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Feel younger and defeat old age

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The increasing age factor is commonly attributed to the fall of youth but people usually forget to think that youth remains in the backdrop of `desires and aspirations’ while older age is known to be losing charm in the beauty of life.

People, who lose charisma in their lives after being discouraged by their fellows, are widely witnessed to plunge into appalling state of affairs – the world of miseries, an opposite state of youth, said a study conducted by Voice of America.

It is widely understood that intolerance coupled with depression are the hallmark of old age, while youth lies with quite opposite things that deal with patience and sticking with the hope, despite being treated with the malpractices.

To live happily and surviving in every sort of circumstances have to be recommended as an essential component of life – which marks the difference between youth and older age. If we prefer to live lively, we may feel younger even at the age of 90. Let us find how adulthood creeps in our life. In general, people prefer to take rest while they approach to the old age. “Thus, a thought of not becoming able to do any work actually leads to the starting of old age”, the study added.

The following definition about inactivity of person to loose interest in the matters of life may be true at any stage of life that is why people even passing through their younger ages look older when they left to perform work.

Life, for them, as said above, proves nothing but just passing of time.

They comprehend themselves time to time that those spared movements of life will not affect them at all.

The study further unveils that every body has firm belief on death, then why life should not be spent with expressing zeal and interest in doing work. The things we enjoy in our youth should also infatuate in our older life- with the same feelings of pleasure and contentment – the catalyst to survive in youth.

Weakness of the body following with the whitening of hair should not be comprehended as approaching to the older age, but hopelessness, depression and losing charms with feeling lack of desires lead us into the former.

Happiness makes us to be younger looking, despite surviving in 90. Fulfilments of desires are actually meant of living in arena of youth, concluded the study. The News

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