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وزیر آعظم عمران خان کا قوم سے غیر روائتی خطا ب

اسلام آباد : وزیر اعظم پاکستان عمران احمد خان نیازی نے کہا ہے کہ جب تک اقتدار میں ہوں کوئی کاروبار نہیں کروں گا، منی لانڈرنگ سے باہر گیا پیسہ واپس لانے کیلیے ٹاسک فورس بنائیں گے، قوم کو اپنے پیروں پر کھڑا کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہوں۔ عمران خان نے […]

Pakistan Elections 2018: FAFEN releases National Assembly profile

Report contains in-depth analyses of party position, comparison between number of seats obtained by political parties in 2013 vs 2018 general elections, academic qualifications of assembly members, richest and poorest assembly members and much more.   ISLAMABAD, August 16, 2018: Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has released the Profile […]

PTI bags total 158 National Assembly seats

The number of PTI seats in the National Assembly rose to 158 with the inclusion of 33 reserved seats for women and minorities, according to the Election Commission of Pakistan. The commission said that nine out of 13 independent candidates had joined the PTI, increasing its tally of general seats […]

Pakistan: a new beginning

By Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman After a decade of loot and plunder by successive democratic governments, there is finally hope that Pakistan will embark on the road to progress. The massive loans taken by the last two governments have placed Pakistan in a dire financial situation. Our current account deficit is $18 […]

Elections 2018: Final list of National and provincial assembly winners

Election Commission of Pakistan has notified final list of winners for national and provincial assemblies. Results for 16 constituencies of National Assembly were withheld for different reasons including Islamabad and Lahore constituencies won by Imran Khan as well. It is pertinent to mention that polls were delayed on two national […]

How a phone app and a database served up Imran Khan’s Pakistan poll win

REUTERS A phone app and a database of more than 50 million voters were key weapons in the successful campaign of cricket legend Imran Khan in last month’s general election. How Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party used the database and the associated app represents a sea change in the antiquated […]

How can PM Imran Khan steer the country out of crises? 2

He is a fighter, he is honest and he has leadership qualities but he himself and his team lacs experience. They are coming into power with tall claims and promises but ground realities are different. It remains to be seen how Imran Khan and his team perform on the ground. […]


ALI SUKHANVER God knows better what direction we all in Pakistan would be heading to, in the coming days but one thing is very clear if Imran Khan were not in the driving seat, certainly it would have been a very hazardous journey towards new democratic avenues in Pakistan. Before […]

Pak Elections 2018: Party position and Winners of National Assembly seats

Despite suicide bombing and terrorist attacks on public as well as the contestants, Pakistan elections 2018 have concluded successfully. Despite deteriorated security situation,The voters thronged to polling stations in large numbers across Pakistan to exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives for the next five years in a […]

A look into five years rule of PML-N

In May 2013, the PML-N made a triumphant election comeback under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, who trod very carefully than ever before after his two previous governments sent packing in the 90s without completing their mandated tenures. While his party managed to weather powerful political storms of its trying […]