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Dear Friends

Every day I receive a lot of emails from the visiting friends seeking my help to resolve their issues. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that I myself am an ordinary overseas Pakistani and cannot do anything good for them.  I wish I could be of some help for them but in most of the cases I find myself unable to extend a helping hand. Now I have decided to post all those complaints here.

I shall try to forward all genuine complaints to Overseas Pakistanis Foundation and other concerned departments, where possible. I would also like to request visiting friends to help the complainants if possible by giving them a better advice and provide useful information if they have it.

Today I have received a message from an overseas Pakistani lady residing in Qatar, which I am posting here.

I am also posting the details of the law against land grabbing, along with all the contact details of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation officials.


Law against Land Grabbing

The Gazette of Pakistan





Acts, Ordinances, President’s Orders and Regulations
Islamabad, the 6th July, 2005

The following Act of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) received the assent of the President on 30th June, 2005, is hereby published for general information:-


An Act to curb the activities of the property grabbers

WHEREAS it is expedient to protect the lawful owners and occupiers of immovable properties from their illegal or forcible dispossession there from by the property grabbers;

It is hereby enacted as follows:-

1. Short title, extent and commencement

(1) This Act may be called the Illegal Dispossession Act, 2005 It extends to the whole of Pakistan. It shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions

In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, “Court” means the Court of Session; “Code” means the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Act V of 1898); “occupier” means the person who is in lawful possession of a property; “owner” mean the person, who actually owns the property at the time of his dispossession, otherwise than through a process of law; and “Property” means immovable property.

3. Prevention of illegal possession of property, etc

(1) No one shall enter into or upon any property to dispossess, grab, control or occupy it without having any lawful authority to do so with the intention to dispossess, grab, control or occupy the property from owner or occupier of such property.Whoever contravenes the provisions of the sub-section (1) shall, without prejudice to any punishment to which he may be liable under any other law for the time being in force, be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to ten years and with fine and the victim of the offence shall also be compensated in accordance with the provision of section 544 A of the Code.

4. Cognizance of offence

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Code or any law for the time being in force, the contravention of section 3 shall be triable by the Court of Session on a complaint. (2) The offence under this Act shall be non-cognizable. (3) The Court at any stage of the proceedings may direct the police to arrest the accused.

5. Investigation and procedure

(1) Upon a complaint the Court may direct the officer-in-charge of police station to investigate and complete the investigation and forward the same within fifteen days to the Court. Provided the Court may extend the time within which such report is to be forwarded in case where good reasons are shown for not doing so within the time specified in this sub-section.

(2) On taking cognizance of a case, the Court shall proceed with the trial from day to day and shall decide the case within sixty days and for any delay, sufficient reasons shall be recorded.

(3) The Court shall not adjourn the trial for any purpose unless such adjournment is in its opinion, necessary in the interest of justice and no adjournment shall in any case be granted fro more than seven days.

6. Power to attach property

(1) If the Court is satisfied that none of the persons are in possession immediately before the commission of the offence, the Court may attach the property until final decision of the case. (2) In case of attachment, the methods of its management, safeguard against natural decay or deterioration shall be determined by the Court.

7. Eviction and mode of recovery as interim relief

(1) If during trial the Court is satisfied that a person is found prima facie to be not in lawful possession, the Court shall, as an interim relief direct him to put the owner or occupier, as the case may be, in possession.

(2) Where the person against whom any such order is passed under sub-section (1) fails to comply with the same, the Court shall, notwithstanding any other law for the time being in force, take such steps and pass such order as may be necessary to put the owner or occupier in possession.

(3) The Court may authorize any official or officer to take possession for securing compliance with its orders under sub-section (1). The person so authorized may use or cause to be used such force as may be necessary.

(4) If any person, authorized by the Court, under sub-section (3), requires police assistance in the exercise of his power under this Act, he may send a requisition to the officer-in-charge of a police station who shall on such requisition render such assistance as may be required.

(5) The failure of the officer-in-charge of police station to render assistance under sub-section (4) shall amount to misconduct for which the Court may direct departmental action against him.

8. Delivery of possession of property to owner, etc.

(1) On conclusion of trial, if the Court finds that an owner or occupier of the property was illegally dispossessed or property was grabbed in contravention of section 3, the Court may, at the time of passing order under sub-session.

(2) of that section, direct the accused or any person claiming through him for restoration of the possession of the property to the owner or, as the case may be, the occupier, if not already restored to him under section 7. (2) For the purpose of sub-section (1), the Court may, where it is required, direct the officer-in-charge of the police station for such assistance as may be required for restoration of the possession of the property to the owner or, as the case maybe, the occupier.

9. Application of Code.

(1) Unless otherwise provided in this Act, the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (V of 1898), shall apply to proceedings under this Act.
Acting Secretary


Email: opdivison@opf.gov.pk

Contact OPF

Shahrah-e-Jamhouriat, Sector G-5/2,
Post Box No. 1470, Islamabad (Pakistan).
U.A.N: 111-040-040

Postal Code # 44000

Phone # 051 – 9203267, 9048320

Fax # 051 – 9224335, 051 – 9211613

E-mail: info@opf.org.pk

Contact Officials

You may contact the Officers of OPF at the following address:

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
G-5/2, Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat,

Contact PersonDesignationExtensionTelephone (Direct)E-mail

Syed Nayyar Hasnain Haider

Managing Director 9219119md@opf.org.pk


Secretary OPF/BOG4059205122hur.khan@opf.org.pk
MUHAMMAD OMARGM (A&P)4099221061 
CH. SHAHZAD IQBALJD (Pers)2119224517 
TAHIR AHMED BUKHARIJD (Admin)2169207821 
MUHAMMAD ARSHAD ALIJD (MIS)2879206122arshad@opf.org.pk
ADMIN SECTION 218 admin@opf.org.pk
PERSONNEL SECTION 222 personnel@opf.org.pk


HOUSING DIVISION 251 housing@opf.org.pk
WORKS SECTION 236 housing@opf.org.pk


FINANCE SECTION 265 finance@opf.org.pk


Director /Officiating Secretary BOG4139213582 
Sh. ANJUM SHAHZADGM4199204663 
EDUCATION DIVISION 248 education@opf.org.pk


M. BASHIR ABIDGM4259210154 
A. B. RUBINAJD3079220854 
WELFARE & SERVICES DIVISION 308 / 310 welfare@opf.org.pk
COMPLAINT CELL 294 complaints@opf.org.pk
FERC SECTION 289 ferc@opf.org.pk
Registration Section 292 regn@opf.org.pk
ERC Section 296 erc@opf.org.pk


Acting Executive Director4229206687pension@opf.org.pk
ABRAR-UN-NABI BAIGHead of Investment / Fund Manager2889216358 



Complaint Cell

Under the directive of Chief Executive in Pakistan, a Complaint Cell had been established in the Ministry of Labour, Manpower & OPs on 14th June, 2001 directing OPF to expeditiously process the complaints of overseas Pakistanis received through the Complaints Cell of the Ministry. Subsequently, a Complaint Cell has been established/reorganised in OPF (Welfare & Services Division) on 19-09-2003.

The cell deals with the following nature of complaints/grievances, which are usually received through Complaint Cell established in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of LM&OPs, Foreign Mission Abroad as well directly from the OPs:-

  • Property Disputes and Housing Societie
  • Family Disputes
  • Criminal Cases
  • Telephone connection/problems
  • Electricity connections/problems
  • Sui Gas connection/problems
  • Water connection
  • PIA/Other Airlines cases
  • Employments requests/recommendations
  • Financial Matters/Disputes
  • Bank related matters
  • Co-operative Societies/Taj Companys Claims
  • Advisory Services/General information
  • Any other nature of complaints

The above assignments have been divided (subject wise) into three main sections, which are handled by Assistant Directors under the guidance of Joint Director (Complaint Cell) and supervision of General Manager (Welfare & Services) being head of the Division.

Before the establishment of complaint cell, the above nature complaints were dealt by the Services Section, Welfare & Services Division, OPF, Islamabad. Since 1982, about 19,439 cases of above nature have been received, out of which 163,41 have been settled/action taken up to 31st January, 2007.


  • 1. After examining the case in detail, the compliant received in OPF Head Office (Complaint Cell) is disposed off within 3/ 4 days positively. As per directions of Minister of State the complaint is acknowledged the same on the next day.
  • 2. All complaints related to various provinces received at OPF Head Office are forwarded to OPF Regional Offices (Regional Heads) nominated as focal points vide PM, Secretariat U.O No. 1(1)/2003-OP (CC) Part dated 08-11-2003, already circulated vide OPF Head Office Letter No. 3014/26/Com.Cell/01 dated 25th November, 2003. Whereas, the complaints relates to the accessible Districts to Head Office (i.e. Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, Attock, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Sargodha, Mianwali, Layyah, Khushab, Bakhar, Faisalabad, Haripur, Abbottabad, Manshera, Batgram, Shangla,, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalakot, Suddontti) are dealt directly by the Complaint Cell at OPF Head Office.
  • 3. The Regional office take up the case with the concerned authorities/department (focal points) for their appropriate action with a copy to applicant and OPF Head Office (Complaint Cell) within 2/3 days after receipt of complaint.
  • 4. First written reminder is issued after two weeks from the date of issue of original letter. The second reminder is sent to concerned quarters accordingly.
  • 5. If no response is received from the concerned department even after two reminders, the Regional Heads are requested to either send an officer to concerned department or talk to higher authorities for the resolution of complaint. The similar procedure will be followed in the Head Office. Such an action is required for two reasons. There are possibilities that letter has not reached the concerned quarters. If not received, the same is sent on correct address.
  • 6. The outcome from the concerned quarter is conveyed directly to the applicants by the Regional Office under intimation to Head Office (Complaint Cell).
  • 7. Regional offices submit their progress report on the required proforma on monthly basis for perusal of competent authority.
  • 8. Where the complaint remains unresolved despite efforts made by the Regional offices the matter is referred to Head Office for immediate and appropriate action at a senior level.

Contactt address

Mr. Israr Khan Jamali

Director Welfare & Services
OPF Head Office,
Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat, G-5/2, Islamabad
Ph: 051 – 9219122

Click for online complaint submission to wafaqi Mohtasib 

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247 thoughts on “Overseas Pakistani Friends Helpline

  • m.zain ul abideen

    A.a em zain from oman i want to apply for this scheme, i want to know when we can apply and what is the procedure ? i hv also heard the news that 10% quota is for overseas pakistanies..

  • Shahzad

    ALVI LAW ASSOCIATES is the Top Law Firm in islamabad / Rawalpindi provides services in different fields of law including, Property Management,Property Selling / Buying,Letting ,Property Legal issues including Inheritance dispute,Rent Cases,Family matters, Civil,Criminal.Corporate,family issues,service matters,and all other relavent field of law in Pakistan with complete confidence. Contact:0300-5334502 alviadvocate@gmail.com

  • mrs tayyab

    some one occupied my home and taken stay by un fair means ,depressed as police is not helping me even not registering F.I.R.pls any ony one help me as soon as possible.as that person is using unfair means to take over my home .let me knoe legal way pls.i shall be thank full if any on could help me pls.

  • kamal

    we have land in Sargodha(village) after partitition 1947 against our claims but donot know where located, can any one tell us how we can found this,


    we bought plot of land in 2007 and recently same land a part of it
    has been sold by someone to someone almost half price
    Dont know what to do exactly while police helped them to gain qabza on land
    i am very dishearted and no point any more investment i pakistan
    I have tried every single sourced seems no body want to know about our problem
    This is call Jungle ka Kanoon
    Only Pak army Zinda baad but yet they can not help
    If any one wish take it as challange please contact me

  • Naz

    Hello sir,

    I require some advice. A developer in our city has taken some of our land inside their development. I belive they want to offer us some plots from their development in return for the land they took in, but what they are offering is only 10-12% back to us. (theyve took 6 kamal in but want to gibe back 15 marlas). At the start of the development they were offereing people 25% land back for doing deals wih them. I’d be happy to get similar amount back to avoid escalating the problem. Can you pleasse advice what our options are. As overseas pakistani its difficult to go through the pakistani beurucratic process. And understanding the law. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  • Javed

    One poor man had a loan to pay. He went to Dr. Illama Iqbal and said he that morning went to his “Peer Sahib” and requested the Peer Sahib to give him a “Taveez” that loan is paid. After the Peer gave him the Taveez, the poor man presented the Peer a Nazrana of Rs. 2/-. Dr. Iqbal remarked now you are under loan of Rs. 102/-. You “contact” this 90% problem solved person, you will also be under a similar to Rs. 102/- debit.

  • Javed

    My best sincere advice is avoid engaging any lawyer/advocate sitting abroad for any problem. You will just add salt to your injury and find yourself in more trouble. Avoid lawyers claiming and alluring you they are attached with “Free Heavens Green Gardens” etc. and NGOs.

  • Javed

    Don’t give details of your properties to anyone, repeat anyone unless it is an “institution”. Avoid going in depth with abbreviated identities like “Bradlinedlawinn” etc. There is no sense in asking from you “details” of property. Only the question could had been, in case interest was real help, in which city the properties are so one could had perhaps guided/advised about the correct local authority. Advise by “Admin” of this site (Rahim Bahi) is correct one. I would only amend it that you initially write it to OPF Islamabad but under registered cover giving full location of property concerned, who is living there (if your tenant or), as to how and why rent “is going” to your relatives? Is this rent to relatives under some power of attorney/agreement. Write short, don’t into full details, be brief. You would not get instant response but keep on reminding OPF. Finally it will come with some report from which you will know where you stand, what sort of “wall” you will be confronted with. Only after that you can in a better way approached the next Forum. Don’t go to Ombudsman etc at this stage. If someone is threatening you, then you write to the Embassy where you are working. After that you can decide what to do.

