Historical chart of Pak rupee exchange rate vs UAE Dirham

Following is historical chart of inter bank exchange rates starting from January-2000. Open market rates slightly differ from inter bank rates.

14.1613.97UAE Dirham3-January-2000
14.2014.00UAE Dirham1-June-2000
14.2014.00UAE Dirham3-January-2001
17.3917.25UAE Dirham1-June-2001
16.4716.33UAE Dirham3-January-2002
16.4716.33UAE Dirham1-June-2002
15.9015.85UAE Dirham3-January-2003
15.7615.70UAE Dirham3-June-2003
15.6715.62UAE Dirham3-January-2004
15.7515.70UAE Dirham3-June-2004
16.2316.17UAE Dirham3-January-2005
16.2816.23UAE Dirham3-June-2005
16.3016.25UAE Dirham3-January-2006
16.4216.36UAE Dirham3-June-2006
16.6016.55UAE Dirham4-January-2007
16.5616.51UAE Dirham4-June-2007
16.8716.82UAE Dirham3-January-2008
18.2118.16UAE Dirham3-June-2008
21.4821.43UAE Dirham3-January-2009
22.0622.00UAE Dirham3-June-2009
23.0122.95UAE Dirham4-January-2010
23.2823.22UAE Dirham4-June-2010
23.3323.28UAE Dirham3-January-2011
23.4023.35UAE Dirham3-June-2011
24.4524.39UAE Dirham3-January-2012
25.4325.38UAE Dirham4-June-2012
26.4626.41UAE Dirham3-January-2013
26.7826.72UAE Dirham3-June-2013
28.6428.59UAE Dirham3-January-2014
26.8226.76UAE Dirham3-June-2014
27.3327.28UAE Dirham2-January-2015
27.7227.66UAE Dirham3-June-2015
28.5128.45UAE Dirham4-January-2016
28.4828.42UAE Dirham4-June-2016
28.4228.37UAE Dirham3-January-2017
28.5128.45UAE Dirham1-June-2017
 30.08 30.03UAE Dirham2-February-2018
 31.10 30.35UAE Dirham21-March-2018


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  1. Pakistan currencies is losing the ground day by day. I request our leader to find the way to strong our currency Kuwait is sending back 800000 by 2020 UAE is charging more government fees on expertise (example : put one Diram in toilet in order to clean your butt. UAE residence are free) Saudi is loosing money on proxy war Yameen Qatar is investing in built the Palestine
    Muscat is opening the marker for Iranian. Our Pakistan brothers are working in Gulf will come back soon to Pakistan.Please make economy work forget the political and mullah barking.