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Dear Friends

Every day I receive a lot of emails from the visiting friends seeking my help to resolve their issues. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that I myself am an ordinary overseas Pakistani and cannot do anything good for them.  I wish I could be of some help for them but in most of the cases I find myself unable to extend a helping hand. Now I have decided to post all those complaints here.

I shall try to forward all genuine complaints to Overseas Pakistanis Foundation and other concerned departments, where possible. I would also like to request visiting friends to help the complainants if possible by giving them a better advice and provide useful information if they have it.

Today I have received a message from an overseas Pakistani lady residing in Qatar, which I am posting here.

I am also posting the details of the law against land grabbing, along with all the contact details of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation officials.


Law against Land Grabbing

The Gazette of Pakistan





Acts, Ordinances, President’s Orders and Regulations
Islamabad, the 6th July, 2005

The following Act of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) received the assent of the President on 30th June, 2005, is hereby published for general information:-


An Act to curb the activities of the property grabbers

WHEREAS it is expedient to protect the lawful owners and occupiers of immovable properties from their illegal or forcible dispossession there from by the property grabbers;

It is hereby enacted as follows:-

1. Short title, extent and commencement

(1) This Act may be called the Illegal Dispossession Act, 2005 It extends to the whole of Pakistan. It shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions

In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, “Court” means the Court of Session; “Code” means the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Act V of 1898); “occupier” means the person who is in lawful possession of a property; “owner” mean the person, who actually owns the property at the time of his dispossession, otherwise than through a process of law; and “Property” means immovable property.

3. Prevention of illegal possession of property, etc

(1) No one shall enter into or upon any property to dispossess, grab, control or occupy it without having any lawful authority to do so with the intention to dispossess, grab, control or occupy the property from owner or occupier of such property.Whoever contravenes the provisions of the sub-section (1) shall, without prejudice to any punishment to which he may be liable under any other law for the time being in force, be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to ten years and with fine and the victim of the offence shall also be compensated in accordance with the provision of section 544 A of the Code.

4. Cognizance of offence

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Code or any law for the time being in force, the contravention of section 3 shall be triable by the Court of Session on a complaint. (2) The offence under this Act shall be non-cognizable. (3) The Court at any stage of the proceedings may direct the police to arrest the accused.

5. Investigation and procedure

(1) Upon a complaint the Court may direct the officer-in-charge of police station to investigate and complete the investigation and forward the same within fifteen days to the Court. Provided the Court may extend the time within which such report is to be forwarded in case where good reasons are shown for not doing so within the time specified in this sub-section.

(2) On taking cognizance of a case, the Court shall proceed with the trial from day to day and shall decide the case within sixty days and for any delay, sufficient reasons shall be recorded.

(3) The Court shall not adjourn the trial for any purpose unless such adjournment is in its opinion, necessary in the interest of justice and no adjournment shall in any case be granted fro more than seven days.

6. Power to attach property

(1) If the Court is satisfied that none of the persons are in possession immediately before the commission of the offence, the Court may attach the property until final decision of the case. (2) In case of attachment, the methods of its management, safeguard against natural decay or deterioration shall be determined by the Court.

7. Eviction and mode of recovery as interim relief

(1) If during trial the Court is satisfied that a person is found prima facie to be not in lawful possession, the Court shall, as an interim relief direct him to put the owner or occupier, as the case may be, in possession.

(2) Where the person against whom any such order is passed under sub-section (1) fails to comply with the same, the Court shall, notwithstanding any other law for the time being in force, take such steps and pass such order as may be necessary to put the owner or occupier in possession.

(3) The Court may authorize any official or officer to take possession for securing compliance with its orders under sub-section (1). The person so authorized may use or cause to be used such force as may be necessary.

(4) If any person, authorized by the Court, under sub-section (3), requires police assistance in the exercise of his power under this Act, he may send a requisition to the officer-in-charge of a police station who shall on such requisition render such assistance as may be required.

(5) The failure of the officer-in-charge of police station to render assistance under sub-section (4) shall amount to misconduct for which the Court may direct departmental action against him.

