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May 2010

Poppy love: forget heroin, start worrying about Khaskhash

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By Ikram Hoti

ISLAMABAD: Is Turkey the new poppy Helmand of Europe? Is the question worrying many key diplomats in Islamabad who are aware of the ongoing probe into the seizure of a 13-container load of poppy seeds (called Khaskhash in Urdu), which had been cleared by the Customs and had already been loaded onto a waiting cargo ship? What has set the alarm bells ringing is the realisation that only a highly organised network could have collected almost 224,000 kg of the commodity from small and medium traders, then packed it marked as rice, and bribed its way through Customs to ship the entire lot to Turkey, where a region is said to offer excellent soil and environment for growing poppy, which provides opium and which, in turn, is the raw material for producing heroin.Read More »Poppy love: forget heroin, start worrying about Khaskhash

Pakistan, Russia top list of ‘non-smiling’ nations

  Associated Press of Pakistan

Pakistan, Croatia and Russia have topped a list of countries where people sitting behind shop and office counters have a surly attitude and find it difficult to smile. Quoting a poll conducted by Nextep agency, Moscow News reported that only 34 percent of shop owners and officials in Croatia and Pakistan smile at people, while Russia came second with 65 percent.Read More »Pakistan, Russia top list of ‘non-smiling’ nations



 When the organizers of the SAARC conference in Bhutan were anxiously engaged in arrangements for their worthy guests from all over the world, all of a sudden, Madhoori Gupta, the Indian diplomat, became the focus of the ever eager and ever inquisitive world-media. She was arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan’s spy agency ISI during her stay in Pakistan. She was summoned to Delhi on the pretext of consultations regarding the 16th SAARC Summit in Bhutan and was handed over to the investigation agencies. Read More »MADHOORI-THE NEW HEROINE OF THE OLD STORY