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تبديلی آگئ ہے

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سينيٹر طارق چوہدری کا کالم تبدیلی آ نہیں رہی، تبدیلی آگئی ہے۔ دھرنے کی ہر شام عمران خان اس جملے کی تکرار کرتے، وہ سامعین کی چمکتی آنکھوں، دمکتے چہروں، روشن پیشانیوں کو دیکھ کر… Read More »تبديلی آگئ ہے

The making of Pakistan’s Putin

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Ayaz Amir

raheel-sharif“The leader must aim high, see big, judge widely, thus setting himself apart from the ordinary people who debate in narrow confines.” General Charles de Gaulle.

I think – and I could be dead wrong and if I am, let me go to Sehwan Sharif to atone for my misjudgment – the most important event in Pakistan’s recent history will happen post-November when Gen Raheel Sharif puts up his spurs and a successor takes his place.

I can bet anything that when his departure ceremony takes place in General Headquarters and he formally relinquishes his command there will be on his face not the wan, wistful look that Gen Musharraf had when he was handing over his baton to Gen Kayani. Musharraf was looking back on his years of glory and was uncertain about the future, correctly as it soon turned out, Kayani, his anointed successor, in effect becoming his Brutus.Read More »The making of Pakistan’s Putin

PTI’s women

Dr. Zarqa Taimur
One must wonder at the unprecedented women’s membership of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). Of course, it goes without saying that they are there because they have faith in Imran Khan’s vision, in his sincerity and commitment towards the cause of a ‘Naya’ Pakistan, and contributions in the fields of healthcare, education and the social uplift of the country.
But look a little deeper at the demographics, the educational and economic background of these women (both young and old), and an interesting pattern emerges. It turns out that urban women outnumber the men, by a greater number than any other political party has ever seen. Most are highly educated and high achievers in their own spheres of activity.
Interestingly, most have no background in politics and joined the party with rich life experiences but little knowledge of dealing with the games played in political set ups. (Of course, a background in dealing with in laws and joint family systems gives them an edge over the men here!)Read More »PTI’s women

The immediate agenda to get Pakistan out of this mess

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This may sound a bit drastic to many interested parties and vested interests and some may say I have gone out of my mind, but the fact is that Pakistan and its critical institutions have collapsed and it is now time for a major, immediate, almost earthshaking, political and administrative renovation effort, to get back control before everything spins out of hand.Read More »The immediate agenda to get Pakistan out of this mess