Jul 282012
Historical Chart of gold prices in Pakistan

Gold Prices in PKR from January 1995 onward. Per Gram prices are approximate. Prices are based on data from Index Mundi. Troy ounce= 31.1034 Grams Gold – Monthly Price (Pakistan Rupee per Troy ounce & per Gram) Month Price Troy ounce Change Price per gram Jan-95 11,705.85 – Rs. 376 Feb-95 11,663.14 -0.36% Rs.375 Mar-95 […]

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May 022009
Historical chart of Pakistan rupee exchange rate vs US dollar

Following is the chart of rupee exchange rates against US dollar. It is interesting to see that between 2001 and 2007, the exchange rate remained almost the same but with the start of rise in oil prices and lawyers movement in Pakistan, the rupee totally collapsed.   In my personnel opinion, the major contributory factor in […]

Feb 162018

Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan As per Azerbaijan`s Central Election Commission (CEC), Presidential Election will be held on April 11, 2018. Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on February 5, 2018 announcing extraordinary presidential election in Azerbaijan. According to the order, the extraordinary presidential election will be held on April 11, 2018. A total […]

Feb 142018

ALI SUKHANVER The war being fought in the name of the Liberation of Balochistan is a war in which the commanding warriors are simply sitting in luxurious rooms, smoking precious cigars, riding the most comfortable limousines and enjoying a lot of VIP protocol in European countries. Seems their masters are taking a good care of […]

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Feb 062018

ALI SUKHANVER  Shakurbasti is an area in the northwest of Delhi; a few days back this area became the focus of all attention because of a really unbelievable, really a shocking incident. A 27-year old man raped his eight-month-old cousin; a baby-girl. The incident is no doubt another blob of shame for the Shinning India […]

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Feb 032018
کينسر سے بچنے کے طريقے

  فیصل ظفر ہر سال 4 فروری کو دنیا بھر میں سالانہ لاکھوں اموات کا باعث بننے والے مرض کینسر کے حوالے سے لوگوں میں شعور اجاگر کرنے کے لیے عالمی دن منایا جاتا ہے۔ 2018 میں کینسر کے عالمی دن کا مرکزی خیال ‘ ہم کرسکتے ہیں، میں کرسکتا ہوں’ ہے، جس کے ذریعے […]

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Jan 282018

ALI SUKHANVER One of the most painful and agonizing problems of today’s world is the increasing use and production of drugs and narcotics. The developed countries like UK, USA, Japan and even the countries like Pakistan and India have been trying their best to put a strict check on the production and use of narcotics […]

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Jan 272018
Change in process of car imports by overseas Pakistanis

The Ministry of Commerce on Monday issued a clarification for the information of general public and stakeholders including overseas Pakistanis about the recent decisions taken for streamlining the process of facilitating import of used vehicles in the country. Overseas Pakistanis have the facility of importing used cars under Baggage, Gift and Transfer of Residence schemes. […]

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Jan 252018

ALI SUKHANVER Joys and sorrows; success and failure; blames and appreciations; life is certainly a strange collection of contradictions. On one hand the world around has joined hands together to blame and defame Pakistan for religious extremism, inter-sect intolerance and for patronizing terrorist and terrorism but at the same time on the other hand there […]

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