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Pakistani applicants to pay UK visa fee online


The British High Commission (BHC) has announced that applicants from Pakistan applying for the UK have to pay the visa fee through an online process from today (Monday) to onwards. Head of Visa section BHC Margaret Partridge announced while inaugurating the online services in Islamabad. “As part of the UK government’s Digital by Default initiative, this move will help cut costs and help keep visa fees down,” a statement quoted her as saying. She said that it would also be a safer system for customers as it reduces the risk associated with handling large amounts of cash during the visa application process. This change for customers in Pakistan is part of a UK Home Office global initiative to streamline the application process, while applicants will be able to pay online using Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards, she added. Margaret Partridge stated that “Alternatively, they can also pay through ‘e-wallet’ Skrill service. The fee will be levied in UK Pounds Sterling.” online

18 thoughts on “Pakistani applicants to pay UK visa fee online”

  1. How can I pay Visa fee for UK visa without credit card or master card? is there any other option to pay visa fee in pakistan?

  2. For a family of four (husband, wife and two kids), do we need to fill four separate forms or just one form?

    Also on online payment, there is no option to pay for 4 persons then How should I confirm that appointment has been booked for all four of us?

    Online Payment seems to be only for one person (£85) but how should I pay for four?


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