    Avoid, I again advise, avoid anyone asking you property details or telling you he would do this, he has so much experience etc. They would just be estate agents, middle men, mafia people or advocate to pick-pocket you knowing well you are abroad and already in trouble. Be careful.

  • PakistanProbs

    Dear Sir,

    I have read your post and wish to know what I can do with my family situation. My Abu died in 2007 leaving many properties in Pakistan. I was told that a criminal group had taken possession of those houses.

    I have sent people round and the properties are being rented out and the rent going to my relative.
    What can I do? That relative told me that I would be in danger if I returned to Pakistan.

    I am suffering greatly financially and with the stress of losing the houses.

    Can someone please help me?

    Please this is urgent!

  • Ayaz Wattoo

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Respected friends, I’ve read your posts and problems, I’m a lawyer and I’m part of an autonomous organization and we deal in such matters all over Pakistan, ALHAMDOLILLAH 90% of matters are those which we handle successfully.

    We save your money and time. Discuss with me your problems without any hesitation. Feel free to contact me.

    Best Regards,
    Ayaz Wattoo

  • Jawad Naqvi

    Dear Saba, you may report the matter to concerned cyber crime department or get a criminal case registered with the concerned police station.

  • Jawad Naqvi

    Dear Omer, No one can transfer any property in his name without sanctioning inheritance mutation. If your father was the owner of property then the same should be inherited by the legal heirs. Such transfer is fraudulent and void which can be challenged in Civil Court. I am an advocate High Court, you may contact me for further details +923008140703, +923457416016. Jawad Naqvi Advocate High Court

  • Saba

    Assalam o alikum.. sir
    7 years before I married a person who is living in Australia.. he has done 3 marriages and divorced all 3 women.. he is blackmailing us through internet by using cheap acts.. plz sir guide me. Who can help us to stop this man….. we donnt know how can we get ride… plz sir show us the right person who can help us..
    May Allah bless you

  • Col Bilal Ahmed (Retd)

    Please contact me for best, profitable and honest deals in DHA/Bahria, Rawalpindi/Lahore/Karachi. It is quite safe to invest here for short and long term gains. Mail your requirement on my ID or contact me +92 3322639285. Estate office at Bahria Phase-4 Civic centre, Rawalpindi “Corridor Marketing and Real Estate Management”. Best wishes and regards.

  • Ruby khan

    Hi I m in Hong kong ., and my mother pass away as she got 5 property in hazro and attock which she handed the all original documents to me and Kabza group Iqbal Khan plus meer enterprises they forcing me to send the documents to them or give them inteqal num of the property to them . As my father , brother ,bolt there share and now sister selling it . But I m not selling it as the way they doing is illegal way . Pls advice me what shall I do as I m not in Pakistan and the money they giving is v v less. Mashood from meer enterprises he Is giving me hard time.

  • rina

    i want admission in punjab university of pakistan as a overseas student.and university VC wants my residency letter how i collect this letter.i am from madina city of saudi arabia.please inform me how i get this letter and how to approve it from embassy

  • Omer Nawaz

    Dear sir I am resident of Sharjah UAE, our parents were passed away couple of years ago. We are 3 brothers and 2 sister living in UAE and one sister lives in Pakistan and another one is in London. We have property in Faislabad Pakistan and we came to know from reliable source that our elder brother has transferred one of the commercial house on his name without informing us and when we asked him that why you did that so he replied do whatever you want to do I will not gonna give that house any of you. I will be coming Pakistan after Eid and I need to sort this problem out. Please guide me that from where shall I take my first step. My rest of sisters and brother they want that house back. I can take any legal action according to the Pakistan Law. My contact number is +971 55 707 7688 Omer. Regards

  • Amail

    No one is going to help even the courts have a same issue had registered the case in court even after the stay order has continue the construction on a plot

  • snobiya

    its snobiya from saudia arabia .
    i have contact opf so many times but no respond i have a property problm .
    my property is grabed by someone else the person says either give as money or give as plot our property has been fully registered the police dont response the opf even dont where shal we go my father has been in saudia for 35 years he isnt able to come pak n see the property kindly if any one can help do let me know plzzzz

  • Gaz


    I have an issue which has caused considerable stress and unnecessary problems and would kindly appreciate if you point me in right direction to resolve this issue.

    My Grandad’s (2) bought property in 1970 in Rawalpindi Pakistan and on the original papers the names were as follows;

    Mr. Din (Grandad)- Passed Away..
    Mr. Mohammad (Grandad)-Passed Away..
    Mr. A.Rashid – ( Incorrect Name Rashid), This should be corrected to Mr. M. Hussain
    Mr. Rehman (My Uncle) Passed few Years ago…

    My Father has spent many years working away and did not relise this until few Years ago and my Uncle was in Pakistan but did not do much…

    When my Grandad died, there was NO INTIQAAL done and my uncles name is correct on papers, But my question is my uncles children wont testify to confirm my Fathers Identity to correct his name on the property.

    Pls can you tell me what is the correct procedure to correct this name on the Papers and what does my Father need to show to prove his identity??? How can this be corrected and how long does the procedure take??


    • khawaja Arsalan

      your dad has to come to pakistan .prove his identity show all original papers .prove that he is son of the previous owners .after all work an ad would be given in news paper regarding the claim and ownership of land .if no one comes to claim the name would be changed .some bribe will have to be given to the workers in office .other wise it’s very difficult

      • Gaz

        Dear Khawaja

        Thanks. However, how long will this process take, as my Father is Ill so he cannot travel frequently? My uncles children don’t want to give any “confirmation” that this is thier Uncle etc…Do we need them, as there dads name is correct so all ok for them!

        We have showed all papers for last 4-5 Years and still our cousin states that we need “BEYAN” from uncle family before it can be corrected, What is the correct and quickest solution…am hearing different versions form ppl!!!!

        If my Father is not able to come and Can I come on his behalf and produce all relevent papers….? What is the limit of giving the name in News Paper?

  • Khan

    OPF scheme in zone 5 is still not complete and still showing 72 % complete. May Allah give OPF and the goverment the guidence to complete this scheme.
    I donot understand why are they delaying, we are the overseas Pakistani are suffering. Please let us live as well in our beloved land before we die.

  • Tahira Malik

    Respected AbdulRahim Sahib,

    I have filled and sent those applications. I am really grateful to you , may allah reward you with his blessings.


    Tahira Malik

  • Tahira Malik

    I am in dire need of help from your office with regards to an illegal occupation of a portion of my house.
    We have been living in Canada from last 15 years; meanwhile we managed to construct a house in Wah Cantt Pakistan. My late father was supervising the construction of subject house. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer in December 2011 and got into treatment for two years.
    Now we are planning to come back and live in our home.

    But meanwhile a person named Raja Tahir Son of Raja Muhammad Ayub illegally occupied the upper portion of the house F-52, Officers Colony Wah Cantt Pakistan. Without my knowledge and is not vacating the house. He is creating harassments by doing Firings every now and then in the air to scare people around him. If any of my relative goes to him and asks him to vacate the house he threatens them and falsely implicates them in civil court. All those false allegations have been dismissed.

    I do not have any tenant agreement with him of any sort nor did my late Father had any.
    Living outside of Pakistan, we cannot afford costly travel to Pakistan back and forth and lengthy litigation which costs lots of money and time. Nor do we have that much time from our Jobs.

    I hereby request to all in this application though your office to please ask local authorities to sympathetically look into the matter and help me and my family

  • asm

    Aslam o alkum respected . mujhay information chahiye kay meray mohally main ek khaali plot hai
    jis ka owner ka kuch pata nahi ek admi owner honay ka claim kerta hai but documents nahi hain us kay pass us admi nay plot main 2 marla road ki jaga per bhi qabza kiya hua hai jis waja say last 2 ghar walon ko kaafi parking aur gali kay tang honay ka masla derpaish hai ap meri help karin aur mujhay batain kay main iss plot ki complain kahan karon aur iss khaalli plot ko govt kay ki possession main kaisy liya jaye ga. thanx email i.d asma_shah12@outlook.com

  • Muhammad Azeem

    Hi Sir,

    I owned a property in karachi. All the legal document is with my name. At the time of purchase i took 10 lakh from my uncle. total porperty value was 51 Lakh. After my uncle death , my cousion launched a case in Sindh high copurt against me and claiming that this property belongs to his father.

    This case is going on in Sindh high court from last 1 Year but still there is no positive outcome. he is always dealying and taking future dates.

    I want to sale this property but due to case in court cant sale it. Please suggest somthing to resolve this matter at earliest .


    Muhammad Azeem

  • sheikh imran

    C.d.a islamabad NY hamain makan Ka handover nahin diya. Hamary waqeel ny muqadmy ko time bar per la ker kharab ker diya hai. Plz help me Sir.

  • gulzar

    Dear sir there must be people living at your end and interested to purchase properties specially in twin capital cities rawalpindi Islamabad pakistan If there is good down payment and good instalment from buyer then plot can be given on time basis Also for house we can wait for some time, can cooperate pls discuss

  • Ali Raza

    Any kind of help provie by opf or any direct contact to opf for checking a complainet i would like to be very hambled to you please for a kind information please help me i have a decised wife and 2 of her childs i would like to be very thankful to you for this act….
    or contact me about this at alir26641gmaildotcom

  • nadeem mohammed

    Sir salaam
    Apsa jun logoon na complain keen ya help mage man dakh kar heraan rah gya or yaqeen nhn a raha ka pakistan man bi koi asa department ha jo es tarah work kar raha ha very good
    Mara naam mohammed nadeem
    Id number 3420134457769
    Man na 11/11/2014
    Token number 60101086685
    Pakistan embassy room man apna pasport jama karwaya
    Waha pa mohtram imran saheb na maray sath asay behave kya ka jasay pasport onki zate malkeat ha or man on sa khons raha hoon mare on sa bahas hoe or saheb misoof na bila waja ki inquary stand kar di ka apka pasport inquary ka baad jare ho ga
    Mujhay koi inquary number nhn dya mujh sa fee la li or tokrn number tak nhn abi tam aik mah sa zeada erasa guzatnay ka ba wajood show nhn ho raha janab aap plz dierector genrel pasport saheb sa request karan ka man na to choor hoon or na ishtahare jase bi wo inquare karna chahan kar lan or agar man pakistan ka citizrn hoon chek kar lan to mujhay mahar bani kar ka pasport esue karnay ka hikam sadar karan mujhynpakistan ana ha thanks

  • Faraz

    Assalam o alaikum only my name is fake but i am living and earn in dubai for better future of my children and my country since 1972.In 1976 i purchase a plot in North karachi.leased on my name .My child and neighbour take care of it .Only 3 years back few gunda element grab my plot on the basis of fake CTC file made by Karachi development Authority. KDA supports a person HAJI NADEEM group who have criminal element and support of MQM, PPP,ST ,Aaman Commette every party says that this group is our donor(help in criminal activities by money and labours) .They are also control city courts internal department as nobody want to send a notice of courts to his house.SHO ,SP , DSP involved .A case registered against me nd my family because i fight back for my right .Established a proper case against the culprits. I want my land back as it is my child rights to have it.I recommend all pakistanis please never stop fights against these criminal and law enforcement agencies bastard do your work stop make money by selling someone future .If i lose case as you know corruption in Pakistan I do those work which I don’t want to do .If we lose Criminal will be in hell soon InshaAllah.

  • Shahid

    I am hoping you can help as I have exhausted all other possibilities. In early 2005 I purchased two plots next to each other in a Khanna East housing scheme from a person called Asad Zahoor. I was provided with jamambandi paperwork showing the land was in my and my brothers name. Subsequently until 2007 we paid additional monies to Hammad Hussein architecht for our share of developing the scheme i.e. boundary wall, road, meters etc.
    In late 2007 we were told that land mafia led by a reknown family had grabbed the land and the scheme was abandoned. We did not know who to approach but by 2008 we managed to retrieve paperwork from patwari office showing our name had been taken off the paperwork for the land and it had be sold onto other parties. In 2009 the scheme had disapeared and new plots emerged which have been sold on again.
    We did try a suomoto but this has resulted in nothing so please advise who we can approach to recover either the land or money. The money was our lifetime savings as we wanted to build a house for our family and now we have nothing.

    Your help would be most appreciated.

  • Javed

    Now you are in Court. So you have to face realities that in our courts it take inordinate time. As you claim you still have the legal rights over the property. Hence property is your’s. Now the matter is only of “nerves”. The alleged mafia knows well you are abroad and you can not property attend to court hearings and this Mafia would get frequent adjournments of the hearing. They are awaiting your nerves getting failed. At the end they will wish for a settlement viz some percentage of the value of the house and vacate it. It has become a normal routine. Do’t lose patience.

      • Javed

        Don’t get yourself involved on any lucrative help offers from any trust, company, free lawncer. Fight in the court. Fight yourself and watch each movement. After paying to the lawyer do not sleep.

