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Islamabad: Dream scheme nearing reality

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will open tenders for the development of the dream-housing scheme, called Park Enclave on Monday next. To begin with, the Authority will start the construction of a boundary wall and an access road to the project. As many as 18 prominent construction companies have purchased the tender documents from the CDA to show their keen interest in the development work of the environment-friendly housing scheme on the Park Road here. CDA Chairman Engineer Farkhand Iqbal said on Saturday that the Authority would kick-start the construction work of the scheme once the tendering process was completed. “After start of the boundary wall, the development of the allied facilities will also initiate.” Chairman Iqbal said the CDA had secured 100% possession of the land for Park Enclave. He said the whole area of the housing scheme had already been demarcated. Shedding light on how the development process would progress, the CDA chairman said: “The [development] work will be completed as early as possible. Park Enclave will have underground utilities, a water treatment plant, the rainwater harvesting mechanism, some open-air restaurants, a clubhouse, and controlled access at its main gate.” Iqbal disclosed that the CDA has started a new era of development activities in the federal capital, adding that development of residential sectors was at top of “this new approach”. Park Enclave is the only environmental-friendly model housing scheme in the heart of Islamabad. The scheme has a great significance as it is not only ideally located (only 4 km from Islamabad Club), but it is also conveniently accessible from all major roads such as Kashmir Highway, Park Road, Lehtrar Road, Kuri Road and Islamabad Highway. The civic amenities include a mosque, school, clubhouse (with a swimming pool), squash courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, facilities for indoor games and a gym etc. Also, it has parks, land earmarked for children to play on, shopping malls, walkways, a jogging track, and a CDA enquiry office. The infrastructure facilities include minimum 50-foot wide streets and 150ft-wide main boulevards, redesigned services ducts and an underground electricity and gas system. Daily Times

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  1. CDA launched a house scheme “Park Enclave” in July 2011 when Malik Riaz also announced his Bahria Enclave in the same area. CDA set a price Rs. 12 million compared to Rs. 6 million of Bahria Enclave. A key reasons of CDA for setting up double price a number of features and an attractive layout plan offered in the brochure and the website. CDA made a frime commitment to handover the plot in 18 months. However, after a lapse of one year CDA did not carry out any development activity in their Park Enclave instead supported Malik Riaz his Bahria Enclave through different means including intentional delay in Park Enclave. CDA collected approx 2 billion rupee and continue utilizing it on their other projects and administrative expenses . Now, after a lapse of one year , CDA has changed the layout plan unilaterally and most of the attractive features have been omitted. Green area in the original plan was 60% now reduced to only 28%. There are other features which are not included in the revised plan. On the top of that, CDA has allotted (through fixed balloting) all the prime location plots to politicians and other influantials including a journalist and rest of the applicants have been thrown in depression and in a land across the Nala (which was not in the original plan). A list balotting on CDA website is self explanatory and clearly demonstrate how CDA benefited politicians to secure their fraudulent affairs. The key politicians who have been obliged are Qamar Zaman Qaira, Dr. Fahmida Mirza, Ismail Sheikh, Faisal Karim Kundi, Imtiaz Safdar Waraich, Aijaz Husain Jakhrani, Perviz Rashid, etc.
    We are tax payers of this country and contribute much more than above politicians. But unfortunately, with the given fraudulent affairs of CDA mafia , we seem to be helpless to protect our interests and even don’t know who to request for help in this country when some of the journalists (Rauf Klasra) are also beneficiaries. We are writing this with the hope that someone might take a notice of this fraud and help us secure out hard earned money from these looters .

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