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Diesel Powered Electricity Generators: Are they killing you!

The Diesel Generators: Are they causing environmental havoc!

JustujuTV — May 02, 2010 — JustujuTv 2010-017 Generators Killing the Innocent Citizens

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Diesel Power Generators Killing the Innocent Citizens of Karachi


گزشتہ دنوں اپنے ایک عزیز کے ہاں گزری، ڈیفنس، کراچی جانا ہوا۔ شام کا وقت تھا۔ بجلی کی بچت کا وقت ہوگیا، اور بجلی چلی گئی۔ میرے عزیز کے پڑوسیوں نے اپنے لان میں رکھا ڈیزل جنریٹر چلادیا، جس کے دھویں نے ہماری حالت غیر کردی۔ ہم بھی اپنےعزیز کے گھر میں لان میں بیٹھے تھے, جن کے ہاں یو پی ایس کی مدد سے چند آلات کام کررہے تھے۔ تاہم، پڑوس کی صورت حال کے پیش نظر کسی بھی شکایت کا کیا جانا اور اس جنریٹر کا اس وقت بند کیا جانا ممکن نظر نہ آیا۔

اس تجربہ کے بعد ہماری آنکھیں مزید کھلیں۔ ہم آتے جاتے جوہرموڑ روڈ پر عظیم رہائشی پراجیکٹ روفی لیک ڈرائیو کے فلیٹس، اور ان کے نیچے موجود تجارتی سرگرمیاں دیکھتے رہتے تھے۔ مزید غور و خوض کرنے سے یہ انکشاف ہوا کہ یہاں تو معاملہ بہت ہی سنجیدہ اور رنجیدہ ہے۔

چنانچہ آپ کے لیے یہ ایک مختصر رپورٹ پیش خدمت ہے۔ یاد رکھیے کہ اسی قسم کے ڈیزل جنریٹرز سے خارج ہونے والی زہریلی گیس سے دو نوجوان بچّے جاں بحق ہوچکے ہیں۔ یہ تفصیل جناب مسعود اشعر صاحب نے اپنے ایک حالیہ مضمون میں جنگ اخبارمیں ۲۲ اپریل ۲۰۱۰ کو دی تھی۔

Recently we visited one of our relations at Gizri, Defense, Karachi. It was late afternoon, and electricity load shedding time came upon us. Our relatives’ neighbours started their diesel generator kept and installed in their own lawns. Since we too were sitting in the lawns of the other home, we were deeply affected by the poisonous emissions of the large diesel generator.

Later we paid more attention to this phenomenon at places that we visit quite often, including the Multi-Buildings High Rise complex of Rufi Lake Drive, Gulistane Jauhar. And we were highly surprised by the level of problems faced by the residents of this great flats project.

Recently our dear Mr. Masood Asha’ar, in his column published on 22 April 2010 in daily Jang Urdu, Karachi, had reported about the death of two young men, that he knew, who were killed by similar poisonous gases emanating from a diesel generator.

So, here is a brief report for you about this unfortunate phenomenon.


A Few Tips on Energy Management:
(From a US State Advisory)

Conserve Energy:

Conserving energy is the first and most effective weapon against rolling blackouts.

Use timers and compact fluorescents for indoor/outdoor lighting, turn off computers, and copy and fax machines, minimize air conditioning use.

Shift Power Use to Off-Peak Hours:

Rolling blackouts happen during the periods of peak energy demand. Using equipment during off-peak hours dramatically reduces your chances of experiencing a blackout during operation—and also may save you money.

Brainstorm and Plan Ahead:

Challenge your organization / house-hold to come up with a plan for rolling blackouts, and to identify ways to conserve energy.

Use Battery Backup Systems:

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems can keep critical computers, fans and networks operational during a typical rolling blackout, at a much lower cost than backup generators.

If You Must Have Back-Up Power:

Buy or rent the smallest unit you can use, use it only when absolutely necessary, and consider the following options (in this order):

1-A natural gas or propane fired unit with catalytic controls.
2- A natural gas or propane-fired unit with no catalytic controls.
3- A gasoline-fired unit with catalytic controls.
4-A gasoline-fired unit with no catalytic controls.
5-A diesel-fired unit manufactured since January 1996 that is certified to meet EPA and CARB Tier 1 Emission Standards, and equipped with an exhaust particulate filter system. (US Standards)


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