  • Zuhaib Hassan

    We have a house in DHA karachi and me and my family left Pakistan in 1990 then when i came back first time in 1994 there were some minister living in our home as there was also a loan which my parent took from bank and bank was looking for me so i thought would be better to sell the home and do settlement with bank and buy some property in dha phase 6 . But the land grabber were very strong and i found that it may was on rental as we used to give it on rent but my father died in 1993 and they had made some power documentation and claiming as an owner , DHA guys called me as they tried to sell the home and they say we will put hold on a property. Now what can i do and how much maximum time it will take as another of mine is fighting in court from last 3 years and it is still not settled yet please guide me a best way to get a justice in time

  • Mohammad Jahangir

    Dear friends !
    I have a problem & want advise. Few year back I was in Pakistan for vacation.At that time I processed for my national ID card but my old yellow card was missing. I had an old photo copy of old card but Nadra office asked me to get a police complain filed so that they can process my new card.I done accordingly & got my ID card from NADRA.The problem was that my date of birth was changed.I don’t had time to stay there any more.Every time I renew my passport from Pakistan counsel general Jeddah.On my passports my date of birth was correct.Then last time I applied for digital passport & got my passport with correct birth date. But this time when I applied for new passport they refuse to renew because date of birth was not as on my old passport.Pakistan counsel general Jeddah asked me to go NADRA Office & get my date of birth corrected so I done accordingly.NADRA office charged me 469 Riyals for change.I paid my dues & proceed the formalities like photo,fingerprints ETC. they told me it will take 40 days I said OK. After 20 days they inform me that your application came back without any change.They said we will send it back again & Insha Allah it will be OK.But now again they told me that it is not possible here .You have to go Pakistan & get corrected there. But my problem is this that my passport is going to expire with in December this year.Befor I got it renew for six month on base of my IQAMA renew.Now I can not go to Pakistan because Hajj job.And I have also paid for my passport renew fee too.But can not renew because my ID card is not ready.I send my matric certificate plus my old digital passport copy but no luck.WHAT TO DO? Can some brother guide me & help me what to do? This is an Urgent request.Can my son follow my case in Pakistan?

  • ebahriatown

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  • mohammad nawaz

    my plot captured by two advocates m. shakeel bhutta high court jhelum & m. awis bhutta supreme court kindly help pakistany democracy zinda abad

  • kamran

    > HELP
    > WANT TO
    > 1988..WE
    > EVERY
    > FOR THE TREATMENT OF FARHAN .in emergency condition of syed
    > farhan my
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    > …MY FATHER
    > AGED
    > AND OUR
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    > REPORTS .GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. my contact house no 302
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  • idealghar

    That succinctly the facts to retirement vide above cited Standing Order are that I, was falsely implicated in a criminal case on 26-11-2000 and was sent to jail for judicial trial while I was in active service

  • tanveer

    Dear Friends,
    I am overseas Pakistani Living in Muscat, Me and my Family are facing Problem for Property Dispute and Qabza Mafia. Some of Our Relatives have captured it since 01 Years, We have submit many application to Current Police in Dist Lodhran,Punjab.All documents from Patwari and Legal Courts also shows that my Father is the only Owner.The second Party with the help of Local Police, Captured our Property.
    Could OPF Can help me in this regard?
    Can Any one suggest me for any Help.
    I shall be very thanks full to You all.

  • zia

    I want to ask , is there any revised policy for FREE issuance of English NICOP , free of cost registration process ?
    because I want to renew my English- NICOP ..

  • essential

    Kuwait Iraq War 1990 plz visit http://www.opf.org.pk and click kuwait/iraq jang mutasreen on left of page to chech your name in the list of people who have not recieved the Intrest Markup
    UNCC Undelivered Cheques
    The Claimants to approach the OPF Head Office With in 30 Days. The Claimants can also call at the following contact no: 051-9048290-291

  • fatima

    salam I want to say sir my father is died in 2000 and we get 70,000 rupez now can we apply in that scehem??and my father was in kuwait please help me about that

  • Ejaz Khan

    Best Time To Invest In Pakistan!



  • Javed

    Why should someone say the webmaster of this Forum or, for argument sake, I ask this question to the authorities concerned. It is you – you ask them and if you do not get answer there are other proper forums.

    Secondly if Passport is delayed then what concern it has to any “Dues”. Before putting a question one should have properly in what is the question. From your question and that you are a government servant, it clearly emerges why there is no good coming from the government functionanries.

  • Basharat


  • inayat raheem

    Salam jnab pervaiz akhtar (asst dir of Erc) i m son of abdul raheem(late),i live in karachi,we r in big proble. plz help us,i missed ur phone number plz plz plz contact us.my cont # 03333811768-03118046669

  • valli

    em dis heart for all these government & i don’t like to these people .. . . & i want to go to Australia but i feel that everyone law only for poor people & not for a rich people because you have a money u go to Australia , Canada , UK , USA etc. . .u have no money you are not go to this country u just think even you are not move to self country . . . & foreign Embassy say that if your life problam on your country then u move to my country its a fake statements . . . all people are like a …..:(((((

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  • sabahat

    Can any body guide me on the procedure for vacating my house from the tenant who is paying rent but not willing to vacate it. The house is located at Lahore whereas I live in USA.

    • Barrister Usman

      Free Legal Advice.

      Salam All,

      Hope all is fine with everyone by the Grace of Almighty.

      I am Barrister Usman, a Foreign National and currently a practicing Lawyer at the High Courts of Pakistan.

      My law firm is based at Lahore and is already dealing with various acts of civil and criminal nature, carried out against overseas Pakistanis in their absence. In these matters we act on behalf of Pakistanis living abroad.

      We offer free advice and consultation for small and petty issues and charge reasonably in complex matters. So if you have any query regarding any petty issue in Punjab, please contact us for free legal advice and consultation.

      80% of petty matters get resolved without seeking help from courts and are amicably settled through dialogue and negotiations.


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    AGE : 49 YEARS


    2001 TO 2007 FAX / E-MAIL TO FAX







    E-MAIL ADDRESS : 1999rafiq@gmail.com



  • shan rasheed minhas from daska.mandranwala.

    sir eraq and quwait war .money metter ….my father .claim.no.A.35422.and C.49115.please .sir send me information in my id .or cell my mobile number .0336 4047241.my father name is muhammed rasheed minhas.sons & muhammed nazir minhas .adrees. mandiranwala dakhana has tehsil daska zilla sailkot . and id card no. 3 0 2 0 5 8_5 0 9 2 5 1…i hope

  • Javed

    Reading your “wonderful” test eg. “expirianc” and wonderful spelling as “markiting” really shown naked how wonderful marketing experience you have and why not employers abroad should jump on their feet all of them to send you Visa to get so proficient services of you.

  • Qumar.ul.zaman

    dear overseas pakistani brothers,i have 10 years markiting expirianc uni lever pakistan pvt limitad and other privat compnes and very good expirianc of bangals joleri biznes but dear sir i earn 8000 to 9000 rupees per munth this is no good amunt sir i am marid and i have one baby he is one year old,sir i need a visa(ta k men apny ghar walon k roshan mustaqbil k liy kuch kr sakon plzzz help me)

  • Javed

    Kuwait war matter has almost finished. OPF presently is not doing anyting nor can to my opinion it do anything as the funds received through UNO have already been distributed.

  • Mehmood Hafeez

    Assalam u alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu to all brothers and sisters,

    Can anyone advise who to communicate with regarding getting an update of our application for kuwait war claim interest mark up for which OPF requested applications almost 2 years ago. We sent the application with all details and documents almost 2 years ago and despite contacting OPF so many times in last 2 years through email, phone and postal mail, we have yet not even reciept confirmation of our application though we have confirmation from TCS courier that our application was recieved by relevant person .

    I will be grateful for any assisstance/ suggesstions/ help.

    Dr Mehmood

    email: drmood52@hotmail.com

  • syed zaigham abbas

    asslam o alaikum , tmam bhaiyon se apeal hai k mujhe uk jana hai kam se kam paison mein mujhe koi information nhi hai aur umeed b hai k main zroor jaon ga mager kaise ye nhi pta .agr koi guide ker skta hai to main uska shuker guzar hun ga,mujhe ye b nhi pta k main kaise is page ko, agr koi help kr skta hai to plz mere is number pe ker len, ye meri zindgi ka swal hai mera pyar wahan hai, plzzzz some one help meee, 03016252554

  • Amza

    Hello Raheem/Javed
    I went on the cda website, theres lots of text, can you clarify that this is the department that keeps title deeds for property in Islamabad…also Javed I don’t live in Pakistan so its not that easy for me to go into the offices, but I see your point about not trusting estate agents. I’m thinking of getting myself a lawyer out in Islamabad, but a decent one, is this the way forward, do you think.
    Raheem, I followed the link you recommended for cda but the email bounced back to me, It wasn’t recognised!! What do I do now, short of hopping on a plane to Pakistan, which is out of the question for me currently…

    • Javed

      Amza, why you want a Lawyer in Islamabad? Enganging a Lawyer or engaging an Estate Agent both are the same and both meaing empting your pockets. There appears to be something you are not spelling our clearly. Tell what actually is the problem and what you clearly need. It might help to guide you proper. If you can not spell out on web for reason at least I can understand then you can explain me through detailed email but keep in mind I am almost 75% blind and I do not sit on interest daily but once a week or once in a fortnight hence do not expect urgent response from me.



      • amza

        Hello Javed
        Ok in simple english, I would like the title deeds transfered into my 2 brothers names, my father took the house of my mother illegally apparently he paid people, who I don’t know, and we want it back, if we have to do what he did then thats fine, but our problem is we don’t know how to go about this. This is what I need guidance on.

  • Amza

    Hi Raheem, thanks for responding…Don’t they keep copies of title deeds somewhere. If I wanted to buy a property in islamabad for example I would need to check that the property belongs to the seller so I would need to check title deeds, where do I go to to do that…In the meantime I will contact the general manager for welfare.
    Thanks once again.

      • Javed

        Do’t trust any Estate Agent for this job. Never trust on any information provided by Estate Agent. Go CDA personally, slip “openly” a large paper printed Quaid Photo on it in the pocket of some clerk and check the CDA file yourself. Even after having seen the File you can not take it as guaranteed that the potential deal is safe. For example while in CDA file the seller appears to be genuine even then you do not know to how many others he had already sold that plot through power of attorney. And other thanks too – short of time otherwise.

  • Amza

    Hi there
    I need some advice and my situation is this. My mother bought a property about 20 years ago in islamabad for us her children to stay in when we visit. My father and mother were separated at the time but still in nikah, my father married for the second time 15 years ago and started a case in the courts in islamabad and to my knowledge bribed and forged documents and long story short the deeds are apparently now in his name. He has since had 1 daughter and 3 sons with his second wife, we are 6 sister and 2 brothers and my mother passed away 11 years ago.
    I need to know how I can find out who’s name the property title deeds are in and do we have any rights to the property?
    Any guidance and contact details for departments would be appreciated.

  • farrukh shahzad

    iraq kuwait war ka jo form 25 june 2010 ko submitt krwaye thay us waqt opf waly kah rahy thay k 3 month tak ap ko claim mil jain ge.lekin 19 months guzarny k bad b kuch pata ni chala.kindly ye bata den k ye claims kab tak mil jain ge.


    assalamo alikam friends this time i am in egypt and i want marrige one jordan girl but pakistani embassi not give me a visa so i dont know what can i do i am sty here two months my money is finish there and i am very upset she is going with me pakistan we get marrige there so plz plz tel me what can i do for this problim thanks

  • Akram Khan

    Could any one help me to draw the attention of Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan about the dual criteria of cheap Justice

    The Chief Justice,

    Supreme Court of Pakistan,



    Respected Sir,

    With humble request, I beg for justice from your good self as the competent Authority of remedial the hypocritical treatment enumerated as under:-

    1) That I was poisoned with the impugned Standing Order No: 79 dt: 01-09-2001, by treating the matter in hand reverse to the distinct instruction & improper interpreting the principle laid at S.No:2(b):-

    The junior most employees in their respective designation wise groups shall then be retired first, followed by the next senior, till the specified number is reached

    2) That I was appointed as Hydro geologist in BPS-7 on 4-11-1985 and was upgraded with time to time from B-7 to B-17 in the then Fata Development Corporation Ministry of SAFRAN Islamabad (now dissolved & merged in to Governor Secretariat under the administration of Secretary FATA N.W.F.P. Peshawar).

    3) That succinctly the facts to retirement vide above cited Standing Order are that I, was falsely implicated in a criminal case on 26-11-2000 and was sent to jail for judicial trial while I was in active service.

    4) That my salary was withheld without any plausible reason, however in June 2001, L.S.dues of six months were released /delivered through an un-official person.

    5) That pays for the months of July – August were released timely but, without taking trouble of delivering through proper channel.

    6) That oncoming month from September 2001 to December 2002, I received no official information about the reason of stoppage of salary OR my retirement from end of the Department.

    7) That in January 2003, I approached the Deptt: through Legal Advisor requesting therein to release my16 month’s liabilities.

    8) That in Feb: 2003, I was sentenced for life imprisonment by the learnt Session Judge.

    9) That in response to my legal notice, the Deptt: released a cheque of G.S. in March 2003 when I was a life prisoner, again adopting the undue method of deliver, through an un-official person.

