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September 2012

Ambassador Jamil, Chairman FBR discuss issues of Overseas Pakistanis

Associated Press of Pakistan


Associated Press of Pakistan

 Pakistan’s Ambassador to United Arab Emirates Jamil Ahmed Khan had a meeting with Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Ali Arshad Hakeem in which he took up complaints of Overseas Pakistanis who were harassed at different airports in Pakistan. “Overseas Pakistanis are a valuable asset of the country who are contributing in the uplift of national economy by sending record remittances to their homeland. They must be respectedRead More »Ambassador Jamil, Chairman FBR discuss issues of Overseas Pakistanis

Development work in Islamabad Sector G-14 to start within couple of days

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By Muhammad Anis (The News)

At last, the development work in stalled Sector G-14, which was launched about nine years back, would kick off in the next few days.

A senior official of the Ministry of Housing told ‘ The News’ that the development work would be started in sub-Sector G-14\2 and G-14\3 within couple of days. “The development activity is being initiated on the land which is in our possession,” said Federal Secretary Housing and Works Kamran Lashari, when contacted by ‘The News’.Read More »Development work in Islamabad Sector G-14 to start within couple of days

Productivity analysis of Pakistan in the last 50 years

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 By Khawaja Muhammad YousafM

 Pakistan is a developing country in South Asia having a total estimated population of 177 million in 2011. The total civilian labour force is 58.41 million out of which 55.17 million is employed. At the time of independence in 1947, Pakistan was an agrarian economy where the contribution of agriculture towards gross domestic product (GDP) was 53 percent during the fiscal year 1950. However, major shifts in the sectoral shares have been occurred since then as the shares of agriculture, industry and services sectors towards GDP during fiscal year 2011 were 20.9 percent, 25.8 percent and 53.3 percent, respectively. Read More »Productivity analysis of Pakistan in the last 50 years


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A few media groups, some journalists and so many NGOs belonging to the Indian lobby in Pakistan are now-a-days earnestly working for the approval of free-trade facilities between Pakistan and India. If unluckily approved, such trade policy would prove a catastrophic disaster for Pakistan.  The ever-worst energy crisis in Pakistan has badly affected the industrial sector. The industrial units which have the capacity of working round the clock are compelled to work only for six to eight hours a day. This situation is not only making lives of the labourers a hell but also increasing the cost of production. Moreover unfriendly taxation policies of the government and callous behaviour of government official with the Read More »DON’T WE CALL THEM TRAITORS?

Pakistan among bottom-20 in Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013

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 * Falls 6 points on the Global Competitiveness Ranking to 124th place among 144 economies

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has been ranked among the bottom 20 of the 144 economies around the world in the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2012-2013, released on Wednesday by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

According to the GCR 2012-13, Pakistan lacks a long-term view of competitiveness. The level of corruption and poor governance are some of the factors slowing down Pakistan’s economic growth, therefore ranking Pakistan at 124 among 144 other countries on the index. The WEF ranks countries on more than 100 economic indicators comparing 144 countries.Read More »Pakistan among bottom-20 in Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013

ISLAMABAD: Coal Fuelled Power Generation Conference 2012

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 ‘Energy crisis has slashed GDP growth by 2-3%’

* ARL CEO emphasises urgent need for accelerating efforts for development of indigenous, cheaper energy resources

By Ijaz Kakakhel (Daily Times report)

Pakistan is faced with crippling energy crisis, which has resulted in slashing gross domestic product (GDP) growth by 2.0 to 3.0 percent.

This was stated by Attock Gen Limited (AGL) and Attock Refinery Limited Chief Executive Officer Adil Khattak during the first Coal Fuelled Power Generation Conference 2012. The conference was organised by AGL on Wednesday.
Read More »ISLAMABAD: Coal Fuelled Power Generation Conference 2012

The knowledge economy and internet use in Asia

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How big is the impact of the Internet’s potential on Asia, including the impact on development of the knowledge economy?

We all have a sense that the information and communications technology (ICT) industry has transformed social media, education and the way business is done. But we are not sure what is the best way to use the knowledge economy to propel our future growth.In 1973, American sociologist Daniel Bell predicted the arrival of the post-industrial society by 2000, with a world dominated by the service industry, high-value professional and technical employment, and innovation driven by scientific research.Read More »The knowledge economy and internet use in Asia

India far behind Pakistan and China in nuclear technology: experts

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By Asif Mehmood (Daily Times report)

 * Nuclear experts say Indian missile technology inferior to that of Pakistan

* Indian delivery systems have reliability issues

LONDON: The world’s leading nuclear experts have revealed that Indian nuclear technology and capabilities are far behind than its putative adversaries, Pakistan and China.

Hans M Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists and Robert S Norris, Senior Research Associate Natural Resources Defence Council Inc, Washington, in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists revealed that for New Delhi, the principal means of weapons delivery remains fixed-wing aircraft like the Mirage-2000 and the Jaguar. Unlike Pakistan and China, which have substantial deployed missile arsenals, India’s missile force is lagging, despite the test-launch of the Agni V in 2012.Read More »India far behind Pakistan and China in nuclear technology: experts

LAHORE: Asma questions transparency in Arsalan Iftikhar case

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 Veteran lawyer Asma Jahangir has said that there were numerous reservations and questions with regards to the Arsalan Iftikhar case. She proposed to call a Scotland Yard team to probe the case if country’s institutions were not trustworthy for judiciary.

While talking to media at Lahore High Court Bar Association, Asma said that the Supreme Court was not meeting the requirements of delivery of justice in the case of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s son, Arsalan Iftikhar.
Read More »LAHORE: Asma questions transparency in Arsalan Iftikhar case