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If remained unsolved and unresolved, the memo-gate issue may prove fatally catastrophic and lethally disastrous for the hard-earned and ever-dreamed democratic system inPakistan. Though time will decide whether this issue is a conspiracy against democracy or an evil plot against the military institutions ofPakistanbut one thing is very much clear that some of our own people are playing as a tool in the hands of the conspirators. Thanks to God Almighty, we are blessed with a very honest bold and independent judiciary which is looking into the matter and the whole of nation is very much confident that things shall be alright very soon. But outside the courts, unfortunately some of the short-sighted conspirators and connivers are trying to turn the tables on those who caught the perpetrators and defame them with the help of using social media as well as through some concurring TV anchors.

Particularly some internet websites including the Twitter and the Face Book are being exploited by the schemers in this regard. People belonging to a particular think-tank with a typical point of view, certainly supported by anti Pakistanforces, are misusing these pages for their own heinous criminal intriguing desires. Using fictitious anonymous names they are making appeals to the apex courts and the so-called international peace-makers to step into the situation and do something for the prosecution of the head of the ISI for hatching conspiracy against democracy. A website with the name of Human Rights Asia News is heading this anti ISI movement. It is being propagated that the Director General of the Inter Services Intelligence Agency, has planned a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected government and parliament by taking help from some Arab dominions who have a strong say in the affairs of the country. According to the propaganda details, in the first week of May 2011, Lieutenant General Shuja Pasha, the chief of the ISI, allegedly visited several Arab monarchies in a personal capacity and sought clearance for the army to take over the country.  According to Xinhua News, the London-based newspaper The Independent reported on 13th of December that Inter-Services Intelligence Chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha traveled to Arab countries in the first week of May, 2011 to discuss a move to oust President Zardari. Inter Services Public Relations’ spokesperson very sternly rejected this allegation that DG ISI visited Arab counties between 1 to 9 May and met any head of state in those countries. A legal notice has also been issued to the said newspaper for misreporting and distorting the facts.


Hurricane of blames and allegations against the ISI is nothing new-born particularly with reference to the Western media. So many western newsmen have wasted whole of their lives and all of their efforts in   blaming the ISI. Sometimes they try to dig out ISI’s links with Al-Qaeda and sometimes with Taliban. Be it the WorldTradeCentertragedy or the Mumbai blasts, one finds these ‘friends of Pakistan’ earnestly doing all their best to unearth the presence and involvement of the ISI in every act of terrorism. The people of Pakistanhave yet not forgotten the report prepared by Matt Waldman of the London School of Economics in which Matt Waldman had tried to prove that the ISI actively provides the Taliban with services such as funding, weapons and the training of troops. The report also blamed that numerous ISI officials are part of the Taliban’s council of war. Now same approach is again being adopted with reference to the Memo-Gate scandal. Along with the international conspirators some of our own media persons are also trying to colour the picture according to their own desires. They are doing their best possible to portray the Memo-Gate scandal as a plan chalked out by the ISI itself for the destabilization of the democratic government. As far as the Memo-Gate scandal is concerned, it is simply a case of National Security which is being politicized. Feeling the sensitivity of the case, the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Shareef requested the Supreme Court to look into the matter. The apex court honoured his request and formed a judicial commission for further inquiry into the matter. There is nowhere the ISI or the Pakistan Army, General Pasha or General Kayani, anywhere in the scenario. The commission is now trying to unveil the hidden truths and facts so that the real culprits behind all this mess could be brought to light.


According to the latest developments, as reported by the media, Miss. Asma Jahangir who is advocating Mr. Hussain Haqqani in the Supreme Court has refused to appear before the inquiry commission because she says she knows what is going to come out of this inquiry. Miss Asma Jahangir is a very well-reputed and widely-trusted lawyer with a very brilliant record of her services for the nation during the days of struggle for the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Her reservations regarding the inquiry commission would generate many suspicions in the minds of common public. The said commission consists of very experienced, sincere and competent judges whose integrity and honesty could never be called in question. Though she would be surely having very strong arguments for not appearing before the commission but if her refusal to appear before this commission is mistakenly taken as her distrust in the judicial system ofPakistan, things would proceed to an undesirable direction.


The Memo-Gate scandal is a reality, a conspiracy against the very foundations ofPakistanand no doubt a grave threat to the existence of the country.  A detailed probe into the matter would remove the clouds of doubts and suspicions if there are any. Mr. Yousuf Raza Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has very rightly said, “If there is no one behind this plot fromPakistanthen why to be afraid of?”  Pushing the Memo-Gate scandal behind the curtains means strengthening the enemies ofPakistanand weakening the whole of Pakistani nation. Be it the democratic government, the military establishment, the politicians or the people of Pakistan, it is the responsibility of each and every Pakistani to dig out the short-sighted conspirators who are unaware of the fact that Pakistan is not a sweet and soft cake placed somewhere in the show-case of a bakery ready to be swallowed in.



                 The writer is a Pakistan based analyst on defence and strategic affairs.

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