    10) That this step was taken intentionally for the reason to keep me in dark from their impugnable order of my illegal retirement especially at a stage when I had no success to obtain the official papers.

    11) That an evil intention and harassment of the Deptt: be evident when a realist keep in view the period of trial (26-11-2000 to 19-02-2003 i.e. date of judgment for my life imprisonment by the learnt Session judge D.I.Khan ),date of my legal notice for the release of my salary(24-01-2003 i.e. the period when I was under trial ),date of issuing G.S. cheque (19-03-2003 i.e. the period when I was sentenced for life imprisonment) and perusing Para 2 (a) of the Standing Order No:79 dated 01-09-2001

    They shall be paid their dues/benefits under this scheme, as described in Para-3 below, within one month from the date of their retirement

    would be certainly able to realize as, unjustified/unlawful role of the Deptt: played at every stage.

    12) That during my life imprisonment in fact, I came to know about my retirement through a third person thus, cause of releasing G.S. at belated stage reverse to the instruction coated above I, submitted a petition in the F.S.T. Islamabad through Superintendent of Jail vide appeal No: 125(P) CS/2003 dt: 27-07-03 claiming therein the benefits according to revised pay scale, as having no justification of submitting petition for re-instatement being life prisoner.

    13) That on release from jail on 10-10-2003, in virtue of acquittal by Hon: High Court Peshawar, Circuit Bench, D.I.Khan vide judgment dt: 06-10-2003, I met with my fellows and came to know about illegality, perverseness and discriminatory nature of the impugned order of retirement as well as, accepting two number appeals i.e. my junior/ senior colleague, by the F.S.T. Islamabad I, also submitted an appeal bearing No:234(P) (CE)2003 in F.S.T. on the same grounds after rejection of Departmental Representation.

    14) That F.S.T. was pleased to dismiss my appeal by setting aside the factual points of consideration on merit, not only oversighting legal facts but ever disgraced remarks of self determination:-
    “The appellant as being very much aware of his retirement and was paid retirement dues on his request on humanitarian grounds while he was undergoing imprisonment and that the Fata D.C. has since been dissolved w.e.f. 30-06-2002 and remaining work- charged employees had also been retired on 31-12-2002, with the contrasting conclusion that he could have filed representation and service appeal from jail in the same manner as he filed appeal for enhanced payment of retirement dues”.

    without placing any documentary proof of official information, perusing my legal notice, belated stage payment of dues instead of very well advised period of one month, acceptance of appeals No: 2 and 19 (P) CE/2002 , announced on 16-08-2003 pertained to my junior/senior colleagues, about their re-instatement in the same dissolved organization ,deliberate act of ignorance on account of the payment of retirement dues made, in case of my senior vide cheque No: 956239 and 956430 dt:13-09-2001,bearing an amount of Rs:42,120 and 90,270 respectively and unique favor with worth noting payment of Rs:3,53,280 vide cheque No:23069741 dt:28-02-2002 during the prosecution, introduction of a new rule i.e. a life prisoner can also appeal for his re-instatement, is beyond the scope of intellect.

    15) That against preferential treatment of F.S.T. I, approached august Supreme Court of Pakistan Islamabad with petition (C.P.S.L.No:1950/04) but always be unlucky, Hon: Supreme Court of Pakistan also injucted with abating petitions in thousands including mine, instead of redressing the grievances by hearing independently, and were threw into the net of an un-specified respective forum vide his judgment CA.792-816/2005 announced on dt: 27-06-06 pertained to service act Section 2-A of F.S.T.

    16) That considering the High Court Peshawar as being liable forum to redress my grief I, Suit vide W.P.No:1703/2006 for declaration but, in the meanwhile accidental judicial crises were raised throughout the country and due to expected tussling/passions between the Lawyers and P.C.O. judges, the branded result was, hunting the petitioners in a shape of dismissing their appeals, only copying the existing discriminative judgment of F.S.T.Example is Judgment No:1703/2006 announced on Thursday 20-02-08 when the active Lawyers were on general strike throughout the country.

    17) Stamped support by the P.C.O. Judge vide judgment of rev: in W.P.63/2008 announced on 12-02-09.

    18) That at present, the appellant is not only in a state what he has to do? while having no penny in his pockets but is, so very helpless even to employ Legal Advisor for fresh submission/waiting for further unlimited period with probable chance of hearing, having an age of 58.

    19) That the appellant is extremely discouraged; uneasy like a fish out of water, helplessness, and misfortunate especially when, the juniors are in their active service and the senior is facing distressed time since a long, being jobless and sufferer with repeated reverse judgments from the forums of justice.

    Therefore I, passing through un-endurable circumstances, look towards your goodself with a hope of extending your extra ordinary cooperation by taking suitable step for remedy the above stated woes as your goodself have already declared 2009 as the Year of Justice.

    The only solution for my re-instatement is, Soave Motive action of your good self, which will be a salve to disappointed heart as I have no source for justice except this one OR at least all the judgments by the P.C.O. Judges may kindly be reviewed.

    H#C/2379-B Rehmania Street,
    Mohalla Bagai D.I.Khan.

  • imran ahmed

    sir plz cheak jobs sales to much prob lams is coming my tow chiled is go to schoo is not arnge to fess and rent i am busnieas computor sales and purchase not runing to busneis ok u posbile my help

  • send sms in pakistan

    a.a i have approached here after facing greatly typically democratic situation that we are standing in a queue waiting for our turn but the influentials get their work done with an upper hand and you can just watch and act as SUMMUM BUKMUN. I am here to complain about the opf educational rules that are merciless enough not to let any deserving person avail his chance.
    why it is so that secretary appointed in a big city can say so openly to you that no sir, there is no need to do his work.the people of small cities turn to big city just to get big city allowance.
    opf authorities are not solving my problem.but a lame option is given to me which is harder than the present one.
    and an otherwise message is said to me instead ‘to quit’.
    i dont know what to do?


    (Comments edited by moderator; no advertisements please)

      • Raheem Post author

        Javed sahib
        Advertisement has been removed, As you know we do not allow any advertisements here but I thought this one could be beneficial for some. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • mariha

    a.a i have approached here after facing greatly typically democratic situation that we are standing in a queue waiting for our turn but the influentials get their work done with an upper hand and you can just watch and act as SUMMUM BUKMUN. I am here to complain about the opf educational rules that are merciless enough not to let any deserving person avail his chance.
    why it is so that secretary appointed in a big city can say so openly to you that no sir, there is no need to do his work.the people of small cities turn to big city just to get big city allowance.
    opf authorities are not solving my problem.but a lame option is given to me which is harder than the present one.
    and an otherwise message is said to me instead ‘to quit’.
    i dont know what to do?
    in now a days,it ll not be wise at all to leave a permanent job….. then what……should ….i….do?

    • javed

      Sitting in OPF enjoying your salary and allowance entirely out of our pockets and none from the Government exchequer, and what care you all give to communications of Overseas Pakistanis coming in your office then why are you now crying. I remember a few years back an Assistant Director of WAPDA committed suicide by jumping 4th floor of WAPDA Pension Office. He was despair because long ago he had retired but was being dilly dagged and was not being paid pension. This man himself had been working in this office for years and what he did with other retired he was tasting the same medicine through hands of his ex-colleagues.

  • mumtaz ali

    Dear readers,
    We are a Uk based company offering our service to Pakistani’s abroad who have problems with family or other land grabbers taking over their land. We can help to get back your land.

    If you wish to know more about what we offer then please contact us on the following email: mumtazaly@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

    Mumtaz Ali

  • haideramna

    Dear Brother and sisters,

    I want to make organization and arrange protest against government of Pakistan, gainst the

    Law of HAQ-I-SHUFA in Pakistan as it is the first step towards the grabbibg property of overseas

    Pakistani.This law should be abolished. I need your help in this regard.If any one of you have any i

    information and paper work please send it to me.

    Please help me in this regard and contact me on this below e mail address.

    with reagard,

    Dr M Noor
    e-mail- specialistsurgeon@yahoo.co.uk
    tel.no.- 00447795109561

    • Javed

      The word “protest” has no meaning in our beloved country. The word has lost any meanings atleast since 1990 in the eyes of our Government or its departments. Haqshufa is a good law but of course it has been misused mostly against Pakistanis working abroad. In case you wish to do effort then the only hope is you file a Public Interest Litigation with the Supreme Court of Pakistan on a simple paper quoting therein that you were doing the same in the larger interest of the community. I filed a similar case sometime in 1990 pleading that dormant accounts billions of worth lying since decades with banks be made public so that heirs could know. I had to face tough resistence then. I was then working abroad. I was summoned in Pakistan Embassy there asking me as to why like a mad man I keep writing such things. I only read in the newspaper a small news item that SC passed order on it but I could not get a copy of the same being away from home at that time. Later banks started declaring lists of such accounts in newspapers and some lists on websites of banks. There is no harm in trying but remember there would be strong lobbies who want statusquo in Haq shuffa law. Wish you good luck and if you may need any assistance this senior citizen would be glad.

    • Javed

      I would advise every one to be careful. No Overseas Pakistani should ever deal with any agent more particularly when it is a matter of “purchase”.

  • Falak sher

    i have found this article very useful i have also one of them where his land is grabed by thier relatives. i am here since from 29 years in the kingdom of saudi arabia now i can take the help even from you. also please give me the relevent field of grabing property dealing help desk in opf. or some of my oversease friend which they are effected by same fashion please do write to me at my email id ;——-fsher33@yahoo.com
    or my cell num_;;;;;;;+966 508516638 just messege to me and i will call to him/her for further.

    many thanks and best regards.

    falak sher

    • Javed

      Stupid move, waste of time and then expecting result. There are certain matters in life on which one must consult those who have some “perfect” knowledge about the field before starting wasting time like writing on this Forum. When you do not understand what is OPF BLog, what is Human Rights Cell in the SC and how to address it then why waste your time and “wisdom”

  • Aisha Zulfiqar

    Director Human Rights Cell
    Supreme Court Of Pakistan Islamabad
    Respected Sir,
    I, Mrs.Shabana Zulfiqar, on the behalf of my husband Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad, want to summarize the detail of Kuwait Clash.
    In Sep 2003 an add was published in a newspaper about Kuwait-Iraq war that sufferers should submit their forms to make aments for their losses. So, we also submit our forms along with all details of Kuwait documents.
    In this regard, we wrote the letter to the previous govt.but they had not taken any action on this serious matter, so now we rely on this govt.to do something for victims of that war, we are financially and mentally very disturbed up to now. We lost everything in this war. This war was a great shock for us. Infact it is still a shock because after that war, we are not able to recover completely. For 19long years (1990-2009) we have been dealing with lots of crisis.
    My four children were born in Kuwait.
    Sana Zulfiqar, Hana Zulfiqar, Aisha Zulfiqar and Faisal Zulfiqar.
    Kindly, do something in this regard. We need your co-operation and help, we will be thankful to you.
    Mrs. Shabana Zulfiqar
    (Attorney for)
    Zulfiqar Ahmad
    Contact no

  • Aisha Zulfiqar

    Chief Justice Of Supreme Court Of Pakistan,
    Mr. Iftakhar Chudary.
    Respected Sir,
    I, Mrs.Shabana Zulfiqar, on the behalf of my husband Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad, want to summarize the detail of Kuwait Clash.
    In Sep 2003 an add was published in a newspaper about Kuwait-Iraq war that sufferers should submit their forms to make aments for their losses. So, we also submit our forms along with all details of Kuwait documents.
    In this regard, we wrote the letter to the previous govt.but they had not taken any action on this serious matter, so now we rely on this govt.to do something for victims of that war, we are financially and mentally very disturbed up to now. We lost everything in this war. This war was a great shock for us. Infact it is still a shock because after that war, we are not able to recover completely. For 19long years (1990-2009) we have been dealing with lots of crisis.
    My four children were born in Kuwait.
    Sana Zulfiqar, Hana Zulfiqar, Aisha Zulfiqar and Faisal Zulfiqar.
    Kindly, do something in this regard. We need your co-operation and help, we will be thankful to you.
    Mrs. Shabana Zulfiqar
    (Attorney for)
    Zulfiqar Ahmad
    Contact no

  • Rizwan

    Plz sir iform me about that when the effectees of iraq-kuwait war will recieve thier claims………!
    i heared that on 14th june 2010 there will b an announcement about this issue………….!
    if u have any information regard to this plz inform me………………!
    nd what’s the order of supreme court to CJP, OPF, and other who involve in this case……………!

  • muhammad sarwar chohan adv

    dear,overseas pakistani brothers,i am a senior practicing lawyer at lhr high court at lahore.if any brother want to get advise regarding on law matters, I shell advise to him honestly without any fee.pl call me on my cell from 9pm to 11 pm. my cell no is 03009411141 or e mail me at : chohan_adv59@hotmail.com

  • usman

    assalm. my name is usman me ye pochna tha raheem sahb ap k jo claim k form jumma krway hain.un k check kb milny hai.pleas tell me

  • Qasim

    ap sy ye pochna tha k kuwait k mutaasareen (jang k doran jo k kuwait our iraq k darmayan hui thi) us k dobara clame form kb jama karwanay hain…
    is bary main kia karna chahiye?
    plz tell me as early as posible…

  • Aiza rehman

    I am new commer in uk, its a good place but cant compare with pakistan, pakistan to pakistan hai, mai bohat udasi feel kr rahi hoon yahan a ker abhi new hain shayed is liyay b or ziada logon ko janty b nahi hain, jub hum pakistan mai thay to pakistan sy bhagnay ko dil kerta tha laikin jb pakistan say uk pohanch chukay hain to pakistan bohat yaad ata especially pakistani khany, mai apni family & frnds ko bohat mis kr rehi hoon, next month mery bhai ka birthday hai mai usko gift send kerna chahti hn laikin koi tareeqa samjh nahi a raha, kuch websites dekhi hain sub credit card ka no mangtay hain or mujhe dur lagta hai kaheen fraud hi na ho, kia koi mujhe reliable n achi web site k bary mai bta skta hai?

