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Today the Muslims all over the world including Pakistan are protesting over a film which not only made fun of the Islamic teachings and preaching but also tried to (God forbid) disrepute and defame in a very derogatory manner the most honorable, respectable and no doubt the most precious man ever born since after the creation of the universe, the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but no one from the western world is willing to pay any heed to this protest. The whole of the western world is calling the making of this film ‘the freedom of expression’. Freedom of expression may go to hell; this was the title of an SMS which I received a few days back. “When the Muslims speak against the brutalities of the Blacks, the western Christian world calls it racism, when the Muslims protest against the atrocities of the Jews; the west calls it extremism, when the Muslims stress their women to observe ‘parda’, the same society brands this act as ‘gender discrimination, but when the western Christian world attacks the dignity of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), this notorious action is projected, supported and favoured as the freedom of expression. Why this injustice; why this unfair prejudice and why this discrimination; not very difficult to answer. This all is because of our own weaknesses and fragility of our position in the world. How painful is the reality that Islam and the Muslims all over the world are being insulted ridiculed and mocked at but they are so helpless that they could do nothing but smash their own properties, burn their own houses and destroy their own assets; certainly this is not the solution to the problem. Today every Muslim has a lot of questions in his mind; where Al-Qaida is and where are all those who claim to be the caretakers of the Muslims and Islam. Why don’t they have courage to kidnap and slaughter the throats of the bastards who are behind all this humiliation of our dear Holy Prophet (PBUH)? Why don’t they intrude theUS lands and burn the offices and the studios of the film-makers behind this humiliation? It is the time when all the Muslim militants must come forward and tell the world that no compromise could be done as far as the sacred and sublime personality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is concerned. If they don’t step ahead, the world would believe the statement of Former French military intelligence officer Pierre-Henri Bunel, who once said in a report, “ Al Qaeda is simply an Intranet (A technology to share information, operational systems, or computing services within an organization) the CIA used to call up reserves of mujahedeen to engage in specified terrorist actions, much like those seen during the past few years in the remote-control bombing of civilians in Damascus, Beirut, Baghdad, various Libyan and Pakistani cities, Aden, and other locales., all carried out by Al Qaeda or its off shoots.”



Ridiculing the Muslims, victimizing the followers of Islam and targeting their holy places is nothing new particularly on the part of the western Christian extremists in collaboration with the Jews and the Hindus. The Wired Magazine published a report in May 2012 regarding the details of an eight-week course at the US Defense Department’s JointForcesStaffCollegein Norfolk, Virginia. The magazine referred to Lt Col Dooley’s presentation at the course which was arranged there somewhere in July 2011. The officer said:We have now come to understand that there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’. It is therefore time for theUnited States to make our true intentions clear. This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction.” The officer further added, “A possible war plan must be imposed to materialize a forced transformation of Islam. That is the only way to reduce Islam to a cult status and to threatenSaudi Arabia with starvation.” The course included a strategy plan which taught the US military officers that US needs  ‘Hiroshima’ tactics to wipe out entire Muslim cities to protect Americans in a ‘total war’ against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims. Taking war to a civilian population ofMecca andMedina or wherever necessary, is all that US needs badly in the present geo-political scenario.

It is no doubt the innocence of Muslims that till now they have not recognized their actual enemy, they are always eagerly waiting for a friendly hand fromAmerica. Unless the Muslims come out of their baseless and illogical world of imagination, things could never go in their favour. Be it the blasphemous caricatures or the burning of the holy Quran by Terry Jones or publishing of the books like Satanic Verses or making of insulting films like Innocence of Muslims, they will have to show a very strong reaction; but that reaction must not be limited to raising slogans and blocking their own roads and killing their own people; it needs something more that directly affects the American areas of interest throughout the world. It is a day-light fact that it is not an easy thing to challenge the dictatorial authoritative position of US particularly for those who have guns in their hands but they have to look towards theUS for the bullets.

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