Signal-free highway from Rawat to Zero Point

Islamabad: CDA has approved PC1 for the construction of signal free highway from Zero Point to Rawat.
PC1 has been approved at the cost of Rs 24 billion. Under this project a 10-lane 25 kilometer long highway will be constructed from zero point interchange to Rawat. The project will be completed within two and a half year. Noman Sheikh has been appointed as project director for the accomplishment of this work.
CDA will complete this project under self-finance scheme. Service roads will be built on both sides from zero point to Rawat. Interchanges will be constructed on 8 points including I-8 Chowk, Sohan, Khanna ;Pull, Karal Chowk, PWD Scheme, Sihala Mor and GT Road crossing. A new loop will be included in existing Faizabad fly-over so that vehicular traffic flow from Murree Road could be provided access to IJ Principal Road, which is not available at the present. Underpasses will be constructed at two points to connect service roads. One underpass will be constructed in-between Lehtrar Chowk and Karal chowk and second underpass will be built between PWD and Karal chowk. This highway has been designed to meet the needs of next 20 years. With the construction of this highway, the distance between Rawat to Zero Point will be covered within almost 25 minutes.
CDA will invite tenders from construction companies on the basis of design cum construction formula.

2 thoughts on “Signal-free highway from Rawat to Zero Point”

  1. Very good step taken by federal govt, Highway condition is very bad and now its really need maintenance.If quality material is used by constructor in this project then it would last for decades. On the other hand mostly govt projects get delayed and did not complete on time.Lets see what happen next.

  2. Project preparation for a signal free Murree Road from Saddar to Faizabad has formally started. The work on the mega project is expected to start in the next year. Under this project, under passes would be constructed at the two busier squares of the Muree Road – Marir Chowk and Liaquat Bagh. Preparation of feasibility reports for the project has started.

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