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Professor Ali Sukhanver


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Ali display picGurdawara Panja Sahib is a Sikh temple located 48 kilometers away from Pakistan’s very important city Rawalpindi in Hassan Abdal and is considered one of the most sacred places of worship for the Sikhs from all over the world. It is visited by thousands of Sikh and Hindu pilgrims twice every year. A few weeks back, I had a chance of visiting Gurdawara Panja Sahib in precious company of Dr. Ali Ahmed Kharal who is a world renowned educationist and author of a research book ‘Humanism & Pakistani English Novel’.  Gurdawara Panja Sahib is no doubt a majestic building with a unique historical background built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh somewhere in the 15th century, according to some historians. My intention of going to Hassan Abdal was to visit Cadet College Hassan Abdal too which is the first Cadet College in Pakistan and was established at the initiative of General Muhammad Ayub Khan, the then Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army. Though Hassan Abdal is a Muslim majority town but all around the Gurdawara one could find a lot of Sikh residents. The government of Pakistan has provided them all facilities, all basic rights and all possible security. They say, ‘Pakistan is our own homeland; it is the land of Gurdawara Panja Sahib, so it is very dear and sacred to us.’ Coming out of the Gurdawara, we met an old Sikh Sardar in a street leading to the town. I have forgotten his name but his hopefully glittering eyes are still in my memories. He said to me, ‘We shall build a very grand mosque in Khalistan and safeguard it, just to thank our Pakistani Muslim brothers for the care they shower upon us and our places of worship in Pakistan’. I don’t know when the Sikhs would succeed in getting an independent homeland of their own but I am very much sure that they would certainly build a grand mosque when they succeed in materializing their dream of Khalistan. Sardar Jee promised to invite me to the first National Day of Khalistan when Khalistan comes into being. God knows better what is the present status of the Khalistan Movement but the hope-glittering eyes of Sardar Jee seemed very much confident that things would be alright soon.Read More »UNDERESTIMATING THE SIKH COMMUNITY



Ali Sukhanver “Targeting Mecca and Medina is the only way to save US from the attacks of the Muslims”, said Tom Tancredo, the US presidential candidate in Election 2007. Tom Tancredo belonged to the Republican Party. During his election campaign he earned a lot of popularity among the extremist strata of the American society by suggesting that the sacred Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina should be attacked if America is attacked. According to the various media reports published in different western newspapers of those days, it was not for the first time that Tom Tancredo issued such a conflicting statement.  Earlier in 2005 also he had expressed the same kind of opinion regarding attacks on the sacred cities of the Muslims. In May, 2012, the Daily Mail UK published a report with the title, ‘Bomb Mecca’. The report referred to a course organized for the young U.S. Read More »THE WESTERN DESIRE



Ali SukhanverThe whole of the Indian society is under a cloud of fear and horror, every one forecasting some drastic terrorist activity during President Obama’s visit to India in the last week of this January. It is being apprehended that the terrorists would give a ‘warm welcome’ to President Obama on the Indian lands. All security and intelligence agencies of India, all analysts of Indian TV channels and all columnists of Indian newspapers are stressing upon the same apprehension. In short this terror-forecast is wrapped up in such an immaculate type of certainty that it seems no one can save India from the hazards of terrorism on this occasion. Let us pray to God Almighty that He may save India and President Obama from every type of terrorist activity during the said visit because if any thing went wrong , the Indian authorities would simply push the whole ‘credit’ to Pakistan. Read More »THE TERROR FORECAST



ALI SUKHANVERThe Boston Review published an article of C. Christine Fair on 16th of last October with the title, Is Pakistan in ISIS’ Crosshairs? C. Christine Fair is a well known American analyst on South Asian political and military affairs and a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies as well as of the Council on Foreign Relations. She is also a senior fellow with the Counter Terrorism Center at West Point. She is considered a very staunch advocate of the US policies in the South Asian Region. The article says, ‘Pakistan has long been home to international terrorists, including al-Qaeda and the masterminds of 9/11, as well as the Taliban and numerous other Islamist militant groups. According to C. Christine Fair ‘Militants are a fundamental component of the country’s foreign policy, and Pakistan’s army and intelligence organizations have developed a virtual zoo of Islamist militants of varying creeds to conduct operations in India and Afghanistan. Coupled with Pakistan’s history of nuclear proliferation, this makes for a toxic cocktail of concern.’Read More »PRODUCTION AND EXPORT OF TERRORISM