Pak Elections 2018: Party position and Winners of National Assembly seats

Despite suicide bombing and terrorist attacks on public as well as the contestants, Pakistan elections 2018 have concluded successfully. Despite deteriorated security situation,The voters thronged to polling stations in large numbers across Pakistan to exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives for the next five years in a historic third consecutive General Election.

Below is the list of winners for national assembly seats and party position.

These results are incomplete and unofficial, final list will be updated when official results are available.

Do you agree that Pakistan Elections 2018 were free and fair?

National Assembly Party Position

as announced by ECP on 28-07-2018


Total turnout in 2018 Elections:

According to ECP’s official announcement, the total turnout in Pakistan in 2018 general elections stood at 51.7 percent. The turnout in provinces is as follows:

Punjab’s turnout: 55.05% turnout

Sindh’s turnout: 47.6%

Balochistan’s turnout 45.2%

KPK’s turnout 45.5%.

Winners of Pakistan Elections 2018
National Assembly
NA-1ChitralAbdul AkbarMMA
NA-3Swat-IISalim KhanPTI
NA-5Upper DirPTI
NA-6Lower Dir-1Mehboob ShahPTIAsadMMA
NA-7Lower Dir-IIPTI
NA-8MalakandJunaid AkbarPTIBilawal BhuttoPPP
NA-13Mansehra 1Independent
NA-14Mansehra 2PMLN
NA-15Abbotabad 1PMLN
NA-16Abbotabad 2PTI
NA-18Swabi 1PTI
NA-19Swabi 2PTI
NA-20Mardan 1PTI
NA-21Mardan 2ANP
NA-22Mardan 3PTI
NA-23Charsadda 1PTI
NA-24Charsadda 2PTI
NA-25Naushera 1Parvez KhatakPTIMalik Juma
NA-26Naushera 2PTI
NA-27Peshawar 1PTI
NA-28Peshawar 2PTI
NA-29Peshawar 3PTI
NA-30Peshawar 4PTI
NA-31Peshawar 5Shaukat AliPTIGhulam A BilorANP
NA-36Lakki MarwatMMA
NA-38Dera Ismail Khan 1PTI
NA-39Dera Ismail Khan 2PTI
NA-40Bajaur 1 Tribal area 1PTI
NA-41Bajaur 2 Tribal area 2PTI
NA-42Mohmand Tribal 3PTI
NA-43Mohmand Tribal 4Noor Ul Haque QadriPTIShah Gul AfridiIndependent
NA-44Khyber Tribal 5PTI
NA-45Kurram Tribal 6MMA
NA-46Kurram Tribal 7Sajid Husain TooriPPP
NA-47Orakzai Tribal 8PTI
NA-48N Wazirastan Tribal 9Mohsin JavedIndependent
NA-49S Wazirastan Tribal 10MMA
NA-50S Wazirastan2 Tribal 11Independent
NA-51Frontier Regan Tribal 12Abdul ShakoorMMAQaisar Jamal KhanPTI
NA-52Islamabad 1Raja Khurram NawazPTITariq FazalPMLN
NA-53Islamabad 2Imran KhanPTI
NA-54Islamabad 3Asad UmerPTI
NA-55Attock 1PTI
NA-56Attock 2PTI
NA-57Rawalpindi 1Sadaqat AbbasiPTIShahid KhaqanPMLN
NA-58Rawalpindi 2PPP
NA-59Rawalpindi 3PTI
NA-60Rawalpindi 4PTI
