Historical chart of Pak rupee exchange rate vs UK pound

Following is historical chart of inter bank exchange rates starting from January-2000. Open market rates slightly differ from inter bank rates.

84.3283.12UK £3-January-2000
78.0877.00UK £1-June-2000
89.1288.32UK £3-January-2001
90.6089.83UK £1-June-2001
87.4886.72UK £3-January-2002
87.9987.23UK £1-June-2002
93.1992.87UK £3-January-2003
94.8294.49UK £3-June-2003
103.38103.05UK £3-January-2004
106.87106.51UK £3-June-2004
113.60113.22UK £3-January-2005
108.77108.41UK £3-June-2005
103.48103.13UK £3-January-2006
113.45113.07UK £3-June-2006
119.07118.68UK £4-January-2007
120.62120.24UK £4-June-2007
122.74122.35UK £3-January-2008
131.37130.98UK £3-June-2008
114.76114.47UK £3-January-2009
134.26133.93UK £3-June-2009
135.90135.58UK £4-January-2010
125.12124.83UK £4-June-2010
133.20132.89UK £3-January-2011
140.46140.13UK £3-June-2011
139.45139.14UK £3-January-2012
143.55143.24UK £4-June-2012
157.76157.44UK £3-January-2013
149.67149.37UK £3-June-2013
172.99172.66UK £3-January-2014
164.94164.61UK £3-June-2014
156.19155.88UK £2-January-2015
154.77154.46UK £3-June-2015
154.36154.06UK £4-January-2016
150.88150.59UK £4-June-2016
`28.45128.20UK £3-January-2017
134.84134.59UK £2-June-2017
 157.68 157.40 UK £ 2-Feb-2018
 160.00 159.00 UK £ 21-March-2018
 162.39 162.60 UK £ 9-April-2018
 165.00 164.00 UK £ 25-April-2018
168.00166.00 UK £16-July-2018
160.00158.50UK £2-Aug-2018
164.50163.00UK £15-Sep-2018
164.50163.50 UK £28-Sep-2018
166.50165.00  UK £2-Oct-2018
172.00170.50UK £9-Oct-2018
177.82173.68 UK £18-Oct-2018
178.00176.00 UK £30-Oct-2018
178.00176.00 UK £03-Dec-2018
178.20177.30 UK £15-Jan-2019
179.80178.80 UK £22-Jan-2019
182..30181.30 UK £13-Mar-2019

UK £183.30184.30
27-Mar-2019 UK £184.80186.60
1-Apr-2019 UK £185.30187.10
4-Apr-2019 UK £189.00190.80
18-Apr-2019 UK £183.60185.40
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