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December 2009

How Pakistan survives

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By Zubeida Mustafa

WHAT keeps Pakistan afloat? How, despite its seemingly precarious political existence and the gloom and doom spread by the highly politicised media, as well as the horrendous bomb blasts, does the country manage to survive?

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Alliance between PIA, PRI to boost remittances from overseas Pakistanis

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Shaukat Tarin, Federal Minister for Finance said on Tuesday that strategic alliance between Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) would contribute towards enhancement of remittance flows through official channels and help the Government to achieve the goal of formalizing the remittance market in the country.Addressing a MoU signing ceremony between PRI and PIA held at State Bank of Pakistan, here he urged the overseas Pakistanis to make sure that they are transferring their hard-earned income through official channels into Pakistan.Read More »Alliance between PIA, PRI to boost remittances from overseas Pakistanis

Zardari at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh زرداری گڑھی خدا بخش میں

Zardari at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh زرداری گڑھی خدا بخش میں

صدر پاکستان جناب آصف زرداری نے بے نظیر بھٹو شہید کی دوسری برسی کے موقع پر ایک دل چسپ تقریر کی۔
اس دوران ان کا اعتماد بہتر، اور انداز بہت جارحانہ تھا۔
اس تقریر میں زرداری نے احتیاط کا دامن کئی بار چھوڑ دیا، اور حکومت دشمن عناصر کو سخت تنبیہہ کی۔Read More »Zardari at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh زرداری گڑھی خدا بخش میں


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After the departure of Ayub Khan I have never seen any scheme introduced or any law enacted with real honesty and intent for the benefit of the common man and for the nation as a whole.   Since 1971-72 whatever has been  done I saw it being done in the name of  and for the sake of “common man” raising the slogans “Awam kay muffad main” but actually all this was done ensuring that a hidden invisible door forthe vested interests remains open.  Read More »SYMPATHIES ALWAYS FOR CRIMINALS-Muhammad Javed

Pakistani Nation desires change of system

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By Mohammad Jamil

People of Pakistan desire a change in the system of elections and governance and not mere faces, as they have no choice but to vote for corruption-tainted politicians who in league with corrupt bureaucracy plunder the country’s wealth. The situation is that there is so much is to be done by every pillar of the state. So far as judiciary is concerned, it has tremendous backlog of cases in higher and lower courts. Of course, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has the will to revamp the judicial system. Parliament has to legislate to effectively deal with the threats to Pakistan’s internal and external security, and also to rein in those elements that are fighting proxy wars of foreign countries’ intelligence agencies.Read More »Pakistani Nation desires change of system