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Pakistani applicants to pay UK visa fee online


The British High Commission (BHC) has announced that applicants from Pakistan applying for the UK have to pay the visa fee through an online process from today (Monday) to onwards. Head of Visa section BHC Margaret Partridge announced while inaugurating the online services in Islamabad. “As part of the UK government’s Digital by Default initiative, this move will help cut costs and help keep visa fees down,” a statement quoted her as saying. She said that it would also be a safer system for customers as it reduces the risk associated with handling large amounts of cash during the visa application process. This change for customers in Pakistan is part of a UK Home Office global initiative to streamline the application process, while applicants will be able to pay online using Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards, she added. Margaret Partridge stated that “Alternatively, they can also pay through ‘e-wallet’ Skrill service. The fee will be levied in UK Pounds Sterling.” online

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  2. Hi Folks,

    simply call your debit or ATM card career bank help line and ask them if your card is supporting online international payment transfer. If yes then adopt an organized process, see what is outstanding amount of your fee and see if your card per day limit meets it? if yes it is just fine and go with, otherwise you need to raise your limit on temporary or permanent basis and make payment (ATM should hold, VISA or MASTER logo) through same help line process 24/7.

    Alternatives are like get someones’s Standard Charted Bank (debit or credit card with accurate limit that you desires to fulfill your task of fee payment)

    ask someone in UK (relatives or friends trustworthy) to help you make payment on your behalf and you pay them locally or by any means friendly decided between you and second party.

    third and final option that it comes in my mind is to go with E-Walet or Skrill (E money solutions)

    consult local money transfer dealers like dolor east to buy some e-money like paypal, e-walet and skrill etc.

    or you can get one account free of cost online with above mentioned e-money websites and then fill your account with local or international dealers (double transaction fee will apply and you have to bear it on both sides)

    search in Google : buy e money

    You will find lot of options and only trust with Singapore dealers online who has good revies and good stats online to carry out your operations, by the way Singapore is real corruption free country up to 85 %.

    Bad intents are everywhere on the every corner of the this no cornered but round world….lolz

    have fun and sorry for my tounge twisting with you.

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  4. Please confirm how can i pay uk visitor visa fee if i dont have credit or debit card?

    can i pay at VAC or in any bank

    is there Demand Draft or anything similar that allows payment

  5. every time i make payment online a worldpay error occurs which is delaying my visa process…its been 3 days now…it says:There is a technical problem with the Payment Server. Please try again later.
    please guide me what to do?

    1. Dear Kamran Khan,

      For free consultation & information, you may contact on this number ……(edited by moderator). Thanks

  6. i just want to know that is polio certificate required for study visa to uk from pakistan. ? i mean while submitting documents in fedex or not

    1. Yes,,,dear required…..But Its not such big problem …Because you can get it within 5 minutes from PIMS Islamabad…….

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