  • Javed

    Mushtaq, Whether it is national savings or a bank account the account ceased to exist from the very date of expiry of account holder or any one of them in case of joint account holders. You will get profit only upto the date of death of your uncle which will be written in the the death certificate you submit to the National Savings.

    In case your account or certificates get matured and one for any reason like staying abroad or due to forgetting date of maturity, will still get profit for a year or two the certificates remained unencashed but not in case of death.

    I might be wrong but I wonder if one can invest simultaneously in behbood and pensioners accounts. Recently FBR had detected that some people have opened multiple accounts in different national savings to avoid income tax. My apprehension might be wrong.

  • M. Mushtaq

    Hello Everyone! I need some information on Behbood and Pensioner Sav. Certificates.
    My uncle had bought 5 lacs of Behbood and 5 lacs of Pensioner Sav. Certificates. I am a nominee on both of these cerificates,
    He has expired 3 months ago. I plan to go to Pakistan next month to encash these certificates. Can some tell me that would I get profit uptil the date of encashment or only uptil the last day/month he was alive.
    Someone told me that I would get the profit only uptil the day he was alive. Please reply in detail

  • Parvez Akhtar

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing from Canada over the very hostile situation of my family members in Tehsil Renala Khurd, District Okara. The elected MNA of constituency Okara –III (NA-145) is using its entire means to harass our family members since last two years.
    1- Abuse of Public Funds:
    The Public Funds were allocated for the pavements of current sewerage in Chak 2/1.AL but these Public Funds are being used in construction of small portion of “irrigation nala” through our Lands. Even there is District COURT ORDER against this construction, but they are continuously ignoring this District COURT ORDER.
    2- Fake FIR
    Now come to very mean ways, he approached the DPO-Okara and get managed to file a fake FIR against 20 member of our family. When we approached the DPO and relevant DSP, they told “we know that there is no proof against you but we are forced to do this” Every time we request them, their reply is same.

    We left no stone unturned to get at least heard but all in vain.
    I am beseeching your urgent attention to at least look into the matter to investigate about the FACTS regarding this hostile situation.
    Thanking you in advance for looking into matter and cooperation.

    The Contact # of my younger brother:

    Wajid Ali @ 0300-6580177

    • Javed

      @Parvez Akhtar, Wajid this is a private discussion forum so to whom you say “investigate the facts”? Address the issue to the proper authortiy and the “proper” Forum and website forums are just nothing except that you can spell out your hot or hurt feelings. Do not waste time “calling” webforums to “investigate”.

      I pray for for your relief.

  • Awais Raza

    Dear Respected sir,

    Shahzia Mahmood (Matric P.E.T non teaching staff) F-6 Girls High school Kamra.
    Got appointed Supdt. Matric Examination showing her an E.S.T fraudulently in form
    Another fraud that she has committed that she is teaching Mubadiate to 9th Class and
    Papers should be sent to her for marking. She is only Matric P.E .T and never taught any class

    Kindly make enquiry in the above two cases and necessary action taken.
    She has approach but you are man of Principal and shall do justice.

  • Awais Raza

    Dear Respected Sir,

    Shahzia Mahmood is serving as a P.E.T in Girls Higher Secondary School F-6 Kamra.
    She is Matric and comes under non teaching staff. She has Submitted form showing
    Her E.S.T and appointed Supdt of Matric exam in Attock Girls College Centre.
    She has done fraud.

    Please make inquiry and kindly take action.

    • Javed

      @muhammad naeem,

      Naeem just fill up the Form, select your choice which Certificates you want to buy, send it under registered cover to the national savings centre fromyour want to buy with a copy of your NICOP and a Bank Draft of the amount. The Certificates will come to you.

      There is an option in the form that do you wish the Ceriticcates to be sent to you on your address or those be retained in the centre. My advice is opt to keep the certificates with the centre and you only get Custody Receipt and Certificate numbers etc. This is most safe. The second thing is my best advice is opt for joint “B” which is purchase in two names but anyone can sign and withdraw/sell.

  • Gaz


    It’s easy for you to advise ppl from abroad but in the country on the ground is a totally a different situation to be in and the society is so corrupt which is a disease spreading thoughtout the country!

    The judiciary is so corrupt as with any other politicans and land based mafias as most of the cases are based on property 95% and rest are criminal based cases 5%.

    An example is our dear president who has numerous cases and still runs the country, what kind of LAW is that?! The usa/uk pump billions of dollars and pounds into our economy to make it run and what input is thier if any from pakistan, apart from running court cases and grabbing land from overseas pk’s which results in cases running for 20Years or so and there is no end to it!!

    This is a system of courts where lawyers/judges keep these cases running and take bribes, which makes the all process functioning well within pakistan!

    • Jamhoori Baba

      Dont abuse us leaders.
      Your are a vote
      we are Leaders
      You generate voters
      We generate Leaders
      You study Govt schools.
      We send our chilren UK/USA.
      You can not speak good english.
      We can bring you Loans.
      We help you people to vote us.
      You can not find right rulers.
      You were Under military Rule.
      We brought you Democracy.
      Dont try to derail system.
      Keep the Rail Track clean.
      We will bring you Roti Rs 2.
      We have Strong system, You are poor nation.” to be cont”

  • Javed

    Abbasi, your above response is typical of our national mentality. All of us know and have experience that hardly there is 1% rickshawas anywhere in Lahore, Karachi or elsehwere who operate by meters as required by law. Hardly there could be 1% rickshawas whose meters operation correctly. Hardly there would be 1% rickshaws who feels any pitty on an elderly or a sick and take him to the nearest hospital on true fare. All of us know 99% rickshaw drivers are over charging. But if passing through the bus if we see a police constable challaning a rickshaw our immediately reaction is “see this Tulla, he is pick pocketing the “poor” rickshawala”. This is our national mentality. Your response and disappointment as appearing on your above response is that typical frustration. Like millions you have no trust on anyone, no trust on any sort of justice, no trust on any authority yet the funny thing is from inside of your heart you again address them. If you go to your first approach on this web you were addressig someone requesting to solve your problem. If you think no one can solve your problem then why did you waste time on your writing first paragraph.

    Abbasi, I still believe there exists justice though not ample and that with each passing day the justice is drfiting away but yet I am never disappointed and do not stop struggling for justice. Mostly I succeed sometime I fail to get justice but that does not frustrate me with the whole Pakistan or the whole nation. I give you an example; I was abroad. my wife was coming from Karachi. Her flight was to arrive abroad 10.30 pm. Since due to my eye problem I can not drive I asked someone to take me to airport in the evening. 5 pm the person rang me still I want to go to airport because according to his information the PIA flight from Karachi had been cancelled. Immediately I phoned my wife at Karachi enquuring if she got any phone from PIA about cancellation or late departure of flight. She told me none. I asked her to ring Karachi airport when she was told the flight was cancelled. Now listen Abbasi – I am not a frustrated person like you or like thousands of other overseas Pakistanis. I took the matter that it was duty of PIA to inform my wife in Karachi about cancellation of flight which it did rather sitting abroad I had to pass on this information to her through international call. I demanded this call charges refund. Hold your breath Abbasi, I got that call charges refunded. You say you can draft “legal” documents, I can say with definite affirmness you can not write even a plain application. Reason only being that a person who knows or has any link even the remotest is never disappointed from the process of justice even in toughest conditions he struggles and not pose dis-confidence on ombudsman, authorities or the whole system. The cheaters get couraged from people like you and people like you are the one’s who feed the cheaters.

    With regard

  • Mohammad B Abbasi

    Mr Javed,
    Too much walking is alos not a good practice for an aged person. Moderate and regular walk is quite avisable.
    Apartments were in sector I-15 , Islamabad.
    Mitti pao ji.
    I know chief Ombudsman’s address and i could write myself well legal document in englsih and Udru. Matter will not be solved unless concience of our nation in authority awakens.
    Wehere we can send a petition, may be the Ombudsman is the benificiary himself in that scam. hhhhhhhhhhh

  • Javed

    Abbasi, I have live in Middle East too long but never without oxygen, or in heat or in poor condition. You might not believe I had been jogging daily, winter or summer no matter, 10 to 15 miles daily without any absence. In today in Karachi with my present eye condition I avoid buses rickshaws and travel on foot 6 to 8/10 miles a day for my daily work.

    You do not have poor English. The English, the French or the Urdu is not a mtter. What matters is that one should be clear. See you have been explaining your problem but you honestly check your writing you only repeat “apartment”, “apartment” but did not disclose the name of the project or the complex or the building in which is that apartment. And that was the basic thing and the most essential thing missing from your writing.

    Just simply tell me here on this web or at my email adviseme@live.com the name of the project, the partment number allotted to you, the very first letter issued by the concerned developer which in this case may be CDA, your full postal address etc with copy of such a letter issued to you. I will type a proper petition for you, send it by mail, you mail it to the Federal Ombudsman. Do not keep too high hopes for the outcome but at least you will know where you stand at the moment and slowly slowly you will get progress. However if it is a private builder then keep your hopes a bit on low profile but even in that case do not be disappointed. Baseed on my long experience of life I can say just is not difficult to get but it entails a long journey.


  • Javed

    @Noo Ud Din, OPF is a post office it can not give you or anyone else any help from your duped money or occupied land. Those who think so or believe on OPF’s slogans to this effect are fooling themselves. Not anything else explains more clearly than the Senate’s Report on OPF Housing Scheme Islamabad. The Senate Committee questioned the MD OPF if qabza group was more stronger than the Government, the Report says MD affirmed in affirmative.

    What I would suggest you is that in Your Fine English skills address a very brief petition to the Federal Ombudsman. But in this complaint please do not include all your high skills of high standard English. I am sure you must have seen some Indian films. In these Films you must have seen that in a court room when the Judge just starts pronouncing his decision all of a sudden the Advocate jumps up and says “Thahroo judge sahib, I have a witness”. Everybody looks towards court door when Darmindhar who in all this play was being portrayed as dead walks in and the whole fate of drama changes. In your complaint only give some “cause of concern” only and keep your Darmindhar to be produced at ripe time. If in your zeal of good English you put your Darmindhar in your original complaint to the Federal Ombudsman, you sure are going to loose.

    Your getting some sort of relief or avoiding your investment becoming fully dead has good chances provided you played your Darmindhar tactfully at right and appropriate time. Good luck,

  • Javed

    @Noo Ud Din, I am not fond of learning English or any other language. I just know the basic language say English and Arabic it is enough for me. I am a senior citizen and I am sure you understand what does “senior citizen” means. I have lost completely my one eye, the other got 25% reading visiability back. I can not concentrate on PC scree but just due to experience I play with key board without making any draft or checking. Despite all this, Noorud Din, with my no or very poor English I have got the Laws changed for Overseas Pakistanis. Chaning of law is not a single person’s job, It is a very very tiresome job but I got it with my poor English. The point is not English or for that matter any other foreign language. The basic thing is one must be able to explain, what is written should be understabale. In my young age I used to work with a high calibre Britain professional. He used to say do not worry what words or phrases you use writing an official letter; just concentrate the reader or the other party understands your message. Go to the page on this nice web on Overseas Pakistanis Property Guidelines. That was written by me. Forget the English used therein or spelling mistakes or borken sentences there for reasons of my poor eye sight. Just see my struggle 20 years on the subject of property with my poor English but the most important point for you is to see at what levels I went raising the subject and how I struggled.

    Coming back to the point having long experience of public complaints not merely of my own but of illiterate workers when I was abroad, I still say with firmness Mohammad Abbasi has failed to explain his complaint or grievance. A complaint is worthless and no one can take any notice of unless it has a brief history which contain all necessary basic information for processing. And Mohammad Abbasi has again failed. Just without prejudice and with full concentration read Mohammad Abbassi’s two writings and you have vision and any real experience then you will find the most important information without which no one can understand the complaint of his is missing.

  • Javed

    Abbasi, one can expect justice when at least one can properly explain what the suffering is. If you can not explain properly to a doctor how can he properly diagnose. What you want to say at least I can not understand what you have written above, what you want to say, which apartment etc.etc Are then the courts or any other authority mad to waste time reading and then wasting time on your unexplained and unknown problem?

