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September 2012

Overseas Pakistani’s will not vote in Next Elections

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): The Election Commission of Pakistan has decided that 4 million overseas Pakistani’s will not be able to exercise their right to vote from their country of residence; meanwhile election commission has said that overseas Pakistanis could use right of vote after returning to Pakistan.

It was also decided during the meeting, that voting will take place again, at polling stations reserved for women, where voter turn out is less than 10 percent.Read More »Overseas Pakistani’s will not vote in Next Elections

CDA proposes City Centre for Islamabad

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 By Muhammed Anis (The News)

 The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has submitted a plan to the prime minister to give the federal capital a ‘City Centre’.

 CDA Chairman Farkhand Iqbal told ‘The News’ on Wednesday that the ‘City Centre’ would be developed in Sector F-12 with inclusion of a portion of Sector F-13 for which a complete plan along with maps has been finalised. “The plan has already been submitted to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for his final nod,” said the CDA chief while disclosing the plan.Read More »CDA proposes City Centre for Islamabad

Islamabad sectors C-15 and 16 to be launched soon

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 The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is contemplating to revive the 1996 Land Acquisition Policy in order to compensate owners of Built up Property (BuP), constructed on land falling in Sectors C-15 and C-16.

The 1996 Land Acquisition Policy was given by then PPP government according to which landowners with 300 square feet established structure are to be compensated with a 138 square yard plot while land owners with construction area of 500 square feet are entitled to get 233 square yard plot.Read More »Islamabad sectors C-15 and 16 to be launched soon

‘Intel Inside’ ignites mobile branding war

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SAN FRANCISCO: As the mobile computing wars heat up, chipmakers that supply the crucial components inside smartphones and tablets aim to grab more of the glory. Not content to remain in the shadows of hot consumer brands like Apple or Samsung, chipmakers — including Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia — want consumers to get to know the processors that power their mobile devices.Read More »‘Intel Inside’ ignites mobile branding war

Impact of power crisis in Pakistan and the solution

 By Iqbal Sheikh

Seldom, if ever, employers and employees (malik aur mazdoor) agree on anything. They have come together in the face of massive load shedding in having a common nemesis – the local Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). This mutual suffering and sorrow has brought them together away from their history of creative antagonism, at least for now. Losing a job in a power loom shed in Faisalabad is just the beginning of a powered slide into hell.
Read More »Impact of power crisis in Pakistan and the solution

Genesis of ‘Pakistan’s current power crisis’ by economics

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By Iqbal Sheikh

The Planning Commission now reckons that load shedding cannot be eliminated in the next decade or so. When we look around and inside the pipeline, we see the reason for this despondency. The mood on the street and the corridors of power is not entirely unjustified. Besides the power sector seems to be in a race to the bottom with the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as to who has higher cash, taxpayers and burn rate.
Read More »Genesis of ‘Pakistan’s current power crisis’ by economics


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Today the Muslims all over the world including Pakistan are protesting over a film which not only made fun of the Islamic teachings and preaching but also tried to (God forbid) disrepute and defame in a very derogatory manner the most honorable, respectable and no doubt the most precious man ever born since after the creation of the universe, the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but no one from the western world is willing to pay any heed to this protest. The whole of the western world is calling the making of this film ‘the freedom of expression’. Freedom of expression may go to hell; this was the title of an SMS which I received a few days back. “When the Muslims speak against the brutalities of the Blacks, the western Christian world calls it racism, when the Muslims protest against the atrocities of the Jews; the west calls it extremism, when the Muslims stress their women to observe ‘parda’, the same society brands this act as ‘gender discrimination, but when the western Christian world attacks the Read More »THE REAL FACE OF EXTREMISM

ISLAMABAD: Nadra starts issuing Smart Cards

By Shakeel Anjum (THE NEWS)

The National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) has started issuing Smart Cards, the most secure national identity card of the world, containing 36 security features, sources told ‘The News’ on Monday.

First Smart Card has been issued on the name of Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan, the sources said adding that Director General (DG), Nadra, presented the first card to President Asif Ali Zardari in President House on Monday night.Read More »ISLAMABAD: Nadra starts issuing Smart Cards