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Rana Ikram Rabbani-Introduction

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Rana Ikram Rabbani introduces himself

I have always been a vocal advocate of normal relations between neighbors based on the principle of peaceful-coexistence and relations based on tolerance, peace and love between different religious and faith groups. I have been writing articles to detoxify the minds of the People at large, convey to them “our” message of peace and non-violence and make them understand better “our” efforts to make this world a more peaceful and serene place to live for them and for the generations to come by joining hands to fight against terrorism.
I decided to launch Pakistan Center for Global Non-violence and SAFE (South Asians For Enlightenment) to contribute my share in peace efforts. After having been for o long time in politics, it was giving me a different feeling to be in this kind of activity. I was going to be involved in public affairs in a different way. This was also a kind of politics. Politics is much more than just elections and running for office. I always look at politics as a goal attainment activity for the welfare of the people. We need dedication to a cause with sincerity, discipline–determined goals and values. Within these parameters we can make the impossible, possible.
I feel encouraged that peace initiatives and efforts are appreciated at this point of time, when we are being driven towards clash between West and Muslim. This may not cause an all out war, but definitely result in bloody encounters. It is not enough to talk about peace, one must believe in it. It is not enough to believe in it, one must work for it. I believe that I can contribute more effectively for this greater cause by working within a larger organization or umbrella network working for Inter-faith and Inter-Religious peace, harmony and love to make this world a peaceful place to live.
With development of events following 9/11, Madrid, London and Mumbai things changed and it became very difficult for individuals to carry on within their own resources. Those who talk of peace don’t have the will and commitment, but those who have the will and commitment and a “dream” for peace, don’t have the resources. Unless all these don’t get together, victory for peace will remain a dream.
It is essential that we ensure continuing true efforts with the help of credible scholars from within and speak out forcefully and boldly against indiscriminate violence and in favor of democratic and peaceful engagement. The key challenge at the moment is to convince young people who are vulnerable to Taliban and AL-Qaeda.

Federal Government acknowledge the services in following words

A high-level committee has been established headed by Rana Ikram Rabbani, Minister for Health primarily with the task of ensuring sectarian, interfaith, peace and tranquility. The committee has undertaken the gigantic task of holding meaningful and result oriented meeting with religious leaders, the district and divisional administration. During these meetings, gravity of the problems has been identified and various steps were taken to maintain peace and order. The efforts of this committee were already crowned with success, which can be judged by the fact that despite charged atmosphere, impending threat of terrorism from forces inimical to Pakistan and life attempts on Minister, this period can be termed as the most peaceful in the recent history of the province. The committee, in view of its tremendous achievement, has been converted into Cabinet Committee.

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