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Imran Khan’s Exclusive Interview on Sky News 30th May 2022

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A true leader, speaks his heart. Pakistan has not seen such a brave and honest leader in its history after the death of creator of Pakistan, Qaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Although Pakistan has seen brave leadership in ZA Bhutto and Benazir but they were lacking in honesty and weren’t able to do something good for the country. The problem is that dominant western powers do not let such leaderships flourish in poor countries and are removed by hook or by crook. We can see what happened in Egypt in the recent past. Iraq, Libya and Syria are other examples of recent events. In Turkey, the attempt failed due to public bravery. Iranians succeeded in toppling the western backed regime but have paid heavy price for it.

 Pakistan has always been under the influence of United States. Pakistani’s economy is dependent on the loans and aid provided by western countries and major part of it is transferred back to those countries through corrupt mafia. A reasonable number of high-ranking officials in civil and military establishment serve their interests and settle in those countries after retirement.

Under such circumstances it is very easy for the US to topple any government in Pakistan and I doubted if IK will ever return back to power and even if it happens, his life will be under threat. I wish my assessment is wrong but it is based on hard realities of the past.

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