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History is going to repeat itself very soon. The people of Pakistanmust be ready for another episode like that of the Abbotabad Hunting. Zawahiri is in Pakistan; assured the gracious lady Hilary Clinton talking to media in Kolkata, a few days back. She further said in the same interview, “You have to go over those who are trying to kill you. You have to be focused on that.” Hilary is no doubt very much true in her concept of pursuing those who are trying to kill you. Her approach in this regard must be sincerely followed by all those who are being consistently under the target of their oppressors, sometimes in the form of terrorists and sometimes in the shape of exploiters. It seems that the so-called Islamic extremists are also following the same philosophy of chase n hit as expressed by Hilary Clinton. They are always going over those who are trying to kill them. It is simply the game of Cat and Rat but the positions of Tom and Jerry keep on changing. Unfortunately this game is going to end nowhere; neither the Tom nor the Jerry seems willing to give up but what about millions of those who have nothing to do with either of the two opponents. Be it the 9/11 incident or the Mumbai Blasts or the every day showering drone attacks on blameless people of Pakistan; we find millions of guiltless lives at stake. Who is going to compensate for this wholesale massacre; world is looking towards Hilary for a satisfactory answer to this question.

Prosperity is impossible without peace; those who have sources, power and authority and who claim to posses a will to make this world a heaven on earth, will have to do a lot in quest of peace and prosperity throughout the world. Running after the enemies and making more enemies are absolutely two different phenomena. WhateverUSis doing in the name of global war on terror is simply adding more to the number of enemies. When a blind drone runs after a target, though it succeeds in hitting that target but along with that it takes lives of so many innocent children and women also. This brutality gives birth to a long row of those who are always eager to take revenge of their innocent loved ones and the names of such people are ultimately added to the long list of those who are a grave threat to theUSsecurity and survival. Things must be reviewed and revised. It is never wise to make more enemies by generating more hostility and nurturing more hatred. The story beginning from the killing of Osama is not going to end at the killing of Zawahiri. One day dear Hilary will have to admit and accept the fact and reality that killing of Osama and Zawahiri is not the solution to the problem; new Osamas and Zawahiris would replace the older ones. Efforts must not be concentrated upon the uprooting of enemies but on making more friends and taking care of the older ones.Pakistanis no doubt a time-tested companion of US; it must not be looked at with suspicious eyes. An air of disbelief and distrust on the part of US forPakistanwould prove disastrous not only for theUSinterests in the region but also for the whole world. It is something noteworthy that even among theUSpolicy makers, there are countless brains which consider Pak-US relationship the most urgent need of time but unfortunately theUSpolitical set up is in complete hold of the Jewish lobby that is why things never succeed in taking a positive change. As far as the American nation is concerned, one finds a great honour and respect for finest sublime human values there. The American history is replete with the names of the people who proved with their thoughts and actions that they belong to a great nation. Cameron Muter, theUSambassador toPakistanis also one of such marvelous characters. According to media reports, Cameron Muter intends to leave his office atIslamabadafter serving just over eighteen months without completion of his prescribed tenure. During all that timePakistanand US had proved the most challenging and difficult partners. Media reports say that Mr. Muter has some reservations regardingUSapology on the Salala incident and the drone attacks. Even in case of head-money on Hafiz Saeed, Mr. Munter had a different point of view. Most of the impartial analysts are of the opinion that Mr. Minter was not ‘a good fit with the Obama administration.’ Whether Mr. Munter stays inPakistanor leaves for his country, whatever be the situation, one thing is very much clear; people like Munter are inevitable for a long lasting relationship betweenPakistanandUSA. He is a true representative of the American nation; a nation which really knows how to honour and respect sublime values of life. Mr. Cameron Munter is surely not among those whose thoughts and feelings are influenced and controlled by the Jewish lobby. His stay inPakistanwould be in the larger interest of both the countries. He might be lacking in ability of running after the enemies but he has a magnificent capability of making more friends and taking care of the older ones.


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