  • Mohammad B Abbasi

    CDA Sector I-15
    Amount paid 10 lakh Rupees @ 59.35 Rs/USD = 16,850.00 in cash to habib bank Ltd in the name of apartment scheme. 3500 apartments are alotted and paid. 3.5 Billion Rupees (59 Million USD) are being used by the parties i.e CDA and Habib Bank colaboration. We the victimes are living in dark and uncertain of what will happend to us. Pakistan, state and Justice is not served. Everyone is being totally disoppointed. How in the world do State of Pakistan hope any overseas Pakistani will come invest in Pakistan. Fake slogans are louded and shouted by most corrupt people of that mafia lands ”Be Pakistan and invest in Pakistan” .
    Mr Justice Iftikhar Choudhry save Pakistan.
    Mr Ishfaq Kiyani Be a good Pakistani and save us.
    Mr everybody overseas stand for truth and save Pakistan.
    I expect justice from supreme court of Pakistan.
    i need my very hard earned money back with 5 years of interests..
    Ya Allah Help us…………ameen

  • Hashem H. Bhati

    Dear Sir,
    Every 2nd Overseas Pakistani’s property is under occupation by the Qabza Mafia in Pakistan; And everyone is writing tons of applications to higher authorities to knock for justice for the return of their property. How many of them have succeeded to get back their property is less than 1%. We are those who remit the foreign currency to boost our economy which our beloved country badly needs at all times (OverseasPakistanis workers’ remittances are the second largest source of foreign exchange to Pakistan)and in return we don’t want any reward but only seek justice for our property which we left behind us for our children and family to live peacefully. Your kind attention is invited to the grave situation of illegal occupation of our land plot at Income tax officers Colony, Moza Islamabad, Bosan Road Multan, by Qabza Mafia empowered by MNAs’ and MPAs’ since 1983. Police FiR had been registered against this illegal occupation at Gulgasht Colony Police Station Multan. Corrupt Patwaris, Tehsildar and Revenue Department personnel are unbelievably working in favour of this Qabza Group by manipulating the ownership documentation of this plot in their favour and getting their desired results from the civil courts since 1983. We are suffering badly with heavy losses by financially, physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. Please look into the matter to find out the realities and how this Qabza Mafia manipulated with the help of Revenue department personnel to alter the ownership records of land to get their favorite results. Please refer this case to some impartial judiciary team for investigation of events from its inception and/or refer this case to some higher court for the same. The details of events are summarized in the attached file.

    I could be contacted by mail, phone, fax or email for any further information and/or inquiry.

    Hashem H. Bhati: 2272 EAST 17 STREET, BROOKLYN NEW YORK 11229, USA.
    Tel: 1-212-444-8482, 1-646-201-4100, 1-646-434-7957, Fax: 1-718-332-3681
    Emails: hashim_karim@hotmail.com , ez01234@hotmail.com

  • Rizwan Shoukat

    Assalam O Alaikum! Arz ye hai last year 19th MAY,2009 ko Chief Justice ne Kuwait/Iraq claim reopen keeay jo Musharraf doar 2003 mai huay thay.Ab bataya gaya tha ke claim june takk milay gain.Phir extension hote hote october aa gai.Ab OPF bhi call ki aur Chief Justice ke office bhi cal ki ke claim kab milain ge but koi sahee jawab nahi deeaa.Kaya aap ko kuch information hai ke ye claim kab takk milna shooroo hoon ge. Shukriya!

  • John

    Must say ive visited a few countries in my time, but out of all the european countries and even USA, i say pakistan is still the best, as a country it has vast wealth:
    1, oil
    2, Gold
    3, Rubbies, diamonds
    4, water,
    5, alot more than we know today,
    Sadly moslty all is being taken out or being sold out to foriegn countries or companines of these foreign countries,
    I still say today its one of the best in asia if not the best, climatly, terranly or other wise,
    As for the people well ill leave you to think about that,
    wake up before it to late

  • Javed

    Yet we have courage to blame Pakistan and the country.

    The basic principle of justice which is the first lesson in law study world over and which is the main basis of Laws all over the world namely that Laws are for vigillants and not for digilants. In easy words it means laws are en-acted for the protection of those who are active and alive and not for sleepy ones.

    This is your case.

  • Gaz

    I have thought of investing in my curent property in Pakistan, so that it can provide further employments opportunites for local people and small businesses. However,to my sadness, the level of corruption and land grabbing issues has caused me to rethink my plans for this project, and have lost total confidence in the judiciary system in Pakistan.

    If this is a way that we overseas pakistanis are being caught in a struggle to defend against our own propertys what kind of rule fof law is thier for us? How do you expect us to invest into a country where there is no state of law, but only people who you know above the law, that survive in this era.

    This has caused considerable strees ad tension within the family, as these people have threatned to harm us in anyway they can and told us not to come to pakistan to pursue this case…
    We are living in constant fear and find it very difficult to go back to Pakistan, under these circumstances.

    My problem is as follows and would kindly apprecaite if you can advise me on this case as follows;-

    My grand parents purchased these property shops in Rawalpindi in 1970’s and when everything was registered and signed, another relative put his brother’s name and his 2 sons, knowing that his brother did not make any
    contributions towards this purchase and he had no dependants.

    However, my grandad had 1 brother who was mentally ill and 2 sisters, and my grandad’s brother passed away in 1983 and both sisters have passed away as well. Finally my grandad passed away in 1999 and left 2 sons, but
    my grandad’s brother did not have any dependants and now the sisters family want thier share after 40 Years & have changed all our previous documents, we have been trying to manage and develope this property. We are based in UK, and did not relisse all this until some relative informed us of summons, by that time they had submitted so called “Virasaat” names on papers which entitles them them to share etc…

    Please advise on this issue!

    • muhammad sarwar chohan adv

      yes,i may suggesr and solve your problem,if you contact me on this cell no 00923009411141 sarwar chohan

  • mustafa

    AOA, this year LDA has isssued a list of 110 bogus housing soceities in lahore,i tried to find the list of those 110 housing soceities but could not find. i will be very grateful if someone can e-mail me that list or can advise me where i can find that list. thanks. Allah Hafiz

  • masood ahmed

    appreciate if u could provide me e.mails of various govt. departments and corporations.
    or could pinpoint any specific site for these addresses. thank u regards

  • Raheel

    i was refused under para 320 (7A) does it mean bann for yen years or i can reapply? please guide me in this regard, 28 days already have passed. what should i do?

  • ammar

    i am ammar form islamabad i visited 2 times uk on visit visa but i want to indefinite uk visa ma brother also in uk he is married and british there so kindly tell me how i get indefinite visa

  • Javed

    Get an Application Form printed the NADRA website, fill it up completely, attach all requirement. Concerning Fee add some more say about US Dollars 40 (double the fee what is fee for a NICOP abroad). Write a letter to Pakistan Embassy that you are attaching therewith your application with bank draft to cover official fee plus extra for airmail.counter and ask the Embassy to arrange for your NICOP. It is really not easy to digest that the Embassy was not helping. All Embassies are bound to received the applications and forward to Islamabad.

    Do this you will get your NICOP. Embassy will have to do it. If they return you your application, then make a formal complaint to the Federal Ombudsman Islamabad about this refusal, see the results then.


  • sinfulsaint

    hi can anybody know i wants to apply a NICOP ID Card i am living in bangkok thailand, Pakistan Embassy here is not issuing , so anybody know how i can apply online send fee ETC.

    i shall be very thankful to you all of guys please tell me.


  • Javed

    Mustafa, you plot was encroached upon only in 1990 and you have woke up so early.

    LDA early this year issued a list of about 110 bogus scoeities first check that.

    In case the whole area or larger part of the area have been enroached upon then matter is something else.

    In case of individual case you first trying filing a complaint On Line with Chief Minister Complaint Cell though you should not have much hope because matter is too late. However there is no hard in trying.

    If matter is of collective nature affecting many then the first thing to be known is if you and other had taken official possession from the Housing Sosciety/Scheme you purchased those plots. If officially had not taken possession of then there is a quite big chance that this encroachment was done due to some blessings from the owners of the soceity. It is the biggest technique of earning. In that case it is much better you start from LDA which definitely is not going to take much interest in the matter. After failing LDA, you go to Punjab Ombudsman which of course is also ineffective/helpless. However by going to punjab ombudsman you will get a better picture where you stand. During process of your complaint with the Ombudsman raise the issue that how many and who are the other victims. When you get information about others affected, then you have to do a leg work by contacting as many as possible. Then jointly sharing go to the court but make the society also a defendant. You can not get the encroachment vacated now as it is now a poltical issue and during this government more particularly you can not have any hope of justice. What you people may attain is some alternate place.

    The case can also go to Chief Justice as a Public Interest Litigation but not at this stage.

    You can contact me at adviseme@live.com perhaps I may suggest you something later.

    Wish you good luck

  • Mustafa

    Asalam O Alakum, I own a plot in Sheraz Housing Scheme, Mouza Bagrian, Lahore. It has been invaded by land mafia since 1990. I would like to ask you if you have any information regarding this Scheme or any other victim who can help me to get more information as to whom I should contact to get my plot back which Govt. Office I should contact. If you can send me some details, I will really appreciate it.
    Allah Hafiz

    • muhammad sarwar chohan adv

      dear,mustafa,i have an opportunity to see your mail.if you like to send me particulars of your plot,may i help you after investigation. and suggest you


    —————————————–HOLY QURAN.
    COURT DATED 15/06/1969.———–PAGE (2)
    ALLOTED LAND ON 30/02/1959 ETC.—- PAGE (4)
    LETTER DATED 14/05/2004 WITH,
    (A)NO.EA(R)/KC/517/G/EDO(R)DATED 24/04/2004,
    (B)NO.EA(R)/KC/452/G/EDO(R)DATED 06/04/2004,
    (C)C.NO.5881/2002-POP/C–II–427/2002, ORDER DATED
    4:– OPF LETTER DATED 24/07/2004 WITH COPY OF
    PETITION NOS.432/W/1993,117/R/1994 AND 103/R/1993
    5:—-REPLY OPF LETTER DATED 18/10/2005 WITH,
    (A)NO.892-93/NTO DATED 06/10/2005 EDO(R)GUJRANWALA /
    178/2004 MUNIR HUSSAIN
    (B):–C.NO.5881/2002-POP/C–II–427/2002, ORDER
    DATED 31/07/2003 POP PUNJAB,
    C.CELL NO.287/2004 MUNIR HUSAIN.
    1:–BY REGD LETTER ON 04/07/2007
    2:–BY OCS ON 28/08/2007
    JUSTICE FOR ALL ????????????????????????
    GOVT PUNJAB OPCC/178/2004,
    OPF ISLAMABAD NO.3014/02/2594/C.CELL,

  • Javed

    DEAR Nazar, 18 September 2009
    This website is only for general information. It is not a forum for filing any complaints and then waiting for the results. For your problems you have to fight yourself. From this site you can only get a bit advice what to do if you do not know.

    I suggest you write a letter under Registered cover as under:

    Mr. Tariq Saleem Dogar, Date:
    Inspector General of Police Punjab,
    Police Headquarters,

    Dear Sir,


    I am an Overseas Pakistani presently working in………. . I am resident of House No……….. /Pakistan. One of the neighbourer Mr………….resident of the same street wherein I live, is causing harassment to my family. My children remain in fear. He threatens my family to kidnap the children. He boasts that my family can approach anywhere they wish but he has influence.

    This has disturbed my life. Through this communication I formally approach you to record officially these threats and that in case any incident whatsoever nature happened to my children this Mr…….. will be the mastermind and will be responsible for that.

    I shall be obliged if my this complaint and statement is recorded with area police and acknowledged.

    With regards,

    Yours faithfully,

    ( )


    The Managing Director, Date:
    Overseas Pakistanis Foundation,
    Dear Sir,


    I am an Overseas Pakistani presently working in………. . I am resident of House No……….. /Pakistan. One of the neighbourer Mr………….resident of the same street wherein I live, is causing harassment to my family. My children remain in fear. He threatens my family to kidnap the children. He boasts that my family can approach anywhere they wish but he has influence.

    This has disturbed my life. Through this communication I request you to please approach the area Police through the channel to record officially these threats and that in case any incident whatsoever nature happened to my children this Mr…….. will be the mastermind and will be responsible for that.
    Since the matter is concerning protection of children I shall be obliged if the matter is not dealth with routinely through letters rather someone from OPF personally visits my home, records statement of my children with witnesses from the area and then approach the area police.

    I await your help and assitance

    With regards,

    Yours faithfully,

    ( )


    His Excellency Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Date:
    Chief Minister Punjab,
    Club Road,
    Your Excellency,


    I am an Overseas Pakistani presently working in………. . I am resident of House No……….. /Pakistan. One of the neighbourer Mr………….resident of the same street wherein I live, is causing harassment to my family. My children remain in fear. He threatens my family to kidnap the children. He boasts that my family can approach anywhere they wish but he has influence.

    This has disturbed my life. Through this communication I request you to please approach the area Police through the channel to record officially these threats and that in case any incident whatsoever nature happened to my children this Mr…….. will be the mastermind and will be responsible for that.

    Since you have specially vowed for the welfare of Overseas Pakistanis, I shall be obliged if you could kindly help assist me in protecting my family.

    I await your help and assistance
    With regards,

    Yours faithfully,

    Nazar, you can then keep me informed at my email adviseme@live.com but remember due to my halth I do not attend my emails daily but once a week or like that hence after sending emailwait. You address to POlice by registered airmail aswellas On Line at form http://www.punjabpolice.gov.pk/feedback_form.asp?id=139 and keep the print out. Lke wise foraddressing CM Punjab you file On Line.

    • AMEET

      This is AMEET KUMAR from karachi-pak. i have submited my application on 14 aug 2009 .now i am worride about my class bcz my calss started 28 aug 2009 but i get it extension for 1 month from my college in LONDON .sir plz i want to know that what time exaclty u will take plz help me im waiting for your repling thanks.

