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Muhammad Javed

Talking with Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in his residence on 24 June 2014, Mubashar Luqman the popular Anchor mentioned the general surprise of the masses that while Qadri was very critical of the present rulers during the most critical moments of his confinement in the Emirates plane at Lahore Airport, Qadri accepted the “hand” of Mohammad Sarwar Chaudhary the Punjab Governor a diehard supporter of Nawaz Sharif.  Dr. Qadri while denying it and explaining his side of position added that he was surprised how “belittle” the official protocol, Nawaz Government had provided to Governor.

I am not with Dr. Qadri in his alluring slogan of so called revolution but I am always appreciative of his religious and general knowledge, his non ethnic and non-sect thoughts and his dedication to the free delivery of teaching of Islam.  Dr. Qadri’s response to the Anchor has added in my mind a further feather in the list of God given abilities to him that he had a too sharp “observation”.  In the plane there was a panic like situation each passing minute adding anxiety to all stakeholders i.e. the nation, the government, political parties, media but more particularly to Dr. Qadri himself, but yet he was not confused at all and despite mist in the air, could well judge the actual protocol being enjoyed by the Governor.


His Excellency Mohammad Sarwar Choudhry was on 22 May 2014 on one day visit to Bahrain along with some other elected representatives including Maj.Gen ® Quyum, the most obedient loyal of Mian Nawaz Sharif.  H.E Mohammad Sarwar honoured the ordinary Pakistani community by meeting and addressing in the over packed auditorium of the Pakistan Club in the capital city Manama.  None from the Government of Pakistan representatives here in Bahrain were accompanying him on the occasion which is a “must” norm in the diplomatic ethics.

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