8. Delivery of possession of property to owner, etc.

(1) On conclusion of trial, if the Court finds that an owner or occupier of the property was illegally dispossessed or property was grabbed in contravention of section 3, the Court may, at the time of passing order under sub-session.

(2) of that section, direct the accused or any person claiming through him for restoration of the possession of the property to the owner or, as the case may be, the occupier, if not already restored to him under section 7. (2) For the purpose of sub-section (1), the Court may, where it is required, direct the officer-in-charge of the police station for such assistance as may be required for restoration of the possession of the property to the owner or, as the case maybe, the occupier.

9. Application of Code.

(1) Unless otherwise provided in this Act, the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (V of 1898), shall apply to proceedings under this Act.
Acting Secretary


Email: opdivison@opf.gov.pk

Contact OPF

Shahrah-e-Jamhouriat, Sector G-5/2,
Post Box No. 1470, Islamabad (Pakistan).
U.A.N: 111-040-040

Postal Code # 44000

Phone # 051 – 9203267, 9048320

Fax # 051 – 9224335, 051 – 9211613

E-mail: info@opf.org.pk

Contact Officials

You may contact the Officers of OPF at the following address:

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
G-5/2, Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat,

Contact Person Designation Extension Telephone (Direct) E-mail

Syed Nayyar Hasnain Haider

Managing Director 9219119 md@opf.org.pk


Secretary OPF/BOG 405 9205122 hur.khan@opf.org.pk
MUHAMMAD OMAR GM (A&P) 409 9221061
CH. SHAHZAD IQBAL JD (Pers) 211 9224517
TAHIR AHMED BUKHARI JD (Admin) 216 9207821
MUHAMMAD ARSHAD ALI JD (MIS) 287 9206122 arshad@opf.org.pk
ADMIN SECTION 218 admin@opf.org.pk
PERSONNEL SECTION 222 personnel@opf.org.pk


GM 428 9219125
KHALID IQBAL JD 301 9208750
SYED IQBAL SHAH JD 242 9219126
HOUSING DIVISION 251 housing@opf.org.pk
WORKS SECTION 236 housing@opf.org.pk


Director 417 9210264 myb@opf.org.pk
FAHEEM ATHAR JD 262 9208288
FINANCE SECTION 265 finance@opf.org.pk


Director /Officiating Secretary BOG 413 9213582
Sh. ANJUM SHAHZAD GM 419 9204663
EDUCATION DIVISION 248 education@opf.org.pk


Director 411 9219122
M. BASHIR ABID GM 425 9210154
NARGIS NAQVI JD 302 9206784
A. B. RUBINA JD 307 9220854
WELFARE & SERVICES DIVISION 308 / 310 welfare@opf.org.pk
COMPLAINT CELL 294 complaints@opf.org.pk
FERC SECTION 289 ferc@opf.org.pk
Registration Section 292 regn@opf.org.pk
ERC Section 296 erc@opf.org.pk


Acting Executive Director 422 9206687 pension@opf.org.pk
ABRAR-UN-NABI BAIG Head of Investment / Fund Manager 288 9216358


JD 311 9221063 yw@opf.org.pk

Complaint Cell

Under the directive of Chief Executive in Pakistan, a Complaint Cell had been established in the Ministry of Labour, Manpower & OPs on 14th June, 2001 directing OPF to expeditiously process the complaints of overseas Pakistanis received through the Complaints Cell of the Ministry. Subsequently, a Complaint Cell has been established/reorganised in OPF (Welfare & Services Division) on 19-09-2003.

The cell deals with the following nature of complaints/grievances, which are usually received through Complaint Cell established in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of LM&OPs, Foreign Mission Abroad as well directly from the OPs:-

  • Property Disputes and Housing Societie
  • Family Disputes
  • Criminal Cases
  • Telephone connection/problems
  • Electricity connections/problems
  • Sui Gas connection/problems
  • Water connection
  • PIA/Other Airlines cases
  • Employments requests/recommendations
  • Financial Matters/Disputes
  • Bank related matters
  • Co-operative Societies/Taj Companys Claims
  • Advisory Services/General information
  • Any other nature of complaints

The above assignments have been divided (subject wise) into three main sections, which are handled by Assistant Directors under the guidance of Joint Director (Complaint Cell) and supervision of General Manager (Welfare & Services) being head of the Division.

