DHA Bahawalpur development charges and plot possession info.

DHA Bahawalpur has announced possession of selected plots in Sector A and B along with 2.2 million development charges to be paid in eight equal installments. Owners of select plots can apply for possession after the payment of first installment. List of plots available for possession Development charges information Instructions […]

Overseas Pakistanis exempted from bio-metric verification

اوورسيز پاکستانی بایومیٹرک تصديق سے مستثنی قرار ۔سٹیٹ بینک نے ہدایات جاری کر دیں۔ The State Bank of Pakistan has exempted overseas Pakistanis from biometric verification and has allowed them to continue operating bank accounts in the country as the verification is aimed at unearthing fake accounts to combat money […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 3 June 2019

Following were rupee exchange rates against major currencies at close on 3rd June 2019. The rupee has slightly weakened against US dollar in the interbank market. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 148.60 148.90 US$ (Open Market) 147.80 148.50 Saudi Riyal 38.80 39.30 UAE Dirham 39.80 40.50 EURO 164.00 […]

Banks to provide customers account data to FBR

UPDATE: as reported in the other media, non filer account holders having 50 million rupees in their accounts will be sent letters, not 500000 as reported by the News and daily Jang. بینکوں نے ایف بی آر کو 17 جون تک ود ہولڈنگ اعداد وشمار دینے کی حامی بھرلی، 5 […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 1 June 2019

Following are rupee exchange rates against major currencies on 31st May and 1st June 2019. Rupee has strengthened in interbank as well as open market. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 147.85 148.15 US$ (Open Market) 147.50 148.50 Saudi Riyal 38.70 39.50 UAE Dirham 39.60 40.50 EURO 162.50 167.00 […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 30 May 2019

Rupee value remained stable against all major currencies at close on 30th May 2019. Following are open market exchange rates. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 148.00 148.50 US$ (Open Market) 148.50 149.50 Saudi Riyal 39.00 39.70 UAE Dirham 40.00 40.60 EURO 162.50 166.50 UK Pound 185.00 189.00 Japanese […]

Pakistan rupee appreciation continues 27-28 May 2019

A surge in supply and falling demand pushed dollar in the open market to 149.50 which is 50 paisa less compared to Friday. In the interbank market, the dollar traded at Rs149.60 as compared to Rs-150.90 in the last session on Friday, a decline of Rs-1.30. Main reasons for this […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 25 May 2019

Following are the Pakistan rupee exchange on 25th May 2019.Rupee has further strengthened against all major currencies. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 150.75 150.90 US$ (Open Market) 150.00 151.00 Saudi Riyal 39.10 39.70 UAE Dirham 40.20 40.80 EURO 164.00 168.00 UK Pound 187.00 191.00 Japanese Yen 1.33386 1.35386 […]