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Obama, Pakistan and Mullah Omar 1

  Why Islamabad resists going after Quetta shura  LAHORE: No matter how many troops President Obama orders to Afghanistan, victory will also require a surge across the Pakistan border that the Taliban and al Qaeda-but not American GIs-cross easily. The President knows this, but he hasn’t made Pakistan’s help any […]

A city ‘turned around’? 3

Ahmad Rafay Alam A few days ago, I found myself in a room full of people who agreed that Karachi “has been turned around” and now “looks like a reasonably functioning city.” This impression had been brought about someone’s recent visit to the same city where gun-battles had claimed 28 […]

A Revolution will happen ! ایک انقلاب آئے گا

With the annulment of so called National Reconciliation Order (NRO), Parliament is standing still, along with a complete silence of the main opposition leaders and their party workers.
The bureaucracy finds itself in a tug of war, being pulled by two opposite forces of Law and Executive. If they follow their conscience they are bound to lose their jobs, and in case of not following the Law, they are sure to lose their integrity and faith. What ought to be done now!

Govt to launch new investment scheme for overseas Pakistanis

  * FBR chief warns chronic non-taxpayers to pay their due tax by 31st By Sajid Chaudhry ISLAMABAD: The government is considering to launch a new scheme for overseas Pakistanis to encourage them to invest in Pakistan. Federal Board of Revenue Chairman (FBR) Sohail Ahmed stated this while addressing the […]