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Urdu poetry

Amazing Jameeluddin Aali & Tayyeba Aali – Session II

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Aalis Speak to JustujuTv

نوٹ: اردو تعارف انگلش ورژن کے نیچے ملاحظہ فرمائیں۔

Salaam. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to Justuju Tv Channel programs now shown at your favourite website OPFBlog.Com.

You are watching the second episode of Justuju Tv series “Best Friend+Living Legend”, about the life and works of the outstanding and an ideal Pakistani ex Senator Nawabazadah Dr. Jameeluddin Ahmed Khan Aali, Pride of Performance and Hilal e Imtiaz Pakistan.

In this episode Aali Jee and Tayyeba Aapa are seen in a light hearted mood and having some fun with old memories.

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