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January 2012

Second phase of New Islamabad (Benazir) Airport to be completed by September

National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence was informed on Monday that the second phase of the new Benazir International Airport would be completed by September 2012.

The airport is being constructed by a Chinese company, which is the world’s fourth largest construction company. The total cost of the project is is Rs 63 billion. “The first phase has been completed while the second phase will be completed by September 2012,” said a press release.

The committee meeting, chaired by Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, was apprised that the cargo operation could be started in December 2012 and the main problem being faced in the project was the road network, which was to be completed by the National Highway Authority (NHA). The committee stressed the NHA to take appropriate steps for timely completion of the project.Read More »Second phase of New Islamabad (Benazir) Airport to be completed by September




Throughout the world, Pope Benedict XVI is recognized as a symbol of kind heartedness, affection and love for humanity not only by his followers but also by a great number of Muslims. People rank him as a beacon of compassion and sympathy for the whole of humanity. In his traditional beginning-of-the-year address to diplomats at the Vaticanhe said, ‘In many countries Christians are deprived of fundamental rights and sidelined from public life; they endure violent attacks against their churches and their homes.” He urged greater religious tolerance around the world and said referring to the assassination of a Christian Pakistani minister Shahbaz Bhatti that the killing of Bhatti was ‘not an isolated case’. Shahbaz Bhatti Read More »HELPLESS CHRISTIANS OF INDIA

Health benefits of sleep

AS lifestyles get busier and more packed these days, the average person is almost always faced with the temptation of giving up on sleep to get more productivity. After all, the availability of more and more part-time, particularly home-based pursuits makes money-making not only possible but also a very attractive task. Or, other people may choose to forgo sleep for social commitments, particularly after a busy week full of stressful work. While their body craves sleep, their being social beings demand longer periods of night socializing, resulting in a body deprived of sleep one way or another.
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If remained unsolved and unresolved, the memo-gate issue may prove fatally catastrophic and lethally disastrous for the hard-earned and ever-dreamed democratic system inPakistan. Though time will decide whether this issue is a conspiracy against democracy or an evil plot against the military institutions ofPakistanbut one thing is very much clear that some of our own people are playing as a tool in the hands of the conspirators. Thanks to God Almighty, we are blessed with a very honest bold and independent judiciary which is looking into the matter and the whole of nation is very much confident that things shall be alright very soon. But outside the courts, unfortunately some of the short-sighted conspirators and connivers are trying to turn the tables on those who caught the perpetrators and defame them with the help of using social media as well as through some concurring TV anchors.


Beware of E-waste as great health risk

By Tariq Farid/Daily Times

Hazardous E-waste has become one of the biggest health risks of this century in Pakistan, with rising trend of bulk imports of used and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment from the West, taking full advantage of “yet to be enacted E-waste laws” in the country.

The people, especially the youth, are buying ‘E-Waste of the West’ as branded computers due to lack of awareness about the grave risks it is posing to the environment, human life and animals.
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