Before the establishment of complaint cell, the above nature complaints were dealt by the Services Section, Welfare & Services Division, OPF, Islamabad. Since 1982, about 19,439 cases of above nature have been received, out of which 163,41 have been settled/action taken up to 31st January, 2007.


  • 1. After examining the case in detail, the compliant received in OPF Head Office (Complaint Cell) is disposed off within 3/ 4 days positively. As per directions of Minister of State the complaint is acknowledged the same on the next day.
  • 2. All complaints related to various provinces received at OPF Head Office are forwarded to OPF Regional Offices (Regional Heads) nominated as focal points vide PM, Secretariat U.O No. 1(1)/2003-OP (CC) Part dated 08-11-2003, already circulated vide OPF Head Office Letter No. 3014/26/Com.Cell/01 dated 25th November, 2003. Whereas, the complaints relates to the accessible Districts to Head Office (i.e. Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, Attock, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Sargodha, Mianwali, Layyah, Khushab, Bakhar, Faisalabad, Haripur, Abbottabad, Manshera, Batgram, Shangla,, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalakot, Suddontti) are dealt directly by the Complaint Cell at OPF Head Office.
  • 3. The Regional office take up the case with the concerned authorities/department (focal points) for their appropriate action with a copy to applicant and OPF Head Office (Complaint Cell) within 2/3 days after receipt of complaint.
  • 4. First written reminder is issued after two weeks from the date of issue of original letter. The second reminder is sent to concerned quarters accordingly.
  • 5. If no response is received from the concerned department even after two reminders, the Regional Heads are requested to either send an officer to concerned department or talk to higher authorities for the resolution of complaint. The similar procedure will be followed in the Head Office. Such an action is required for two reasons. There are possibilities that letter has not reached the concerned quarters. If not received, the same is sent on correct address.
  • 6. The outcome from the concerned quarter is conveyed directly to the applicants by the Regional Office under intimation to Head Office (Complaint Cell).
  • 7. Regional offices submit their progress report on the required proforma on monthly basis for perusal of competent authority.
  • 8. Where the complaint remains unresolved despite efforts made by the Regional offices the matter is referred to Head Office for immediate and appropriate action at a senior level.

Contactt address

Mr. Israr Khan Jamali

Director Welfare & Services
OPF Head Office,
Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat, G-5/2, Islamabad
Ph: 051 – 9219122


  1. Khan

    OPF scheme in zone 5 is still not complete and still showing 72 % complete. May Allah give OPF and the goverment the guidence to complete this scheme.
    I donot understand why are they delaying, we are the overseas Pakistani are suffering. Please let us live as well in our beloved land before we die.

  2. Gaz


    I have an issue which has caused considerable stress and unnecessary problems and would kindly appreciate if you point me in right direction to resolve this issue.

    My Grandad’s (2) bought property in 1970 in Rawalpindi Pakistan and on the original papers the names were as follows;

    Mr. Din (Grandad)- Passed Away..
    Mr. Mohammad (Grandad)-Passed Away..
    Mr. A.Rashid – ( Incorrect Name Rashid), This should be corrected to Mr. M. Hussain
    Mr. Rehman (My Uncle) Passed few Years ago…

    My Father has spent many years working away and did not relise this until few Years ago and my Uncle was in Pakistan but did not do much…

    When my Grandad died, there was NO INTIQAAL done and my uncles name is correct on papers, But my question is my uncles children wont testify to confirm my Fathers Identity to correct his name on the property.

    Pls can you tell me what is the correct procedure to correct this name on the Papers and what does my Father need to show to prove his identity??? How can this be corrected and how long does the procedure take??


    1. khawaja Arsalan

      your dad has to come to pakistan .prove his identity show all original papers .prove that he is son of the previous owners .after all work an ad would be given in news paper regarding the claim and ownership of land .if no one comes to claim the name would be changed .some bribe will have to be given to the workers in office .other wise it’s very difficult

      1. Gaz

        Dear Khawaja

        Thanks. However, how long will this process take, as my Father is Ill so he cannot travel frequently? My uncles children don’t want to give any “confirmation” that this is thier Uncle etc…Do we need them, as there dads name is correct so all ok for them!

