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ALI SUKHANVER Hundreds of human rights victims, activists, diplomats, journalists and student leaders are invited to attend a summit which is organized on the eve of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s main annual session every year in the month of February. This summit is known as the Geneva Summit […]

Online vehicle information in KPK, Punjab & Sindh

Vehicle registration records can be checked online from excise and taxation department websites in Punjab KPK and Sindh. Please click below to check vehicle record registered in KPK Vehicle record registered in KPK Please click below to check vehicle record registered in Punjab Vehicle record registered in Punjab Please click […]

Islamabad online driving license verification system

Instructions Please read and following all instructions carefully so you can get Verification Letter/NOC without any delay. Please keep your original Driving License with you while filling the form for verification. Fill all information correctly. Do not auto type dates, selected from calendar. Please do not use “HOTMAIL” email addresses to […]


ALI SUKHANVER Is there any difference between a cow and a human being? If this question is asked somewhere in the Hindu majority area of India the answer would be a clear-cut ‘Yes’. All Hindus would say, “A cow is more sacred than a human being because it gives us […]