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Pak rupee falls to new low against major currencies-25-1-2023

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Pakistan rupee depreciated against the dollar on Wednesday after the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan removed an unofficial cap on the exchange rate. Following are the exchange rates as at 12.00 PM on 25th January 2023.

US Dollar (USD)250.50252.50
  British Pound (GBP)308.50311.50
  Saudi Riyal (SAR)66.6567.30
  Emirates Dirham (AED)68.8569.50
  Turkish Lira (TRY)13.0014.50
  EURO (EUR)272.75275.45
  Japanese Yen (JPY)1.891.92
  Australian Dollar (AUD)177.00180.00
  Canadian Dollar (CAD)186.50189.50
  Thailand Baht (THB)8.009.00
  Chinese Yuan (RMB)38.0041.00
  Inter Bank231.00231.50

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