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A look into five years rule of PML-N

In May 2013, the PML-N made a triumphant election comeback under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, who trod very carefully than ever before after his two previous governments sent packing in the 90s without completing their mandated tenures. While his party managed to weather powerful political storms of its trying […]


Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui   Mostly we are not afraid to try again, we are usually afraid of getting hurt again for the same reason. Here we go again with mixed signals of those uniformed extra ordinary minds perusing their same old ambitious minds under camouflaged helmets to settle their personal scores. […]

Punjab may lose 7 NA seats in new constituency delimitation

Punjab’s share in the general seats of the National Assembly is likely to go down by as much as seven when a new constituency delimitation exercise is conducted in accordance with the population figures provisionally released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics last month. Out of a total of 272 geographical constituencies, […]

تبديلی آگئ ہے

سينيٹر طارق چوہدری کا کالم تبدیلی آ نہیں رہی، تبدیلی آگئی ہے۔ دھرنے کی ہر شام عمران خان اس جملے کی تکرار کرتے، وہ سامعین کی چمکتی آنکھوں، دمکتے چہروں، روشن پیشانیوں کو دیکھ کر جان گئے کہ تبدیلی آ نہیں رہی تبدیلی آگئی ہے۔ وہ جو بدل دیئے جانے […]

PTI’s women 1

Dr. Zarqa Taimur One must wonder at the unprecedented women’s membership of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). Of course, it goes without saying that they are there because they have faith in Imran Khan’s vision, in his sincerity and commitment towards the cause of a ‘Naya’ Pakistan, and contributions […]

Course correction for Pakistani democracy

Ayaz Amir The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) report which forms the basis of the Musharraf treason trial would be rejected by an area magistrate (the lowest magistrate in the judicial hierarchy) in the normal course of things. And were even a half-competent high court judge be asked to examine it, […]

Musharraf treason inquiry report remarkable for its omissions 1

After much hesitation, the prosecution in retired general Pervez Musharraf’s high treason case finally submitted the ‘inquiry report’ before the special court on Wednesday, which astounded many for its omissions instead of what it contained. Unpredictably, the report finds that Musharraf was solely responsible for imposing the 2007 emergency; those […]