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Transparency, Fair-Play, Equal Opportunity and Free Choice in the Uzbekistan’s Presidential Elections 2015

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

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Presidential Elections 2015 will be held on March 29, 2015 in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Following is given the logical debate indicating the sagacity of political system, importance of elections and democracy and the Republic of Uzbekistan’s electoral readiness. It shows the correlation between the political stability and macro-economic sustainability in Uzbekistan. It also values having a transparent mode of goverance, level of delivery, and above all socio-economic development in the country.

Bible of Modern Democracy and Elections

Transparency, fair-play, equal opportunity and free choice are the Bible of modern democracy and elections. Their just execution tends to open the numerous ways of further political stability, democratization and socio-economic sustainability. Their ideal combination promotes spirits of decency, rule of the law and accountability in the systems and societies. The upcoming Presidential Elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan will be held on March 29, 2015. Keeping in view all the socio-economic reforms and further politicization and democratization process in Uzbekistan definitely, it will be contested on the international standards of elections.

Concept of People’s Free Choice

Concept of people’s free choice is one the main pillars of modern mode of governance around the globe. It is done through direct vote (USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran etc.) and indirect vote (Pakistan, India, Bangaldesh etc.). It reflects collective wisdom of its local people. It upholds the international standards of fair-play, transparency and impartiality in the electoral process. Ultimately, it translates people’s choice in shape of parliament and recently held parliamentary elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the prime example of it.

Golden Principles of Modern Democracy

To honor the golden principles of modern democracy i.e. transparency, fair-play, equal opportunity and free choice, elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been announced. It will be done through direct vote and free choice of the land will determine the fates of all the four participating presidential candidates.

H.E. Islam Karimov Nomination

H.E. Islam Karimov has been nominated for the next presidential elections by the Congress of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. Election campaign for the presidential election has already been started since December 26, 2014. All the four political parties are contesting the Presidential elections 2015.

Different Aspects of Direct & Indirect Vote Mechanism


Holding of Presidential Elections through direct vote is a healthy sign for politicization and democratization drive in Uzbekistan that all existing political parties in the country the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milly Tiklanish” and the Social Democratic Party “Adolat” expressed their willingness to take part in the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan have already submitted necessary documents to the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan.

Immaculate Conception of incumbent President Islam Karimov

By any international standard of governance, socio-economic prosperity index, diplomacy, foreign policy or visionary capabilities, among the presidential candidates incumbent President Islam Karimov is highly educated and politically articulated. He has vast experience of governance and decision making. He has also inbuilt qualities of true leadership, conflict resolution and diplomacy. Under his presidency the Republic of Uzbekistan has revolutionized its economy, politics, civility and all spheres of life, production, and above all human capital.

4Ps of Ancient Human Civilizations and Modern Political Systems


It is sacred lesson of all the ancient human civilizations and modern political systems that 4Ps (President, Prime Minister, Parliament, People) has always been act as strategic assets. They have been playing crucial role in the development of important organs of the state and national capacity building. Their convergences promote peace, harmony and tolerance in the given society. Their better understanding spread the spirits of accommodation, production and progressiveness.

Undue & Injustice Divergences

On the other hand, their undue and injustice divergences create havoc in the societies. Due to which H.E. Islam Karimov the President of Uzbekistan has rightly stressed the need to have joint and giant efforts among all the important organs of the state, major stakeholders and of course people to achieve the desired goals of qualitative life, high growth rates, diversification of economy, vibrant political, responsible media, participatory role of NGOs and the last but not the least, massive participation of the people in the decision making process in the country.

Approval of a Constitutional Legal Procedure

The Uzbek Senate the upper house of Uzbek parliament has already approved a constitutional legal procedure entitled ‘On the next elections to representative bodies of state power and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan’. The previous presidential elections were held in Uzbekistan in 2007 when Islam Karimov was elected as a President for seven years.

Central Elections Commission of Uzbekistan

The CEC adopted a decision to determine March 29, 2015 as the day of elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with Article 117 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Article 2 of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Ensuing Elections to Representative Bodies of Government and of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Results of Parliamentary Elections 2014


The results of the parliamentary elections 2014 confirmed once again that Uzbekistan is entering a qualitatively new level of development of the political system, in which powers of the parliament are being expanded and the role of civil society institutions further strengthened. It is hope that the forthcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan will be another important step towards building a democratic constitutional state.

Rigorous Financial & Economic Reforms

Uzbekistan has maintained high rates of GDPs, FDIs, industrialization and knowledge based economy due to rigorous financial and economic reforms. Moreover, atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness and tolerance, inter-ethnic and civic harmony reigned in Uzbekistan. H.E. Islam Karimov has consolidated aspiration to preserve and cement the peace and calmness in every home of the Uzbekistan during his presidency.

Complete Transformation of Macro-Economy


During his presidency Uzbekistan has transformed its macro-economy from a raw-material based economy to knowledge-based economy. Its economy has grown 4.1 times, and in per capita terms it multiplied at least threefold. The public external debt of the country never reached beyond to 16 percent of the GDP, while the internal debt has a zero valuation, amid the mounting volumes of exports and gold and currency reserves. It attracted more than US$ 56 billion of FDIs. The volume of capital investments in 2013 is to make up US$14 billion, which is 23 percent of the GDP.

