general elections day on 25th July 2018. The US dollar was traded as low as Rs124 in the interbank market while some sources claim that the banks bought […]

Historical Chart of Pakistan rupee exchange rate vs euro

m Following is historical chart of interbank exchange rates starting from June-1999. Open market rates slightly differ from interbank rates.   DATE SELLING BUYING DATE SELLING BUYING 30-Jun-1999 53.72 52.97 4-Jan-2017 108.65 108.44 4-Jan-2000 53.30 52.53 2-Jun-2017 117.43 117.21 2-Jun-2000 48.59 48.01  21-Mar-2018  140.00  139.00 2-Jan-2001 54.98 54.48 22-May-18 open […]

Historical chart of Pak rupee exchange rate vs UK pound

Following is historical chart of inter bank exchange rates starting from January-2000. Open market rates slightly differ from inter bank rates.     Selling Buying Currency Date/Year 84.32 83.12 UK £ 3-January-2000 78.08 77.00 UK £ 1-June-2000 89.12 88.32 UK £ 3-January-2001 90.60 89.83 UK £ 1-June-2001 87.48 86.72 UK […]

Pakistan rupee sinks below 100 mark against dollar

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee on Monday sank to an all-time low against the US dollar over forex reserve fears as the country repaid $146 million to the International Monetary Fund. The rupee fell to 100.1 to the greenback in trading in Karachi, down from 99.30 on the open market Friday, […]

Grand operation against money changers in Pakistan-08-Nov-2008

Dollar exchange rate drops sharply Interbank dollar rate today is 81 rupees whereas open market rate has dropped to 80.50 rupees TV channels have reported that FIA has launched grand operation against many exchange companiess. Manaf