Pakistan National Savings increases profit rates from July-2019 25

National savings is pleased to announce that the profit rates of National Saving Schemes have been revised upward with effect from 1st July 2019 till further notification.

Following are the details of revised NSS rates

Click here for profit rates on Bahbood Saving Certificates

Click here for profit rates on Defense Saving Certificates

Click here for profit rates on Special Saving Certificates

Click here for profit rates on Short Term Saving Certificates

Click here for profit rates on Regular Income Certificates

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25 thoughts on “Pakistan National Savings increases profit rates from July-2019

  • Muhammad Sarwar

    I purchased DSC in January 2019 for ten years, now I have to withdraw this amount so I may be guided either I am eligible for 06 month profit at normal rate or not? Whereas Income Tax Authorities are in practice to recover withholding tax on profits on half yearly basis

  • Syed Mahboob Alam

    My understanding is that Profit Rate of Regular Income Certificates are fixed at the rate applicable on the date of purchase and it will remain constant till the maturity of the Certificates. In other words any increase or decrease in the rate does not have any impact on existing RIC holders. The new rates will apply to new Investors. Admin’s comment in response to Khalid’s query regarding RIC rate to the effect that ” From first July new rates” might create confusion to existing RIC holders. Admin needs to clarify this matter to other readers. I am fully aware of the situation and do not need any explanation.

  • Ashraf Sultan

    Can confirm,wether Income taxes are applicable on profit on BSC and PBA accounts, if than how much in July 2019 policy. Thanks

    • Admin Post author

      What I have been told by a lawyer dealing with income tax matters, that income from PBA and BSC is tax free but will be included in tax return.

  • Toqeer Abbas

    Salaam sir
    Humko sirf yeh bata dain Keh Qoumi bachat main ab 1 lakh per Kitna profit saafi milay ga.Baqi yeh yaad rakhain Keh khuch gareeb loogon ka guzar basar issi profit per hay Jesa Keh widdos Jin Kay husband ni hain ya jin ka koi kamanay wala ni hay mujhay jawab chaheay woh loog ya ortain ab Kia Kia kerain Keh unkay ghar ka nizaam chal sakay. 00966582540413 meray whatsapp per jawab bhi day saktay hain. Thanks

  • Iqbal

    I have one question Please early and positive reply
    – Before increase profit investor own Behbood certificate profit was 14:28% after increased profit goes up 14:76% so older investors will get new profit rate this is understood
    – Question is if profit rate will revise and profit rate decreases from 14:76%
    So what will happen with Old investors they get which % of profit
    -same 14:76% or new less rate
    for sure not less than original rate at the time of purchase of certificate
    Your reply will appreciate

  • Rukhsana Daudpota

    u will get new profit but u will also have to pay new tax on profit if filer 15% if non filer 30%.thats wat i learnt from NSC today

  • Rukhsana Daudpota

    please explain to me under new rule -on RIC previously I paid 10% WHT .Now as per new rule i will pay 15% if i am a filer & 30% if i am not a filer.also please explain to me what does it mean 15% on profit upto or less than 5 lakhs & 30% if profit more than 5 lakhs .
    Suppose i have 1crore & 30lakhs in RIC -What amount shd i get in july’19.the new rate is rs:1080 -12.96% if they cut 15% wht -i am a filer
    suppose i have 2 crore & 50lakhs in RIC -What amount shd i get in july”19 ” ” “

    • Admin Post author

      Rukhsana sahiba
      Tax whatever the percentage, will be deducted on profit not on invested amount
      Please send an email to or call National Savings directly at 051111267268 for details.
      I have uploaded latest notification regarding withholding tax.

  • Abdul Rasheed Danwar

    Sir, I have found great rush of people in saving centers, specially at Gulistan e jauhar center. Cant it be solved by means of transferring their profits direct in to their bank accounts?. Thanks.

    • Admin Post author

      that is right;
      Withholding tax is not collected on the profit earned on BSCs. Investments made in the BSC are also exempted from Zakat collection.