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A few images from 16th April 2022 Karachi Jalsa

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سولہ اپریل کو ہونے والے کراچی جلسہ کے کچھ مناظر

After recent regime changes in 🇵🇰 a lot has happened on social media as wel as on the roads. Despite fasting season , general public came out on the roads at night on 10th april and then Peshawar and Karachi Jalsa on 16th April in support of ousted prime minister Imran Khan which is un-precedented. It is very clear that Pakistani nation is not willing to accept newly installed government in Pakistan although it enjoyes full support from Civil and Military establishment. Protests in support of Imran Khan is still continuing all over the world.

Below are a few images from Karachi Jalsa

A PTI Tigress

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