Gradual Introduction of Reforms & Dividends

History and case studies of so many countries around the world uphold the importance of gradual introduction of reforms (economic, & financial). Chile, Argentina, Kenya, Mali, and Mexico initiated rapid economic liberalization and privatization process in their countries which brought economic illness and political chaos. Gradual openness of the Uzbekistan economy/market to international market, slow and steady introduction of financial and economic reforms and above all step-by-step journey towards further politicization and democratization ultimately stabilized Uzbekistan and now due to which it is one the emerging economy in the world.

Blessings of Strategic Vision

Due to his strategic vision about social development the average life expectancy has increased by 7.5 years (from 66 years to 73.5 years for men while women’s life expectancy has risen to 75 years); the proportion of children with low body weight has decreased more than twofold (from 4 percent to 1.8 percent), and their average height increased by 3 centimeters (1.2 inches); agricultural production has increased twofold in the last 20 years, while grain production has increased from 1 million tons to 7.8 million tons, turning the country into an exporter of wheat; and the last but not the least, land for cotton production has been halved and the freed space given to food crops.

Importance of Human Resource Management

According to Uzbekistan’s official figures salaries, retired pays, student stipends and social allowances are expected to rise by at least 22 percent, while the real incomes of the population are anticipated to grow by 10 percent. For small businesses and farming enterprises, the rate of integrated social payment is going to be reduced in the New Year from 25 to 15 percent.

Uzbekistan Comparative Advantage


During his presidency Uzbekistan is comparatively ahead of its neighbors in Central Asia. Among the different categories, Uzbekistan showed relative strength in the Nutrition and Basic Medical Care index (92.1) that includes such subcategories as undernourishment, food deficit, maternal mortality and stillbirth. In the category Access to Basic Knowledge, with subcategories such as adult literacy and lower and upper secondary school enrollment, Uzbekistan scored 94.29.

Value of Open Society

Right from the beginning Islam Karimov the truly President of People wanted to have an open society, independent judiciary, institutionalization of corporate governance, and rigorous legislation for the prosperity of his people. Time and again he also pinpointed drawbacks in the functioning of the Parliament and its subordinate institutions in the country which needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Priority Objectives for 2015

President of Uzbekistan initiated the Concept of Intensification of Democratic Reforms and Formation of Civil Society in the Country which has already defined priority objectives for 2015 and the ensuing years. It has become a strategy for our prospective development. During his regime major proportion of the budget has been utilized on the social sector. Moreover, in the New Year 2015 nearly 60 percent of the national budget will be assigned for the advancement of the social sector. Special attention will be focused on the further development of healthcare, education and upbringing, science, culture and arts, sports. Human dimension will also receive an advanced development.

Respect for Elderly

The President of Uzbekistan has declared 2015 as the “The Year of Attention and Care for Elder Generation”. It is a noble initiative ensuring the welfare of the elders and makes their lives even more meaningful.

Energy and Food Security

During his presidency Uzbekistan has achieved important strategic objectives in energy and agriculture self-sufficiency. A constant implementation of large-scale modernization policies/ programs/reforms and a technical and technological renovation of enterprises involving the most advanced technologies has accelerated the development of high-tech industries such as energy, oil, gas, non-ferrous metal, chemical, textile, machinery, automobile, pharmaceutical and microbiology industries, which are the engines of our economic growth.

A Dynamic Political System


Now, Uzbekistan has a stable and dynamically developing political system, with a bicameral parliament. Necessary changes have been institutionalized which ensure the free and active participation of citizens, political parties and other civil society institutions in the implementation of the most important tasks of social, economic, political and legal development of the state. Thanks to the visionary leadership and people’s friendly presidency of Islam Karimov.

Further Democratization Drive

Uzbek leader Karimov addresses parliament during an inauguration ceremony in Tashkent

Accordingly, in March 2011 the Law ‘On Introduction of Changes and Amendments to some Articles of the Constitution of Uzbekistan (Articles 78, 80, 93, 96 and 98)’ was adopted. The Law aims at further democratization of state power and management, ensuring a more balanced distribution of powers between three subjects of the state authority: the President (head of state), Legislative and Executive branches. A part of the President’s authority was transferred to the Senate, while the Prime Minister’s powers were strengthened. It shows his strategic thinking towards the further politicization and democratization process in the country.

High Turnout Expected

Furthermore, it is hope that the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for March 29, 2015 will also be held at the highest organizational level. The cohesion of the Uzbek people and responsible approach to participation in important political events lead to the conclusion that the presidential elections 2015 in Uzbekistan will be as successful as the parliamentary elections 2014 with high voter turnout.

Concluding Remarks


Path of glory, political stability and socio-economic sustainability heavy rests on the continuity of the “SYSTEM”. Knowledge based economy and further deepening of politicization and democratization process in the Republic of Uzbekistan is also dependent on reforms/policies/programs, protection of basic human rights, generation of jobs and respect of human capital and as truly leader H.E. Islam Karimov the President of Uzbekistan has already achieved miracles. Now he is doing his level best to bring all the possible changes at every level for the welfare of the masses. Presidential elections in Uzbekistan will be held on the basis of total transparency, fair-play, equal opportunity and the last but not the least people’s free choice. Keeping in view H.E Islam Karimov unlimited national services during his presidenecy, He would be Ultimate Victor in the upcoming Presidental Elections 2015 in Uzbekistan.

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