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May 2010



 Of brain, heart and hands, no doubt, the brain is always the most important gadget in the whole of human machinery. The brainless actions guided by an eager heart always lead to a whole-sale catastrophe. Successful are those who think well before they leap; whose actions are under the command of their brain not their heart. .The actual problem begins when our heart starts thinking and becomes the controlling authority of all our actions. Ruling all over the world without any sharing and interference is a natural desire of every living nation but most of the times this desire remains a dream when it is not patronized by the brain. At present the USA is trying to materialize its same type of dreams in a very irrational and illogical way; the dream of invading and conquering the countries like Pakistan.Read More »SOWING INJUSTICE REAPING TERRORISM

Resolving the energy crisis in Pakistan

Humayun Akhtar Khan

The total installed power-generation capacity in Pakistan is about 20,000 MW. At any point in time, only about 75 per cent of it is operational. Pakistan`s demand is around 15,000 MW. The operational capacity and demand seem to match. Why is it, then, that we are only able to produce a little over 10,000 MW these days, to suffer the huge load-shedding and industry closures? Read More »Resolving the energy crisis in Pakistan

Another Pakistan movement

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Ashraf Jehangir Qazi

In 1971 we lost more than half our compatriots who offered up joyful prayers of gratitude on their deliverance from the hell we chose to inflict upon them in the name of an “ideology” interpreted largely by our military and clergy neither of whom played any role in the Pakistan Movement.
Read More »Another Pakistan movement

The Case for Education in Balochistan-By Bushra Zulfiqar

Education is not only the path towards economic development and social progress but it essentially is also the push factor towards human excellence and intellectual liberation. It is the art of knowledge creation and the pursuit of unraveling the ultimate truths of universe, which intensely captivates human intellect. Education, if looked at objectively is the only way to achieve the God gifted potential of human mind, the brain power.Read More »The Case for Education in Balochistan-By Bushra Zulfiqar