      • Javed


        Reading above 4/5 lines as you are “worride”I really wonder if you really are a student and more particularly for “study” in London. I would believe UK Embassy people really have gone mad if they approve a student visa for you.

  • Javed

    Brother Ali Khan, you are wasting time. If you really want to some movement then take my advice but strictly what I say. Address a simple complaint to the Federal Ombudsman Islamabad. The subject of your complaint should be ‘NON RESPONSE BY CDA”. Now what I wish to emphasis is that write minimum possible. Do not mention anything else even a word beyond what I say’ Your application should be as under:

    The Federal Ombudsman, Date:
    Benevolent Fund Building,
    Zero Point,

    Dear Sir,


    I addressed Capital Development Authority Islamabad vide my letter dated……(copy attached) concerning the latest development position about Jeddah Town. Despite reminders CDA has not responded me which is an act of mal administration and which I knock at your door.

    I shall be grateful if you kindly take note of this violation of office procedures and direct the CDA to give me proper response to my query.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Ali, remember, if you add your own wisdom in the above drafted application like you add your plot number, you mention you having made full payment etc then you will loose your complaint. I cannot explain here why. Remain to the text what I typed above. It is a basic rule which is called in urdu and which you must have seen in Indian films “Her Cheese pahlay say nahee khool danee chahiyaay”.

    When your complaint progresses, then mention briefly here what response has come and I will give you advise. Do not pin high hope but at least something will come and at least you will know where actually you stands.

  • Raheem Post author

    Dear Jehan Zaib
    Your case is not different from millions of other patriotic Pakistanis, basic problem is in our system of governance, be it Shahbaz Sharif or Yousef Raza Gilani or Pervez Musharraf or XYZ, all our rulers are dependent on corrupt beaurocresy. Corruption and dishonesty is deep rooted in our whole society and only a bloody revolution can start the process of change, which is in the making but God knows how long it will take.
    We are born in a country where you can not deam of getting pure milk from the market despite being in an agricultural country, where a human being is stonned to death by general public because Paish Imam announced through loud speakers in the Mosque that some one has burned the virsus of Quraan. We claim to be best muslims but in reality we do not know even basics of Islam.
    We want to have democrecy in our country but a father in the house is biggest dictator, childern have to face every day. What I want to say is that, we have a lot of contradictions in our social setup, which has to be rectified if we want a change in our beloved country.
    Anyway I suggest you to write to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Minister of overseas Pakistanis. You can register your complaint at CM Punjab complaint cell also but I am sure it will never reach to the CM and there is very little chance of any positive outcome. Wether you get the justice or not, but you have to keep trying for your rights. I hope someone else will be able to suggest something better.

  • Jehan

    i am a patriot Pakistani, who always believed and shall believe in Rule of Law and honesty. Always send remittances by Legal channels, contributed for country when ever required and hosted biggest Pakistan Day functions from many years in Dubai from many years. But i am shocked when a property from my hard earned money was occupied by a land mafia in Teh. Taxila. I had been to Pakistan taking an emergency leave but Police embraced me like a slave instead of honoring my complaint though i have my all registry papers. Please tell me what i should do. I heard Shahbaz Sherief is serious against land mafia, but his email/website is not functioning.

  • Nazar Hussain

    asslam-o-alaikum i(Nazar Hussain s/o Mohammad Sharif)am working in abu dhabi(UAE) from last 30 years for livilihood for my family and i serve my country.But a man from my mohalla(town)whose name Ghazanfar Ali s/o Karim Dad is disturbing my child and my family.when my childern want to go school he told them that he will kidnap them or kill them.if you want to go any where you can go he(Ghazanfar Ali s/o Karim Dad) is not afraid from police. in this situation my childern and my family is afraid from him and i(Nazar Hussain s/o Mohammad Sharif)cannot work comfortabily abroad.Kindly please help me and prvide secure to my family and i can continue serve my country and family and i hope that govt.of Pakistan will help me thanks.
    begger for help
    Nazar Hussain s/o Mohammad Sharif Distt.Gujrat Teh.Kharian City and Thana Dinga mohalla taasan

  • Nazar Hussain

    asslam-o-alaikum i(Nazar Hussain s/o Mohammad Sharif)am working in abu dhabi(UAE) from last 30 years for livilihood for my family and i serve my country.But a man from my mohalla(town)whose name Ghazanfar Ali s/o Karim Dad is disturbing my child and my family.when my childern want to go school he told them that he will kidnap them or kill them.if you want to go any where you can go he(Ghazanfar Ali s/o Karim Dad) is not afraid from police. in this situation my childern and my family is afraid from him and i(Nazar Hussain s/o Mohammad Sharif)cannot work comfortabily abroad.Kindly please help me and prvide secure to my family and i can continue serve my country and family and i hope that govt.of Pakistan will help me thanks.
    begger for help
    Nazar Hussain s/o Mohammad Sharif Distt.Gujrat Teh.Kharian City and Thana Dinga mohalla taasan

  • Raheem Post author

    Most of the initiatives taken by the government departments in Pakistan are useless practices, because proper system of governance does not exist. In fact to have accurate data of overseas workers is very important for Overseas Pakistanis Foundation but how it will be used, or whether they will succeed in collecting the data or not, is a different question but the initiative seems to be good.
    The problem in our beloved country is implementation, the governments announce new schemes, rules and regulations with tall claims but the end result in most of the cases is zero. The recent example is The Remittance Card introduced by Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. Another example is a huge advertising campaign by CM Punjab to become Khadim-i-Punjab, a special email address to directly contact Khadim-i-Punjab and special website to address the complaints of the common man, but when you try to send an email to him, it will bounce back in seconds.
    Pakistani society as a whole is at its worst at present and still waiting for a true leader to be born,who could give the right direction to the nation……

  • Javed

    A useless exercise – just for purchasing some new computrs, appointment 3-4 new people in the name of data collection/tabulation and so on

  • K B

    Dear Friends,

    Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) is updating the database of ovserseas Pakistanis as at present no accurate data is available.

    Please follow the link below to get the Form and send it to punjab@opf.org.pk so that your information can be entered into the database.


    The information shall helps us to identify overseas Pakistanis households throughout the country in order to determine the welfare schemes in different parts of the country for expatriate Pakistanis in terms of their numerical strength.


  • Raheem Post author

    Respected Javed sahib
    Thank you for your guidance, a lot of changes are taking place gradually. There are many considerations which will be difficult for me to explain here but be assured that I take your views very seriously.
    Best regards

  • Javed

    Dear Raheem, your site is for a particularly purpose. It should not be foresight of. The site should dissiment information; general information about OPs concern – issues relating to OPs whetehr at home or abroad. If in the name of every junk allowed to be add on the pretext it showed how popular the blog is, then it would become some hefty the serious readers finding it difficult to have some valueable to the point information might leave it. If you want to see this then go to

  • Raheem Post author

    • Every individual differs in personality and choice, so are our likes and dislikes.
    • We can not force the world to see what we like to see only.
    • It is better to have an ordinary house with loving inhabitants instead of having a luxurious house without inhabitants.
    • Readers and visitors are like blood stream for news papers and websites, without readers and visitors their survival is not possible.
    • Extremist attitudes are dangerous for nations as well as individuals; tolerance and flexibility are a must for healthy society.

  • Javed

    This Blog is for Overseas Pakistanis and it well appreciably covers good information though it lacks guidance to the problems of Overseas Pakistanis like immigration, banking etc. However what with most dismay I find is that the Blog Administration in order to include more and more on the Blog have collected or linked not merely unnecessary or irrelevant to OPs materials but also that which no sensible and serious website could think of having except for bizarre type. In the Blog links I find one writer Dr. Wahad Bukh Bhatti from New York. Reading his columns under the logo of “Baabaay dee baithak” I wonder if he really is a doctor or just like Alim On Line obtained a degree in 1995 from an internet university which University on its own website claims it was established in 2001. The most third rate language is used by this writers eg “Sukkhar dee KHOTEE”, Sabbar WAHABI, Sabri MAFIA, Kala Bala TAYLEE, so and so’s father was a third grader in Railways, so and so’s father was selling grass in Lahore etc.

    My grandfather was an illiterate mason working on daily wages. He gave education upto Matric (before Pakistan) to his sons who became senior clerks and supervisor level. My matric father a senior clerk gave me education to graduation level and I became an officer without any type of link of safarish. My daughter will INSHALLAH be a doctor. I never forget that my grand father was a mason. Why should I? I am proud that my family gradually with hard work and not through written off loans progresses. Dr. Wahid’s referencing so that so’s father used to sell grass is nothing but showing his own low and cheap mentality. Through his columns he is engaged in low character assassination of the people for some obvious reasons like jealousy etc. Only those people indulge in others character assassination whose on past is little doubtful.

  • munir hussain s/o ghulam nabi

    (Edited by admin)
    Munir sahib
    No one understands what you are writing about. Kindly refrain from posting such comments again and again.
    Thank you for your understanding

  • Javed

    Dear Admin/Administrator of the Blog

    The above is a sort of free placed advertisement from a commercial Estate Agent. Such posts should not be allowed on Forums like this one.

    As a member of the Blog I request this post be deleted and no such commercial type advices or offers be allowed to appear. Regards.

  • Javed

    Dear Admin/Administrator of the Blog

    The above is an advertisement from a commercial Estate Agent. Such posts should not be allowed on Forums like this one. Agents are go-between for paying “rishwat”. Such advertisements or sweet offers can mislead the OPs mainly due to their absence abroad and secondly due to their ignorance (sweet ignorance I say). While a job can self be done why to engage agents I have never been able to understand. The only need is to use proper way, if any difficulty comes to consult and get advice of others. Your every genuine job can be got done whether you are abroad or in Pakistan but with patience.

    As a member of the Blog I request this post be deleted and no such commercial type advices or offers be allowed to appear. Regards.

  • Raheem Post author

    @ Anwar Pasha
    Telephone and email based advertisements are normally considered suspicious. If you are really interested to do business, please write your full address along with landline phone numbers. Also please tell the potential customers, what properties you have on offer and the prices. If you sincerely and honestly provide some useful information to the visitors, only then you can expect some positive response from them, otherwise you are just wasting your time by offering the properties of the whole Pakistan.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    • Javed

      Dear Admin/Administrator of the Blog

      The above is an advertisement from a commercial Estate Agent. Such posts should not be allowed on Forums like this one. Agents are go-between for paying “rishwat”. Such advertisements or sweet offers can mislead the OPs mainly due to their absence abroad and secondly due to their ignorance (sweet ignorance I say). While a job can self be done why to engage agents I have never been able to understand. The only need is to use proper way, if any difficulty comes to consult and get advice of others. Your every genuine job can be got done whether you are abroad or in Pakistan but with patience.

      As a member of the Blog I request this post be deleted and no such commercial type advices or offers be allowed to appear whether such an offerer has a landlinephone orfull mailing address. Such posts as a matter of “principle” should not appear. If people themselve wishto be indulged with Agents, they can find hundreds of addresses on every Sunday Pakistani Newspapers or on the internet but should not on on Forums like this. The purpose of such Bogs or Forums should be create awareness, help through advice and not lead the reader to other ways. Regards.

  • Raheem Post author

    Dear Javed sahib
    Thank you very much for your guidance and kind words. This blog is purely a service to overseas Pakistanis and that is why we have kept it free from any advertisements.Blog was established in the beginning of 2008 to provide a platform to overseas Pakistani friends for sharing information and helping each other.THANKS ALLAH it is becoming success due to participation of serious educated readers .

    We need help and support from the knowledgeable friends like you, pray for your good health and do expect that in future also you will continue sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.
    God bless you
    (comment # 2 is being removed from the page)

  • Javed

    Dear Administrator/Webmaster, 30 June 2009

    You Blog is really a good one. I came across it only about two months back just by change surfing the net. There are a few other Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) blogs or discussion forum but I find this one is the one which is covering mostly OPs. The Blog needs to be given some attention as there needs to be some improvement.

    The Help Line Section I have just now today 30 June 2009 for the first time read. It has frustrated me seeing the contents by OPs. The very first content is from our sister Farida Tahir from Qatar. She complains that she bought two plots in Punjab on which she can not construct as some housing society is raising objections.

    The first thing and the most important is that she claims she is sending precious foreign exchange to the country. Whenever I read such a sentence it makes me crazy. None of us went abroad with the idea of “sending foreign exchange” to the country. We all went for job or earning better than in Pakistan. We are remitting money to our homes and contributing say 10% or 20% directly to national exchequer. So how the hell we can say we are “sending” foreign exchange to the country.

    As far as the story of her two plots is concerned. The story is incomplete and I think she is not coming up with full story. For example she purchased plots and got it registered with area Patwari. It means the land is in village or ruler area, which is OK. However from where the Housing Society crept up? If the scheme was of some housing society then why she went toPatwari? The fact is we the OPs ourselves do mistakes and then start weeping and blaming the mafia. I could had given her better advice had I known the full and true facts. Her writing to the Chief Minister and the Blog Administration writing to OPF is just waste of time, in fact more waste as it is hope in hope.

    About 8-10 years back when I was myself an OP I wrote an article guiding how and where to purchase land by Overseas Pakistanis. My this article appeared in 5 weekly columns in Daily Urdu News Jeddah when the Editor requested me if I could give answers to the queries being raised by the readers which however due to my health I could not. I would trace out if I have any copy preserved and if found I might request the Blog Administration to place it on its Blog if its suits its policy.

