Oct 162017
Pakistan's treasure chest of rubies

AFP The people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) are sitting on a treasure chest: millions of rubies, estimated to be worth up to half a billion dollars, are lying beneath them. But archaic tools and a lack of investment in infrastructure and techniques are hampering efforts to transform the area into a significant player […]

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Aug 312017
A new governance system

By Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman Our country stands at a crossroads of its history. Exports are down to $21.7 billion while imports have risen by 18 percent to $49 billion. The trade deficit has reached an alarming $26.9 billion and it is likely to grow to $30 billion this year. The current account deficit has reached $12 […]

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Aug 222017

By Zulfiqar Qazilbash The CPEC loans to fast track much-needed improvements in power and transportation infrastructure have the potential to massively impact many areas of Pakistan’s economy. Assuming we can manage the security issues, it will create the enabling environment that along with the economic zones and regulatory reforms will attract Chinese and other large […]

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Aug 222017

The distributive nature of growth must form part of a revised and appropriate social contract to include hitherto excluded regions, genders, and individuals   By Dr. S Akbar Zaidi In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the term ‘Asian Tigers’ became synonymous with high economic growth based on the achievements of four East Asian countries […]

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May 272017

موبائل کالز، مرغی، کھاد سستی، سیمنٹ، سریا،دودھ مہنگا، تنخواہوں، پنشن میں 10 فیصد اضافہ، کم از کم اجرت 15 ہزار اسلام آباد : آئندہ مالی سال 2017-18ء کا 47؍ کھرب 53؍ ارب روپے حجم پر مشتمل 1480؍ ارب روپے خسارے کاوفاقی بجٹ وزیر خزانہ اسحاق ڈار نے قومی اسمبلی میں پیش کر دیا ہے جس […]

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May 262017

ISLAMABAD: The government on Friday unveiled Rs. 2.113 trillion Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2017-18. Following are the salient features of the PSDP (2017-18). – The PSDP allocations up by 26.14 percent as compared to last fiscal year. – Total National PSDP stands at Rs. 2113 billion. – Rs. 1001 billion […]

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May 262017

Following are the salient features of National Budget 2017-18, announced by Minister for Finance, Muhammad Ishaq Dar in the National Assembly on Friday: The total outlay of the budget 2017-18 is Rs 5,103 billion.  Rs one trillion historic development budget Key features The total outlay of the budget is Rs4.75 trillion Total tax revenues target has […]

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May 262017

The finance minister Ishaq Dar presented Economic Survey of Pakistan 2016-2017 report in Islamabad on Thursday. According to the report, the growth rate of the country stood at 5.3 percent, the highest in last 10 years whereas Industrial sector grew by 5.05 percent during the outgoing fiscal year “After almost 10 years, we have exceeded 5% […]

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