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Amazing Jameeluddin Aali & Tayyeba Aali – Session II

Listen to Aali Jee, as to what does he think about himself as a Poet, Philosopher, and a Writer! What were his first lines of poetry. Is he a Sufi or a Nawab at his heart. Why his handwriting is so much “not good” The foods that he likes, and what does his wife (since 1944) thinks of his attitude towards family. What is his relationship with Khawaja Mir Dard. Why is he proud of that relationship! What struck him about Tayyeba Aapa in 1944, that he married her in no time …..

Amazing Aali Jee’s Message of Love for You

In the current power play turmoil, the time is to pay attention to the basics: Love Pakistan, Love all Pakistanis.

Pakistan’s one of the top intellectuals, Jameeluddin Aali Jee, presents a song of love from sweet Sindhi soil of Pakistan: “Itnay Baray Jeewan Sagar Mein, Tu Nai Pakistan Diya, Ho Alah, Ho Alah”.
Listen to it in his own beautiful voice, and then from no other than the great Allan Faqir.

#2 – Pakistani Legend Athar Shah Khan Talks to You عظیم پاکستانی “جیدی” کی آپ سے بات چیت

اطہر شاہ خان جیدی آپ سے بات چیت جاری رکھے ہوئے ہیں۔۔

آئیے دیکھیں آج وہ کیا بتاتے ہیں۔

Athar Shah Khan Jedi continues his conversation with you. Let us see what is he telling us today!