NA-61Rawalpindi 5PTI
NA-62Rawalpindi 6Sheikh RashidAMLDaniyalPMLN
NA-63Rawalpindi 7PTI
NA-64Chakwal 1PTI
NA-65Chakwal 2Chaudhry Pervez IlahiPMLQ
NA-66Jehlum 1PTI
NA-67Jehlum 2PTI
NA-68Gujrat 1PMLQ
NA-69Gujrat 2PMLQ
NA-70Gujrat 3PTI
NA-71Gujrat 4PMLN
NA-72Sialkot 1PMLN
NA-73Sialkot 2Khawja AsifPMLNUsman DarPTI
NA-74Sialkot 3PMLN
NA-75Sialkot 4PMLN
NA-76Sialkot 5PMLN
NA-77Narowal 1PMLN
NA-78Narowal 2Ahsan IqbalPMLNIbrar-ul-HaquePTI
NA-79Gujranwala 1PMLN
NA-80Gujranwala 2PMLN
NA-81Gujranwala 3PMLN
NA-82Gujranwala 4PMLN
NA-83Gujranwala 5PMLN
NA-84Gujranwala 6PMLN
NA-85Mandi Bahauddin 1PTI
NA-86Mandi Bahauddin 2PMLN
NA-88Sargodha 1Dr. Mukhtar AhmedPMLNNadeem Afzal ChanPTI
NA-89Sargodha 2PMLN
NA-90Sargodha 3PMLN
NA-91Sargodha 4PMLN
NA-92Sargodha 5PMLN
NA-93Khushab 1Umar AslamPTISumera MalikPMLN
NA-94Khushab 2PTI
NA-95Mianwali 1Imran KhanPTI
NA-96Mianwali 2PTI
NA-97Bhakkar 1Independent
NA-98Bhakkar 2PTI
NA-99Chiniot 1PTI
NA-100Chiniot 2PMLN
NA-101Faisaalabad 1Asim NazirIndependent
NA-102Faisaalabad 2PTI
NA-103Faisaalabad 3
NA-104Faisaalabad 4PMLN
NA-105Faisaalabad 5PTI
NA-106Faisaalabad 6PMLN
NA-107Faisaalabad 7PTI
NA-108Faisaalabad 8PTI
NA-109Faisaalabad 9FaizullahPTI
NA-110Faisaalabad 10Raja RiazPTIRaja AfzalPMLN
NA-111TobaTekSingh 1PMLN
NA-112TobaTekSingh 2PMLN
NA-113TobaTekSingh 3PTI
NA-114Jhang 1Mehmoud SultanPTIFaisal Saleh HyatPPP
NA-115Jhang 2PTI
NA-116Jhang 3PTI
NA-117NankanaSahib 1PMLN
NA-118NankanaSahib 2PTI
NA-119Sheikhupura 1Rahat Aman BhattiPTIRana AfzaalPMLN
NA-120Sheikhupura 2PMLN
NA-121Sheikhupura 3PMLN
NA-122Sheikhupura 4PMLN
NA-123Lahore 1PMLN
NA-124Lahore 2PMLN
NA-125Lahore 3PMLN
NA-126Lahore 4PTI
NA-127Lahore 5Ali Pervez MalikPMLN
NA-128Lahore 6PMLN
NA-129Lahore 7PMLN
NA-130Lahore 8PTI
NA-131Lahore 9PTI
NA-132Lahore 10PMLN
NA-133Lahore 11Parvez MalikPMLNIjaz ChaudhryPTI
NA-134Lahore 12PMLN
NA-135Lahore 13Malik Karamat KhokharPTI
NA-136Lahore 14PMLN
NA-137Kasur 1PMLN
NA-138Kasur 2PMLN
NA-139Kasur 3PMLN
NA-140Kasur 4PTI
NA-141Okara 1PMLN
NA-142Okara 2PMLN
NA-143Okara 3PMLN
NA-144Okara 4PMLN
NA-145Pakpatan 1PMLN
NA-146Pakpatan 2PMLN
NA-147Sahiwal 1PMLN
NA-148Sahiwal 2PMLN
NA-149Sahiwal 3Rai MurtazaPTI
NA-150Khanewal 1Syed Fakher ImamIndependentRaza Hyat HirajPTI
NA-151Khanewal 2PMLN
NA-152Khanewal 3PTI
NA-153Khanewal 4PMLN
NA-154Multan 1PTI
NA-155Multan 2Aamir DogarPTITariq RashidPMLN
NA-156Multan 3Shah Mehmoud QureshiPTIAamer SaeedPMLN
NA-157Multan 4PTI
NA-158Multan 5PTI
NA-159Multan 6PTI
NA-160Lodhran 1PMLN
NA-161Lodhran 2PTI
