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Pak rupee exchange rates 28 June 2019

Pakistan rupee has some resistance and slightly appreciated against all major currencies. Following are closing exchange rates on28th June 2019; CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 159.50 160.00 US$ (Open Market) 159.50 161.00 Saudi Riyal 41.70 42.70 UAE Dirham 42.75 43.75 EURO 178.00 182.50 UK Pound 199.00 203.50 Japanese […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 27 June 2019

Pakistan rupee has further depreciated against all major currencies. Following were closing exchange rates on 27th June 2019. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 163.70 164.20 US$ (Open Market) 162.50 163.50 Saudi Riyal 43.00 43.60 UAE Dirham 44.05 44.70 EURO 183.50 186.50 UK Pound 205.00 208.30 Japanese Yen 1.48777 […]

Rupee exchange rates 26 June 2019

Pakistan rupee’s free fall continued on 26th June 2019. Following were closing exchange rates against major currencies. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 163.50 164.00 US$ (Open Market) 162.00 163.00 Saudi Riyal 42.70 43.20 UAE Dirham 43.70 44.20 EURO 182.50 184.50 UK Pound 203.00 205.00 Japanese Yen 1.47130 1.49130 […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 24 June 2019

Following were Pakistan rupee exchange rates against major currencies on 24th June 2019.rupee value remained stable during the last few days and it looks like that it will remain stable in the near future as well. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 156.97 157.17 US$ (Open Market) 156.00 156.70 […]

New valuation tables for immovable properties

FBR has increased immovable properties valuation by up to 35 percent in 18 cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sargodha Gujranwala and Faisalabad. Fair market value for Karachi and Quetta has not been increased. It is expected that the income from real estate sector will be increased from […]

FBR Launches Tax Profiling system 23

فیڈ رل بورڈ آف ریونیو نے  21 جون 2019 سے ٹیکس پروفا ئلنگ سسٹم آن لائن کر دیا ہے۔اس سسٹم میں پانچ کروڑ تیس لاکھ افراد کی بینک اکا ؤنٹس، جائداد،یوٹیلیٹی بلز اور بیرون ملک سفر سے متعلق پوری معلومات موجود ہیں۔ تمام لوگ 500 روپے فیس ادا کرکے اپنی […]


ALI SUKHANVER For the Muslims, for the Christians and for other minorities living in India things could be horrible, discouraging and disappointing. But for the followers of the Hindutva philosophy, the present scenario after the elections in India is very much supportive and hopeful. The sweeping success of Mr. Modi […]

Highlights of Punjab budget 2019-2020

Punjab government has presented the surplus budget for 2019=2020 with 350 billion rupees allocation for development. Taxation Measures Government has proposed taxes on businesses and professions previously not falling into the tax net. Moreover, a number of existing taxes, including stamp duty have also been increased. The government has proposed […]