        We have showed all papers for last 4-5 Years and still our cousin states that we need “BEYAN” from uncle family before it can be corrected, What is the correct and quickest solution…am hearing different versions form ppl!!!!

        If my Father is not able to come and Can I come on his behalf and produce all relevent papers….? What is the limit of giving the name in News Paper?

  3. snobiya

    its snobiya from saudia arabia .
    i have contact opf so many times but no respond i have a property problm .
    my property is grabed by someone else the person says either give as money or give as plot our property has been fully registered the police dont response the opf even dont where shal we go my father has been in saudia for 35 years he isnt able to come pak n see the property kindly if any one can help do let me know plzzzz

  4. Omer Nawaz

    Dear sir I am resident of Sharjah UAE, our parents were passed away couple of years ago. We are 3 brothers and 2 sister living in UAE and one sister lives in Pakistan and another one is in London. We have property in Faislabad Pakistan and we came to know from reliable source that our elder brother has transferred one of the commercial house on his name without informing us and when we asked him that why you did that so he replied do whatever you want to do I will not gonna give that house any of you. I will be coming Pakistan after Eid and I need to sort this problem out. Please guide me that from where shall I take my first step. My rest of sisters and brother they want that house back. I can take any legal action according to the Pakistan Law. My contact number is +971 55 707 7688 Omer. Regards

  5. rina

    i want admission in punjab university of pakistan as a overseas student.and university VC wants my residency letter how i collect this letter.i am from madina city of saudi arabia.please inform me how i get this letter and how to approve it from embassy

  6. Ruby khan

    Hi I m in Hong kong ., and my mother pass away as she got 5 property in hazro and attock which she handed the all original documents to me and Kabza group Iqbal Khan plus meer enterprises they forcing me to send the documents to them or give them inteqal num of the property to them . As my father , brother ,bolt there share and now sister selling it . But I m not selling it as the way they doing is illegal way . Pls advice me what shall I do as I m not in Pakistan and the money they giving is v v less. Mashood from meer enterprises he Is giving me hard time.

  7. Col Bilal Ahmed (Retd)

    Please contact me for best, profitable and honest deals in DHA/Bahria, Rawalpindi/Lahore/Karachi. It is quite safe to invest here for short and long term gains. Mail your requirement on my ID or contact me +92 3322639285. Estate office at Bahria Phase-4 Civic centre, Rawalpindi “Corridor Marketing and Real Estate Management”. Best wishes and regards.

  8. Ali

    I live in UK and have bought a plot in Cabinet Division Housing Society, approximately 10 years back, cleared their cost of land and development charges. This year 2016, I went to society to take the posession, I was really shocked and surprised that they have changed the location of my plot without my consent or even letting me know. The new place has gone to CDA for approval and it might take atleast 1 more year and then development take couple of years.
    My question is: what should I do in this case as (1) the value of property is definately gone down (virtualy no value as plot doesn’t exists) , (2) The new place takes few more years to get developed and by that time the value of development will be sky high compared to now.
    I need your valuable help and suggestions to address this issue. I will really appreciate if you can provide with your experiences and if there is any lawyer/government official who can give legal guidance.

    Many thanks for your cooperation.


  9. Saba

    Assalam o alikum.. sir
    7 years before I married a person who is living in Australia.. he has done 3 marriages and divorced all 3 women.. he is blackmailing us through internet by using cheap acts.. plz sir guide me. Who can help us to stop this man….. we donnt know how can we get ride… plz sir show us the right person who can help us..
    May Allah bless you

  10. Jawad Naqvi

    Dear Omer, No one can transfer any property in his name without sanctioning inheritance mutation. If your father was the owner of property then the same should be inherited by the legal heirs. Such transfer is fraudulent and void which can be challenged in Civil Court. I am an advocate High Court, you may contact me for further details +923008140703, +923457416016. Jawad Naqvi Advocate High Court

  11. Ayaz Wattoo

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Respected friends, I’ve read your posts and problems, I’m a lawyer and I’m part of an autonomous organization and we deal in such matters all over Pakistan, ALHAMDOLILLAH 90% of matters are those which we handle successfully.