NA-162Vihari 1PMLN
NA-163Vihari 2PMLN
NA-164Vihari 3PTI
NA-165Vihari 4PTI
NA-166Bahawalnagar 1Independent
NA-167Bahawalnagar 2PMLN
NA-168Bahawalnagar 3Ehsan ul HaqPMLNFatima CheemaPTI
NA-169Bahawalnagar 4PMLN
NA-170Bahawalpur 1PTI
NA-171Bahawalpur 2Riaz PirzadaPMLNNaeemuddinPTI
NA-172Bahawalpur 3NajeebuddinPMLQKhadijaPMLN
NA-173Bahawalpur 4PMLN
NA-174Bahawalpur 5PTI
NA-175RahimYarKhan 1PTI
NA-176RahimYarKhan 2PMLN
NA-177RahimYarKhan 3PTI
NA-178RahimYarKhan 4PPP
NA-179RahimYarKhan 5PTI
NA-180RahimYarKhan 6PPP
NA-181Muzaffargarh 1Insependent
NA-182Muzaffargarh 2PPP
NA-183Muzaffargarh 3PPP
NA-184Muzaffargarh 4PPP
NA-185Muzaffargarh 5Independent
NA-186Muzaffargarh 6PTI
NA-187Layyah 1PTI
NA-188Layyah 2PTI
NA-189DeraGhaziKhan 1PTI
NA-190DeraGhaziKhan 2PTI
NA-191DeraGhaziKhan 3Zartaj GulPTIAwais LaghariPMLN
NA-192DeraGhaziKhan 4PTI
NA-193Rajanpur 1Jafar LaghariPTI
NA-194Rajanpur 2Nasrullah DreshakPTIHafeezPMLN
NA-195Rajanpur 3PTI
NA-198Shikarpur 1PPP
NA-199Shikarpur 2GDA
NA-200Larkana 1PPP
NA-201Larkana 2PPP
NA-202QambarSahdadKot 1PPP
NA-203QambarSahdadKot 2PPP
NA-204Ghotki 1PPP
NA-205Ghotki 2Independent
NA-206Sakhar 1PPP
NA-207Sakhar 2PPP
NA-208Khairpur 1PPP
NA-209Khairpur 2PPP
NA-210Khairpur 3PPP
NA-211NausheroFeroz 1PPP
NA-212NausheroFeroz 2PPP
NA-213Benazirabad 1Asif Ali ZardariPPPShair RindGDA
NA-214Benazirabad 2PPP
NA-215Sanghar 1PPP
NA-216Sanghar 2PPP
NA-217Sanghar 3PPP
NA-218MirpurKhas 1Independent
NA-219MirpurKhas 2PPP
NA-221Tharparker 1PPP
NA-222Tharparker 2PPP
NA-225Hyderabad 1PPP
NA-226Hyderabad 2MQM
NA-227Hyderabad 3MQM
NA-228Tando M KhanPPP
NA-229Badin 1Mir Ghulam TalpurPPPHassan MirzaGDA
NA-230Badin 2GDA
NA-234Dadu 1PPP
NA-235Dadu 2PPP
NA-236Karachi Malir 1PPP
NA-237Karachi Malir 2PTI
NA-238Karachi Malir 3PPP
NA-239Karachi Korangi 1PTI
NA-240Karachi Korangi 2MQM
NA-241Karachi Korangi 3PTI
NA-242Karachi East 1PTI
NA-243Karachi East 2PTI
NA-244Karachi East 3PTI
NA-245Karachi East 4PTI
NA-246Karachi South 1PTI
NA-247Karachi South 2PTI
NA-248Karachi West 1PPP
NA-249Karachi West 2PTI
NA-250Karachi West 3PTI
NA-251Karachi West 4MQM
NA-252Karachi West 5PTI
NA-253Karachi Central 1MQM
NA-254Karachi Central 2PTI
NA-255Karachi Central 3MQM
NA-256Karachi Central 4PTI
NA-257Killa Saifulla ZhobMMA
NA-258Loralai MusakhelBAP
NA-259DeraBugti Kohlu
NA-260Nasirabad JhalmagsiBAP
NA-263Killa AbdullaMMA
NA-264Quetta 1MMA
NA-265Quetta 2PTI
NA-266Quetta 3BNP
NA-267Mastung KalatMMA
NA-272Lasbela GawaderIndependent

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