Pak rupee exchange rates 19 August 2019

Following are Pakistan rupee closing exchange rates against major currencies on 19th August 2019. Pakistan rupee remained stable against all currencies. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 158.70 158.80 US$ (Open Market) 158.50 159.00 Saudi Riyal 41.80 42.20 UAE Dirham 42.80 43.20 EURO 174.50 176.50 UK Pound 190.75 192.75 […]

Online vehicle registration in Punjab

After receiving a lot of complaints on Citizen’s Portal, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered Interior Ministry Punjab to immediately introduce online vehicle registration and token tax payment system in Excise Department. PM has also asked ministry to submit implementation report within ninety days. All the branches of National Bank […]

Pak Rupee exchange rates 16 August 2019

Pakistan rupee slightly lost value against US dollar in the interbank market on 16th August 2019. Following are closing exchange rates against major currencies in the open market. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 158.95 159.06 US$ (Open Market) 159.00 159.50 Saudi Riyal 42.00 42.40 UAE Dirham 43.00 43.40 […]

Pak rupee vs US dollar exchange rates history

Following are Pakistan rupee exchange rates vs US dollar starting from 7th January 2019 0nwards. For exchange rates prior to January 2019, please click below link; US$ INTERBANK Market OPEN MARKET DATE BUYING SELLING BUYING SELLING 7-Jan-2019 138.90 138.94 138.80 139.30 14-Jan-2019 138.93 138.95 138.60 139.20 16-Jan-2019 138.86 138.91 138.80 […]

وزیر اعظم کا ہنرمند جوان پروگرام 1

کامیاب جوان پروگرام کے بعد اب وزیر آعظم کے ہنرمند پروگرام کا آغاز کیا جا رہا ہے جس کے تحت نوجوانوں کوجدید  ترین ٹیکنالوجی کی تربیت دی جاۓ گی۔ اس پروگرام کے تحت سالانہ ایک لاکھ پچاس ہزار نوجوانوں کو نۓ زمانے کی تکنیکی مہارت فراہم کی جاۓ گی تاکہ […]

Pak rupee exchange rates 9 August 2019

On the last working day before Eid holidays, rupee has slightly depreciated against US dollar but overall market remained stable. Following are closing exchange rates on 9th August 2019. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 158.40 158.50 US$ (Open Market) 158.300 159.30 Saudi Riyal 41.70 42.20 UAE Dirham 42.70 […]

Pak rupee exchange rate 5 August 2019

Pakistan rupee is in appreciation mode from the beginning of the last week and the same trend continued today as well. Below are the closing exchange rates on 5th August 2019. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 158.50 158.60 US$ (Open Market) 157.80 158.80 Saudi Riyal 41.65 42.05 UAE […]

Second phase of Asset Declaration/Amnesty scheme

Islamabad: Second phase of Asset Declaration/Amnesty will starts from 3rd August 2019 and will continue until 30th June 2020. Those who fail to declare their illegal assets and submit wealth statements until 2nd august 2019 can regularize their movable and immovable assets by paying heavy taxes. From 3rd August until […]