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A Meeting with Bushra Zulfiqar, the emerging Pakistani writer

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She has charm and conviction. Our correspondent sat down with the 28 years old Bushra Zulfiqar, the extremely beautiful human development activist whose memoir A Daughter’s Heart has just been released.

 Q: – A lot of media attention is coming your way since your book has been released. What is the most absurd thing you have heard about it?

A: – I am very happy about the book being talked about in so many different quarters. People have been writing fairly positive reviews too but the most absurd thing I hear is that I am too young to have written an autobiography. That boils me.

 Q: – Isn’t it quite right to say though?

A: – No, it is not. Autobiographies are real life stories and I don’t think that a certain age qualifies you to tell your story. Someone aged sixteen might have gone through a body of really powerful experiences so should that person wait to turn eighty before sharing it all? Life is short and one should not postpone much to the unreliable age arithmetic.

 Q: – You have just finished writing a book. What is the most important thing for a writer and what specifically made you interested in writing?

A: – Good reading led me towards writing. I had been an avid reader all my life, ever since the age of eight and good reading always inspired me. Words have a power of their own and the nature of this power is quite transformative. If you have someone guide and direct your reading, it is very likely to become a rewarding habit. That was my case.

As for the most important thing for a writer, I think firstly it is conviction. A writer should have something to say and the courage to say it truthfully. Writing cannot be controlled but you have to somewhere lose yourself in the process. Only then the narrative reveals itself to you.

 Q: – What are your hobbies?

A: – The little free time I have is mostly spent reading. I do like to travel and sometimes I cook as well. So not very specific hobbies but I do believe in enjoying life and spending time with my family and friends.

 Q: – What keeps you going every single day?

A: – Caffeine

 Q: – You are young, beautiful and accomplished. What else do you want from life?

A: – It is kind of you to say so but I feel life has only begun and there is so much more to learn. Living in a world which has such stark inequalities between the rich and poor, between men and women and majority groups violently pre-dominant over others, there is so much around us which needs to change. I do want to use my pen to draw attention towards the problems people of my country are facing and live a purposeful existence. So till there is life, there can be no end to that struggle.

 Q: – Any plans for settling abroad?

A: – Never say never but here I say it: Never.

Q:- Your favourite couplet?

A: – It’s a poem by Robert Frost. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

 Q: – We wish you all the success for this book and throughout the miles. It has been a real pleasure and honor to meet you. 

A: – Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

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