Nov 152014

go-nawaz-goThe Islamabad dharna-inspired online games continue to amuse in a country where political flavour makes its way into pretty much every avenue of life. A new game titled‘Go Nawaz Go’has been released on the Google App Store, featuring a bat-wielding Imran Khan chasing a Nawaz Sharif animation as it jumps over containers and barbed wire.

“Help PM defend himself by running from Imran Khan to save himself and his designation,” reads the synopsis of the newly launched game. Continue reading »

May 222013

By Jalilur Rehman

It were the rigging factories in the provincial metropolis and other parts of the country that began working in the evening on the polling day and reversed the results for winning PTI candidates. In the city Hamid Khan renowned jurist, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid known gynaecologist and Hamid Zaman a businessman appear to be victim of the rigging factories the ultimate outcome of which was their engineered defeat and victory of their opponent who belonged to PML (N). Interestingly the PTI leadership, their candidates, voters and supporters knew that rigging has been committed but how and when was not known to them. There are reports with documentary evidence and footage of the cameras that in the provincial metropolis some towering candidates of the skipper Imran Khan’s team have been made target of engineered rigging but still the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) seems to be unmoved rather reluctant for taking appropriate action in accordance with law to redress grievance of the victims. It is believed that all those constituencies where results had been delayed the political opponents of the PTI rigged the results through rigging factories. Continue reading »

May 212013

By Dr Arif Alvi

I’m Urdu speaking, my grandparents made a lot of sacrifices and migrated to Karachi, Pakistan, from India.

Karachi was a city of lights until nearly 30 years back when MQM started showing its true face. I will tell you how MQM works and I have experienced all of this myself. This is a very well-managed organisation, which works under a tight command and control mechanism. They have divided Karachi into a number of sectors; each sector is divided into units. The first tier is called the unit. There are MQM units in every nook and corner of Karachi. Every apartment complex has one unit, and nearly one in every 500 houses there is a unit. The units report to a particular sector under which they come. Each unit has a unit in-charge and other proper posts. As these guys live among us, they know each and every house and shop that comes under their supervision. The unit in-charge literally controls whatever goes within the jurisdiction of his unit. From cable persons reporting to him to the SHO of that area; everyone obeys that unit in-charge. Continue reading »

Apr 172013

According to an influential American newspaper Washington Post, the real contest is between them as the race is narrowing down to the respective political parties of the two leaders.

The PPP is trailing after a five-year rule that many Pakistanis say crippled the economy, stoked poverty, failed to solve energy shortages and left the country less secure, The Washington Post, citing analysts, reported from Rawalpindi on Tuesday. Continue reading »

Apr 122013

The News report by Mumtaz Alvi

Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) exudes immense confidence these days about his party getting into the corridors of power after a few weeks, so do those around him. Is it optimism or pragmatism?


The tone, tenor and the body language of the trend-setter in the hitherto stinking and corruption-infested political arena was not different during his latest interaction with the media at a local hotel on Tuesday afternoon.


Imran Khan was invited to speak on the launching of party manifesto, in the manner of the future prime minister. It may be recalled that in the party’s recent public meeting at Mingora, Imran himself claimed that PTI will form government within next few weeks.


Imran has in fact introduced, among some other new things, two revolutionary approaches i.e. fund-raising to finance election campaign of those, who cannot afford it and the launch of ‘change volunteers’, who will apprise people of PTI’s vision during their house-to-house visits. How far does he succeed in this is yet to be seen. However, this has to a certain extent shaken the deep-rooted political dynasties: one based in Larkana and the other in Raiwind.


But to many, his most remarkable achievement has been the intra-party election that other political parties have never dared to hold. The exercise consumed PTI’s eleven months.


Every second sentence Imran speaks is about bringing about a real change. But those sitting on the stage beside him are often known faces such as Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi and Jehangir Tareen, who have been part of the previous regimes one way or the other.


Quite surprisingly, he has struck a deal to support the veteran from Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, who has been minister in PML-N as well as PML-Q governments under Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf.


Ostensibly, Imran’s flight is high, his intentions clear and his past record impeccable. But one wonders if he has found a team to help him translate into reality what he has been saying in his largely-attended public meetings and then in the party manifesto, unveiled Tuesday in full media glare.


Irrespective of PTI’s performance in the May 11 general elections, a mystery still shrouds the attitude of those who will not get party tickets. No one can say with certitude whether those left out would still support Imran.


Needless to say, PPP and PML-N leadership is also faced with same dilemma this time. But there is more focus on PTI, as Imran has given so much confidence to his supporters and has repeatedly announced to form next government. It is surprising for many as to how he would be able to do so without allying with any other party.


His unique experiment of awarding at least 25 per cent party tickets to youth is also debatable though a bold decision. Imran needs 172 out of 342 MNAs on his side to form a PTI government. Can he make the apparently impossible, possible?


“We plan to kick off an innovative massive election campaign after the ECP announces the final list of candidates that will leave others far behind. Imran will address a string of huge public meetings,” claimed PTI Information Secretary Shafqat Mehmood while talking to The News.


Shafqat, a former senator, said that the wind of change was already started blowing across for Imran had given hope to the nation through his actions and words. “You would not find any contradiction in what he says and what he does, which the leaderships of other two major parties lack,” he charged.


For instance, Imran abhors what he calls family limited parties and he has discouraged it by keeping his cousins and other relatives at bay.

Mar 072013

The first gathering of Tehreek-i-Insaf at Minar-i-Pakistan Lahore had turned the table of Pakistani Politics but since then, a lot of events have taken place resulting in negative impact on Imran Khan’s popularity among Pakistani youth and civil society. Lahore gathering was an eye opener for PML (N) because their vote bank was likely to be affected more than any other party. The bigwigs of PML devised the strategy to target youth by announcing Laptop schemes and boosting development schemes in big cities of Punjab like Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan. This strategy has worked well and PML-N is now in much better position comparatively.

PML-N already enjoys the support of influential politicians in rural areas of Punjab. Imran Khan’s decision to win the support of winning candidates from rural areas has caused a lot of damage to his popularity among civil society.

Latest statistics indicate PML being the winner in Punjab but still a lot of happenings will take place in coming days and months which can influence voter trends in urban areas. Ongoing elections in PTI will definitely help gaining support of educated class of voters. If Tahir-ul-Qadri decides to support Imran Khan, it will definitely help PTI give tough time to PML in Punjab whereas in KP, PTI is likely to perform better than other political parties. In rural Sindh, still PPP is likely to dominate.

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Apr 012012

The News report

LONDON: A foreign-born scholar of Pakistani descent, Dr Azeem Ibrahim, a PhD from Cambridge University, a former Research Scholar at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a World Fellow at Yale, world’s top three seats of learning, has joined Imran Khan and has been named his Strategic Policy Development Advisor.


In a special article for The News, Dr Azeem said it was time the country achieved its “second independence” and threw off the denigrating suggestions that it is a failed state, a client state or a country on the brink of disaster.

Continue reading »