    We save your money and time. Discuss with me your problems without any hesitation. Feel free to contact me.

    Best Regards,
    Ayaz Wattoo

  12. PakistanProbs

    Dear Sir,

    I have read your post and wish to know what I can do with my family situation. My Abu died in 2007 leaving many properties in Pakistan. I was told that a criminal group had taken possession of those houses.

    I have sent people round and the properties are being rented out and the rent going to my relative.
    What can I do? That relative told me that I would be in danger if I returned to Pakistan.

    I am suffering greatly financially and with the stress of losing the houses.

    Can someone please help me?

    Please this is urgent!

  13. Don’t give details of your properties to anyone, repeat anyone unless it is an “institution”. Avoid going in depth with abbreviated identities like “Bradlinedlawinn” etc. There is no sense in asking from you “details” of property. Only the question could had been, in case interest was real help, in which city the properties are so one could had perhaps guided/advised about the correct local authority. Advise by “Admin” of this site (Rahim Bahi) is correct one. I would only amend it that you initially write it to OPF Islamabad but under registered cover giving full location of property concerned, who is living there (if your tenant or), as to how and why rent “is going” to your relatives? Is this rent to relatives under some power of attorney/agreement. Write short, don’t into full details, be brief. You would not get instant response but keep on reminding OPF. Finally it will come with some report from which you will know where you stand, what sort of “wall” you will be confronted with. Only after that you can in a better way approached the next Forum. Don’t go to Ombudsman etc at this stage. If someone is threatening you, then you write to the Embassy where you are working. After that you can decide what to do.

    Avoid, I again advise, avoid anyone asking you property details or telling you he would do this, he has so much experience etc. They would just be estate agents, middle men, mafia people or advocate to pick-pocket you knowing well you are abroad and already in trouble. Be careful.

  14. My best sincere advice is avoid engaging any lawyer/advocate sitting abroad for any problem. You will just add salt to your injury and find yourself in more trouble. Avoid lawyers claiming and alluring you they are attached with “Free Heavens Green Gardens” etc. and NGOs.

  15. One poor man had a loan to pay. He went to Dr. Illama Iqbal and said he that morning went to his “Peer Sahib” and requested the Peer Sahib to give him a “Taveez” that loan is paid. After the Peer gave him the Taveez, the poor man presented the Peer a Nazrana of Rs. 2/-. Dr. Iqbal remarked now you are under loan of Rs. 102/-. You “contact” this 90% problem solved person, you will also be under a similar to Rs. 102/- debit.

  16. munir hussain

    OPF NO. 3014/02/2594/C.CELL
    1:— RECEIVE REPLY FROM OPF LETTER DATED 14/05/2004 with attach record,
    2:– give back reply on dated 24/07/2004 in opf islamabad by hand with copy
    of writ petition nos. 432/W/1993, 117/R/1994 and 103/R/1993

  17. munir hussain

    in july 2005 give an application opf file with attach record remove from the office of
    Deputy District Officer (Revenue) Naushehra Virkan, Please find out ( opf file ki Tulash kurian)
    and porvide me full justice ( insaf) now going year 2016 ,no reply.

  18. Naz

    Hello sir,

    I require some advice. A developer in our city has taken some of our land inside their development. I belive they want to offer us some plots from their development in return for the land they took in, but what they are offering is only 10-12% back to us. (theyve took 6 kamal in but want to gibe back 15 marlas). At the start of the development they were offereing people 25% land back for doing deals wih them. I’d be happy to get similar amount back to avoid escalating the problem. Can you pleasse advice what our options are. As overseas pakistani its difficult to go through the pakistani beurucratic process. And understanding the law. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  19. Syed Wajahat Hussain

    Alssalam Alekum – I am working in Saudi Arabia and have a plot in Islamabad which is despite land and case haring in NAB court. How can I get a lawyer for assist? Please advise…

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