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Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui 

 Mostly we are not afraid to try again, we are usually afraid of getting hurt again for the same reason. Here we go again with mixed signals of those uniformed extra ordinary minds perusing their same old ambitious minds under camouflaged helmets to settle their personal scores. Here we as ordinaries go again of course with our second thoughts of utter confusion and despair. Here again behind the curtains the intriguing party of same old boring clowns is busy round the clock preparing dubious backdrop to  wide spread air of  public unrest and uncertainty. Here again through their pet rented army of faceless men & women every evening on their silver screens sit wearing blood red lipsticks and dandy neckties at hilt of their bottoms calling shots of their pay masters. As members of advance party propagandists they all sit on screens as pseudo intellectuals to prepare the ground for restart and re-play of same old show against herd of bloody civilians on seats.  In the name of country in doom these self-proclaimed sacred holy cows always take the glory of being saviors of this land of pure.  Here again ongoing undercurrent is the refueling of their smoke screen machines to re-start  their old beaten up flop redundant show on stage. That same old typical good for nothing show of grab and grub primarily for prolonged stay on saddle of power and prerogatives.  They crash all gates to stay for another decade merely on their personal acumen of nothing else but jacks of all trades master of none.

They come along with their rented team of change agents for mere exercise of trial and errors consecutively for 10 years but cannot even bring about a slightest change to run a charge meter of motor cab rickshaw what to talk of running trains on time and solving other endemic life line problems of this country like construction of kalaBaagh dam, uprooting of corruption, providing health & care, alleviating poverty, provision of clean drinking water, adulteration and bla bla. Many a times in the name of uprooting corruption on shoulders of their troops in command like midnight jackals the sacred commanders climbed over the fences of PM house merely to settle their personal scores and humiliate that sitting bloody civilian. Thereafter their redefined, redesigned and reinvented system of uprooting corruption and providing justice they simply strengthened and patronized the corrupt but their favorite elements.

To prolong their stay and stronghold with all connivance, partying and partnering with the than prevailing opposition of previous lot at helms,  their performance predominantly remained at hands  of  already known and established but exorbitantly expensive but  corrupt professional and practitioners to further destruct Civil Institutions. In the name of turning around the economy of this country through their expertise they raised fascinating bubbles of economy but finally left the country as a state of nothing else but re-scheduled with huge debts of International institutions.

In brass band farewell march they unfortunately left behind all civil institutions like Pakistan Railways, WAPDA, Pak Steel, Civil Defense and so many others in conditions none the less then surrendered, withdrawn and abandoned broken posts and bunkers by troops from captured territory. Specially referring to last Khaaki regime that took over the helm of affairs under ultra-high propagation to revitalize the image of country in the world community yet their International acceptance and credibility could not fathom a single project of sizeable foreign investment. They for years ran around   pillar to posts of Beijing to draft their credit plague on CPEC but were paid no considerable and fruitful heed and attention by Chinese power quarters.

New and old ambitious men and women busy in their efforts to once again derail  the system to once again blow up the inconsistency in the name of change must now quickly realize and understand that change by itself is the most beaten up, broken and torn apart trumpet of this millennium. The slogan of Change in this contemporary age is mainly blown-up by power hungry enthusiasts for their own vested interests and for even more exploitation of societies. Gone were the days and gone were the heroes that used to inspire us and stand for our dreams. Gone were the people who simply lived and we watched them how they lived to follow their role model in society.  Gone were the men and women of solid substance who perused their ideologies of change through their in-built personal power of wisdom, truthfulness, grace, humility, consciousness in their character.

But now in today’s tough challenging world leadership here there everywhere does not require power of wisdom, humility and truthfulness all what required anywhere is the mob endorsement. Therefore my friends, Change by itself is nothing else but the face dial click click & tick tick of time clock on walls. Let the time take its own course of actions.  Let alone the face dial of time clock arms consistently run the process of natural filtration of bad and ugly for good.


All those already proven failed desperado actions and reactions in the name of change through dictatorial disruptions again and again could never help to comfort our present neither could ever help to make our future, they instead made us collide with our future and we are continuously eroding ourselves and others.

Again the responsibility on shoulders of sane minds, intelligent  and patriot sons of soil in this Pak Land must seriously try to redress the balance  primarily through constructive, healthy and civilized institutionalized approach rather than once again through same old midnight destructive measures and dirty tactics  only in quest to their  personal motives and ambitions of settling personal scores. Mind You all, our personal hate and love for each other may go along with us in our own graves but country will remain here to live to nurture our generations.

2 thoughts on “OH NO, NOT AGAIN”

  1. This debate of Democracy Vs Monarchy and Anarchy and bla bla is not at all new. Its an institutionalized debate continued ever since the inception of various systems of polity and politics in this world. My friends We can also continue with our never ending opinionated arguments primarily under influence and imbibed perceptions and our own likes and dislikes and as per our own love and hate of faces one against the other. As far performance Dr Ataa Ur Rehman sahb with due respects to his personal standing and sincerity of purpose in his profession i humbly submit that i do not quite agree with his reforms in Education mostly in collaboration of mainly corporate sector to convert Education into a Industry. In my opinion his total measures of commercialization of education through street schools and universities made the education drastically miserably far reaching like snow on peaks of K2 specially for parents of lower and middle class parents. I know how much i had to suffer financially and socially to get my children graduated.

  2. With due respect to the writer, I totally disagree. All the people in power corridors represent the society as a whole and the society is at its worst right now.
    Our so called democratic system has miserably failed to deliver or bring any change in the society because politicians at the helm of affairs do not have vision and capability to do that. A sane person cannot dream of coming into power in present democratic system, only influential families in each constituency rotate power between them. They use money to win elections and when in power, make money for next elections. Their aim is to remain in power regardless of dictatorial rule or democracy. People like Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman and Javed Jabbar performed very well during dictatorial rule of Musharraf but were thrown out when political elite shared power with the dictator. Pakistan is in search of a visionary leader who could bring a change for the sake of our future generations but right now, there is no hope at the end of the tunnel.

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