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February 2015

Signal-free highway from Rawat to Zero Point

Islamabad: CDA has approved PC1 for the construction of signal free highway from Zero Point to Rawat.
PC1 has been approved at the cost of Rs 24 billion. Under this project a 10-lane 25 kilometer long highway will be constructed from zero point interchange to Rawat. The project will be completed within two and a half year. Noman Sheikh has been appointed as project director for the accomplishment of this work.Read More »Signal-free highway from Rawat to Zero Point


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Ali SukhanverHave you ever heard of a landslide dam? A landslide dam is also known as Debris dam or Barrier Lake. It is a natural damming of a river by some kind of mass wasting: debris flow, rock flooding or landslide. Some landslide dams are higher than the largest existing artificial dam. The water locked away by a landslide dam may create a lake-like dam reservoir which may last from short times to several thousand years. According to river-water experts landslide dams very often fail ruinously and lead to downstream flooding because they don’t have properly controlled spillways. Landslide dams become the reason of two types of flooding: upstream flooding upon creation and downstream flooding upon failure. Though the formation of a landslide dam is purely a natural process and no one can stop or start this process but sometimes this natural process aggravates the hatred and enmity between two already hostile neighbouring countries. The same type of aggravation seems in process; says the South Kashmir Civil Society, SKCS, in a recent statement. ‘Amidst huge trust-deficit between India and Pakistan, the Zanskar River landslide -dam -breach can trigger a war like situation between Pakistan and India, the two hostile nuclear neighbouring countries of South Asia’ warns the SKCS.Read More »NEIGHBOURS AGAIN ON THE BRINK OF WAR


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Ali SukhanverIs it true that President Obama is going to visit China soon? Might be true might not be true but we cannot deny the urgent need of his visit to China. Obama’s recent visit to India no doubt brought India and US closer to each other but at the same time this visit widened the already increasing distances between China and US. The warming up of Indo-US relations especially in the nuclear sphere poses a direct threat to the Chinese national interests and the Chinese leadership is very well aware of this severe threat to China. A few months back, the CNS China published an article with the title, ‘China and the Nuclear Tests in South Asia’. The article said, “China is now facing a new and potentially more dangerous security environment. Its nuclear neighbors have doubled following the nuclear tests of Pakistan and India in the South, joining Read More »REBALANCING STRATEGY FOR CHINA

Transparency, Fair-Play, Equal Opportunity and Free Choice in the Uzbekistan’s Presidential Elections 2015

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Presidential Elections 2015 will be held on March 29, 2015 in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Following is given the logical debate indicating the sagacity of political system, importance of elections and… Read More »Transparency, Fair-Play, Equal Opportunity and Free Choice in the Uzbekistan’s Presidential Elections 2015

Uzbekistan’s President Strong Commitment towards further Politicization and Democratization

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan H.E. Islam Karimov the President of Uzbekistan once again showed his strong commitment towards further politicization and democratization process in the country. Most recently, he addressed the first joint session of… Read More »Uzbekistan’s President Strong Commitment towards further Politicization and Democratization