    However despite my ill health just reading this complaint and 2-3 others it has compelled me in the larger interest to immediately scribble this short note requesting the Blog Administration to immediately please delete Post No. 2 entitled “Disputed properties in Pakistan”. The Blog I feel is giving some sort of informative help to the readers but such posts like No. 2 referred are highly against the interests of OPs. This would cause more burden and anguish on already aggrieved OPs like out sister Farida Tahir. I once again request the Administration to immediately remove such commercial type of advisory posts which in practical term bring no relief but more miseries.

    Naeem Anwar from Copenhagen lost his two mobiles from his baggage. He says on arrival he filed the complaint with the PIA. It is not clear if he filed it immediately on landing at the missing baggage counter or later on arriving home. If he filed it at the counter before leaving the airport then there are two options for him. Instead of wasting more time with PIA he should file the complaint with the Federal Ombudsman. In case he has original receipt of mobile purchase corresponding with the dates of travel then there is a change he might get some relief though expecting too much now a days from our any system is not wise. However he would definitely get a compensation of US$ 20/- for one kg baggage loss as per international rule.

    With my regards and prayers for the success of the Blog.

    Muhammad Javed

  • Amina Noorie

    hi, my name is Amina, i’m from pakistan and i applied for a uk visit visa on 21st jan because my sister is a cancer patient and is in her death bed, i still have gotten back my passport, i contact gerry’s on daily basis but they say they havent recieved back the passport. Finally my brother in law in UK used his contacts and finally i recieved an email from Uk border agency that my passport was processed and sent back to pakistan on 15th march itself and is in pakistan. I even talked to the Gerry’s branch manager here in lahore but he hasnt helped at all, the says the has fwded the email the british high commision in islamabad and its not their fault if they dont reply, i try calling the british high commision in islamabad but they dont even listen to what i have to say they disconnect the call saying contact gerry’s.

    What should i do? i’m very tensed, i think they’ve lost my passport or something, is there something i can do?

    please anyone help me out, you can email me on autarchic_prodigies@hotmail.com

  • Faisal Saeed

    If any body have authentic information of following please forward ;

    a) What is monthly profit on regular national saving certificates now a days ?
    b) Can we buy the same in dubai ( UAE ).

    Faisal Saeed
    Chief Accountant
    Construction Group
    Cell : + 971 50 7154772

    • Javed

      Faisal Saeed wants to invest in Regular Income Scheme of the National Savings. Some people get perhaps easy money then they do not know what to day. The unscrupulous people like investment companies, doubling/tripling the money within night players, Award givers thus take good share of this easy money. Sitting in Dubai Faisal wants Regular Income Certificate which means he does not even properly knows what these certificates are. Would he every month go to Pakistan to fetch monthly profit or he would ask his relatives to fetch it by handing them over certificate coupons pre-receipted?

      Normally you can not buy Regular Income Certificates from Dubai but if you prefer you can fill up the Forms and ask the Habib Bank or the United Bank they will fetch these for you from Pakistan. But they would charge you heavily as service charge and secondly for encashment you would again use the same route. Best is send the Forms to Director, National Savings, National Savings House, Off. Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi where there is a special section for Overseas Pakistanis and get these from them irrespective of the fact you are resident of Karachi or of Peshawar.

  • Faisal Saeed

    I bought a plot in Gulshan e Rehman Rawalpindi in Year 2004. I paid advance of Rs. 142,000/- and received provisional allotment letter also. The scheme was existing till 2006 also as i saw their NOC Published in Newspaper that time. I visited sole agent of gulshan e rehman in 2006 who was a real estate agent with office in century Mall Lahore. He was sure of its development and betterment. Since 2006 i am living in dubai now.
    I visited pakistan once in year 2007 and tried to find this scheme in Rawalpindi. I went to their office but there was no office. I went to the proposed site but there was no site, no billboard. some ppl said they have run away. I contacted their marketing manager their office numbers their director number but all switched off.

    If any body knows their existance, their location, their fresh contact ; he is requested humbly to forward the same to me on faisalch1001@yahoo.com as i dont know the whereabouts of this society now.

    Faisal Saeed
    Chief Accountant
    Construction Group
    Cell : + 971 50 7154772

  • Shahid


    Addressing the Pakistani community in Paris coming from USA for a visit to Pakistan, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari said that the Pakistanis working abroad were the real Representatives of the country. Twenty years ago during General Zia tenure a term was invented that Pakistanis working abroad were the “real” Ambassadors of Pakistan. These Pakistanis are today the real Representatives but Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and his office staff has no time at all to attend to and even acknowledge a single line cyclostyled acknowledgment if these so called Real Representatives address him any problem. General Zia had the courtesy to ask his senior staff to acknowledge and thank and sometime during late night hours he himself personally telephoned these unknown “Ambassadors of Pakistan”. He was a dictator but today we have democracy. The first Martial Law I saw was in 1953-54 when General Azam Khan became Martial Law Administrator. Then I saw Ayub, Yahya, Bhotto’s civil Martial Law and finally of General Zia. I always found these dictators as far as ordinary man is concerned they responded them while all democrats always only on radio/press spoke about good administration but never ever took any note of any letter coming to them addressed by a street man.

  • Muhammad Farooq Aslam

    Dear Sir,

    Like others im writing to you, regarding information on opf vally housing scheme zone V islamabad luched all the way back in 1996…

    Im surpised and disappointed that OPF, after collection billions of rupees from thousands of overseas pakistanis and despite a lapsed time of over 10 years, hasnt even initiated development work yet.

    These cheap people from OPF are misleading hard working overseas pakistanis and providing false information, saying development work will start soon, for the last 10 years or so.

    Muhammad Farooq Aslam from Dubai

    • Javed

      Muhammad Farooq Aslam from Dubai is frustrated in delays in OPF Zone V Housing Scheme Islamabad and says “cheap people from OPF” are misleading hard working Overseas Pakistanis.

      I think the biggest cheap and mentally bankrupt is Farooq Aslam himself. OPF people may not be hard working as Farooq terms the OPs lot, yet OPF people are not cheap. Each of them are from amongst the general society we live in and as respectable as me and Farooq are. Frustration is at one place but labeling the other cheap or inferior is highly shame.

      I do not wish to waste my time with low mentality people like Farooq otherwise I may write here in detail how this delayed development is a blessing for people like Farooq. Quite often people contact me on this V Zone delay and I always explain them that everything is from God which we do not understand, hence they should be grateful for this delay and pray further for more 5/10 years delay. I will explain this at some other place if I decide depending upon my health to write an article for this Blog guide-lining better way to buy and preserve property.

  • Naeem Anwer

    Aslam O alikum

    Name: Naeem Anwar

    Flight# pk 702

    Flight Date: 25th April 2009

    From Copenhagen to Islamabad Via Oslo

    Subject: Complaint: Two mobiles lost from my booked luggage

    Sir actually I have to fly at 25th from copenhagen to islamabad but whenever my flight reached at Islamabad airport then we all passengers came to know that

    the luggage of that people coming from copenhagen not loaded in the flight.And administartion told us that when we received the luggage we call u.

    After two days airport administration call me and i received my luggage but when i open my brief case,I didnt find my two mobiles in my luggage.

    I make complaint at the airport as well.when ever I book my luggage here in denmark its weight was 14 kg but when it reached at islamabad its weight 13 kg.

    Please check it from the loaders which are working in that shift at that day.

    Give me a chance for thanks

    Looking back your kind response


    Naeem Anwer


  • Faiz

    Dear Sir,

    I am offered admission in Masters of Petroleum Engineering in 1st semester 2010 by three Australian universities (university of New South Wales, Curtin University, University of western Australia) because of my good academic record. But due to my current financial situation it seems impossible to pay the high tuition fee of my prospective masters program. I am afraid that if i do not get some financial support I may loose this great opportunity. I need some help in this manner.

    Regards and thanks,
    Faiz Ali Khan

  • ibraheem

    Aoa, hope you’ll be fine, I want to know that is there any Islamic bank in Pakistan providing facilities to open up accounts for overseas pakistani’s while sitting abroad and can utilize their services?


  • Overseas Post author

    I do not have much knowledge about Islamabad but as far as know, the areas starting from Rawat, on both sides of Islamabad Highway, fall in zone-5. Bahria Town phase-1 to 5, DHAI are also in Zone-5
    As far as Overseas Pakistanis are concerned, they are cheated everywhere in Pakistan, not only in zone-5

  • Asifa Andleeb

    Dear Sir,
    I am a victim of CDA I-15 Flat scheme. I have paid all required installments Rs. 125000. Now I have come to know that 2000 people have got their money back from CDA. I want to confirm that CDA is deducting 10 % from this amount or not. Actually CDA should pay us profit on this money instead of deduction, and other fact is that if we keep our money in foreign currency we will not have loss because of devaluation. Any how can you guide me how to get refund of money? Thanks

  • Overseas Post author

    Dear Dr. Gulrez
    DHAI has responded promptly to my email with following message.

    Please find attached a copy of your account report reflecting the payments made so far. Kindly note that the 2nd installment will not be showing in this report as that would be updated after the 10th of April on our database. we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    Thanks & Best regards,
    Customer Support Centre,
    DHA Islamabad.

    I have forwarded attached document to your email address. Please confirm upon receipt.
    Best regards

  • Overseas Post author

    Dear Dr Gulraze sahib
    I have forwarded your complaint to DHAI authorities, a copy of which has been sent to your email address as well. Let us see how do they respond.

  • Dr Gul Raze Niaz

    Registration No: DYO-01486

    I hasd sent a bank draft of US $ 1100/- and then two installments of US $ 860 (each) with a request to acknowledge the receipt . But I regret to say I never got any response . I had sent an e-mail

    It was recievd but again no response . I personally believe that the DHA authorities should acknowledge the receipt of the amounts that are sent to them by the members..
    I consider this matter of prime importance.

    Dr Gul Raze Niaz

  • Overseas Post author

    Dear Aslam Khan sahib
    Asslam O Alaikum
    Contact information of His Lordship Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choundary, Chief Justice of Pakistan is as follows. Please send your complaint directly to the CJ at his address or fax it to the Registrar.

    Postal Address

    Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

    Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Constitutional Avenue, Islamabad

    Supreme Court


    Telephone: 051-9220581-9220600
    Fax: 051-9213452

  • Aslam Khan Sultani

    Ilive in karachi. if possible plz forward this mail to Cief Justice, Choudhry Iftikhar sb. Surjani, Sector 2 N 4, scheme 41, alloted by KDA since 1990 to update, KDA alloted plots through oction, transferring, minister quotas. and issued allotment order, possession, site plan, allotees have all legal papers. after 18 years KDA, ADO published a advertisement in jasarat news paper that owner of 314 acer land sector 2 N4 applied for lay out plan, if any other have objection they can submit own objection within 7 days. land mafia ne KABZA KER LIYA AND THEY ARE PLOTTING OF OUR PLOTS. KARACHI KE HAZARON LOGH PARESHANI KI HAALAT ME HAIN, HAMARI JAMA PONGHI SE LAKHON KE PLOTS KDA DUBARA SELL KER RAHI HE. KHUDARA HAMARI HELP KARAIN.

  • Overseas Post author

    Mohtarima Farida Tahir Malik wrote from Qatar
    i am a overseas pakistani living in muscat for the last 30 years it is first time that i bought 2 plots each one kinal adjuscent one is corner plot and the attached with that plot in 2004
     when i bought these plots and i done these plots with intekal in (patwari Gohawa )office and i got the poissetion then i done with boundry wall of these two plots  then i sent my nephew, mr.muddasar malik to start the construction on these plots when he went there to start contruction work he sttoped by the owner of the K.B. Soceity mr. asad tiwana then he went to his office situated within the society to inqiure why they sttoped .so when he met the owner he said pay the development charges my nephew said to him why i pay the development charges when there is no water lines no Gas lines no electricity lines no roads at front or back or siides road. he also said to the owner when you will start the development i will pay the charges he said then i will not allow you to do the work after taht my nephew went there so many times but he never listen to him and more over the owner is so strong that he sold my plots to many buyers with the help of patwari ,ddo,ddor and his lowyers team , there are hundreds of (jalsazi) cases he is faceing in the Law courts i humbly request the C.M punjab that we are out of our sweat home land to send the forign axchange to build our country and against that what we are getting is nothing but over throughing from our own purchased land .i request the C.M Punjab to intervine and get released Qabza from Land Marfia .
    my nephew has the pwoer of attorney from my side to look after the case please contact hin on this cell number: 03009453476 /03129554477. Allah Bless you and your families Ameen . Allah Hafiz .Farida Malik

    I have asked mohtarima Farida sahiba to write to Overseas Pakistanis Foundation’s complaint cell. If any friend has a better advice for her, please post it here

    • malik hamid

      Miss Ferida Malik tell to your nephew collect all the papers of your plots and file a Writ petition in the High court against Mr Tewana the society owner.If he has sold out your plots after he gave you the possession once.thanks

    • Muhammad Abubakar Malik

      Dear Madam,I read about your complaint and still comment that this matter cannot be solved legally as their are many complexities in a Land Laws. But if you send me your files drafted copies i can worthalize your matter.
      I am also the resident of K.B Society.My father was the close friend of mr Khuda Buksh Tawana.