Online facility gives relief to taxpayers

Associated Press of Pakistan ISLAMABAD: The online facility for tax registration has reduced the number of complaints due to the minimum human involvement in the procedure and provided ease to the new fillers who were hesitating due to the procedures of tax registration system.  An official of Federal Board of […]

Pakistan rupee closing exchange rates 17-5-2019

following are Pakistan rupee exchange rates against major currencies at close on 17th May 2019. Pakistan rupee down slide continued in inter bank as well as open market. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 147.75 148.25 US$ (Open Market) 148.50 149.50 Saudi Riyal 39.50 40.00 UAE Dirham 40.25 40.75 […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 16 May 2019

Rupee has further depreciated against all major currencies in the inter bank market. Following were closing exchange rates on 16th May 2019. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 147.00 147.50 US$ (Open Market) 146.00 147.50 Saudi Riyal 39.00 39.50 UAE Dirham 39.80 40.50 EURO 162.50 165.50 UK Pound 187.00 […]

Pakistan rupee touches all time low against dollar

انٹر بینک مارکیٹ میں ڈالر تاریخ کی بلند ترین سطح پر پہنچ گیا۔ The value of Pakistan rupee against US dollar touched another all-time low for the second consecutive day, reaching approximately Rs148 in the interbank market. The dollarwas valued at Rs141.5 yesterday, but climbed roughly Rs6.50 to hit a […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 15 May 2019

Pakistan rupee has further depreciated against dollar in the open market today. Fears of devaluation as a result of the agreement with the IMF have depressed the currency market and the rupee may lose more against the dollar in the coming days. Following are closing exchange rates against major currencies. […]


ALI SUKHANVER The Imran Khan government is neither inefficient nor incompetent; the actual problem seems the promised time-frame. People were expecting that everything shall come to the normal; there would be a lot of job-opportunities, ceaseless foreign investment, end of energy-crisis, reduction in the prices of fuel and electricity, a […]

Highlights of Amnesty/Assets Declaration Scheme 2019

Islamabad: Federal cabinet has approved Tax Amnesty/Asset Declaration scheme 2019. The aim to launch this scheme is not to collect money but to generate revenue for reviving national economy. Pakistani citizens, except for public office holders and their dependents could avail this scheme to declare all previously undisclosed assets either […]

Foreign tourists continue to throng Kalash valley at Chilimjusht festival

Associated Press of Pakistan PESHAWAR, May 13: Tourists from Germany, France, Japan and elsewhere in the world continued to throng Kalash valley to enjoy the three-day Chilimjusht or Joshi festival celebrations. On the directives of Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) Managing Director Junaid Khan, in-charge of the Tourist Information Centre […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 13 May 2019

Following were rupee exchange against major currencies on 13th May 2019. Rupee has slightly depreciated in the open market and this trend is likely to continue in the coming days and months. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 141.40 141.50 US$ (Open Market) 143.00 143.50 Saudi Riyal 38.10 38.50 […]